When will I receive Madden 10 after purchasing the Sports Illustrated offer?

back order. first week of september.

What is the name of the font used in Sports Illustrated banner or logo?

I've seen discussion about the logo on forums and the consensus seems to be that it is custom made and not available. However, it really has a whole lot in common with Impact which is a font you should have on your computer!

How excited are Lions fans that Calvin Johnson made the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Probably the first time since Barry Sanders a Lion was on the cover of SI.

What is the height requirement to be a sports illustrated swimsuit model?

C'mon! Haven't you seen the SI issue with the swimsuit models in it? They are all shorter than the page! How dumb can one be? (well, maybe your question answers my question)

How much would you pay for a 2003 sports illustrated magazine titled "The importance of being Lebron James"?

Less than that guy

How old do you have to be to buy Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?

I don't think that you have to be a specific age. I just think that you have to have the ability to pay for it. Just showing some common sense here, but I mean, if you can't pay for it, I highly doubt that the seller would allow you to take it.

How can I stop Sports Illustrated to charge my debit card every month?

Send the company an email. Customer Service can be reached at www.sicustomerservice.com or 1-800-528-5000. https://secure.customersvc.com/wes/servlet/ShowSI Try the customer service site or 1800 # and cancel that crap!

What is the Sports Illustrated Kick-It 3v3 soccer shootout?

Here is the FAQ site that tells you all you need to know for the 3v3...hope you get in and win. http://www.kickit3v3.com/FAQ.aspx

Is sports illustrated a weekly magazine or a monthly magazine?


Sports Illustrated?

I subscribe to SI, and it's usually in my mailbox on Thursday. I imagine it will be on the shelves either that day or the next.