Is it bad to run Symantec endpoint protection, ad aware and spyware doctor all at the same time?

Yes,it is really very idea to keep all the three antivirus installed on your pc.It is becoz: 1)They would eat up large amount memory. 2)Many conflicts would take place between the three just like it happens between the two firewalls. First i installed 2 antivirus on my pc and the performance of my pc was very low.I had Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security essentials. I recommend that you should have only one antivirus and if you are not satisfied with their results then please look for good free antivirus like MSE and Malwarebytes.

need help. How do i uninstall all of the spyware doctor files and programs on my computer?

go in control panel> then go in add and remove programs and you coan see all the things there. just select what you don't want and uninstall it.

How do you lower how much spyware doctor uses memory in start up?

delete the spyware doctor. AVAST...its free It beebs if you try to download ANYTHING that has a virus or spyware. it wont let u download it unless u say confirm. it deletes any kinda virus. u can download it here: --------------------------------------... i have tried AVG, mcafee, nortron, and Kaspersky. none of them are better then avast!

How to run a scan in Spyware Doctor Enterprise as Administrator?

I could not find anything about your question. The only thing I suggest is to call them. Customer support (English): +1-800-764-5783 Hours of operation: 8:00am - 5:00am (PST)

Is it OK to have Avast antivirus and Spyware Doctor both installed on the same computer?

Yes, leave that, also get free antimalware, i use this, and an antispyware. ~

How do i get rid security protection virus without using spyware doctor? Removal not skip any steps........

How to remove spyware doctor from my computer?

Hassle-Free PC: Fix Stubborn Windows Install Errors Source:,122926/printable.html Microsoft’s Installer Cleanup Utility here:;en-us;290301

Spyware doctor?

Uninstall Spyware doctor. Keep your own Anti-virus up to date, and check the status regularly. Get and update several Anti-spyware solutions. I use AD-AWARE and SpyBot Search & Destroy. I use the free versions from Update and run these regularly. Especially IMMEDIATELY after an upexpected pop-up. Download and install FireFox free from This is a browser that is safer to use than IE. Use this for general surfing and google searching. Only use IE when you MUST have IE, such as Windows Updates. If you have Windows XP with SP2, activate the Windows firewall and check the status. If you don't, get Zone Alarm the free version from Take these steps to keep your computer ALIVE.

spyware doctor?

PC Tool's Spyware Doctor protects so much of your computer it can feel at times that it's slowing down your computer too. Here are some things that might help. In your Spy Doctor 'Settings' button, make sure you're not scanning when Windows starts. So un-check "Run Scan on Windows Startup" and that way you can do a manual scan whenever you want. Also, check the bottom box that says, "Enable kernel compatibility mode" (requires reboot) as that might help speed things up. In addition, you can adjust what items you want Spy Doctor to watch over by turning them on and off under the "OnGuard" button. Do read about what protection is offered for each section there before turning things off you really might need. If none of the above helps, contact their technical support and you will receive help back or click on the Help button within the program for additional expanded help. I hope this helps some.

Spyware Doctor?