What car to get? ...Recommend a sports coupe?

Go for the Mazda, They have a great reliability reputation and the RX8 has a very unique style.

Porsche cayenne or BMW x6 or a sports coupe like an Aston Martin db9 or Audi r8.Any ideas?

FIrst of all, if you did your research, you will have found that it is very unlikely to find a DB9 or R8 in existence for under 70K. If you do happen to find one in that price range, you should be extremely wary. Used exotics have a reputation for poor reliability and high maintenance costs. Cars that are more likely to be found in the 50-70K price range would be a used: Ferrari 360, AM V8 Vantage, Mercedes SL, Maserati Quattroporte or Bentley Continental GT, new: BMW M3, Audi S5 or a Porsche Cayman. Secondly, what type of car you need depends on your lifestyle. If you have kids, or haul around lots of things get the X6. The the new generation Porsche Cayenne has just been introduced and won't be on sale for another couple of months, making any Cayenne you may buy right now old news. If you don't really care about that, great job, you probably saved yourself a lot of money off the MSRP as dealers are trying to make room in their lots for the newer cars. I personally would never get a car that's just been replaced by a newer generation. The X6 is a great car. I think it looks very nice (contrary to the opinions of many other people) and it drives like a sedan. An even more practical car would be the X5, as the X6 is short on rear headroom, seats only four and has a smaller trunk. However, the X6 is much better to drive. I've driven an X5 xDrive35i and it felt sluggish. The Mercedes ML 550 is aging, but it is a very great car to own and drive. I have a ML 500 and I can tell you it is a great car to drive and very practical for many things. However a replacement is due in 1-2 years. What kind of car you should get is entirely up to you.

How much should I pay for a 1984 sports coupe camaro?

dont even consider buying that car. Its not worth even $1000. There are to many parts to replace that will cost you over $3000. Try to buy a clean camaro. The mileage of it is probably high like over 200,000 because the year is old. That is too old and it probably wont run. Buy a different car. Sorry for the bad news, but my advice will save you a ton. Good luck my friend

What are some luxury/sport coupes that have plenty of rear legroom and space in general?

Infinity G35 is a top of line 2 door luxury sports coupe.

Can you tell if my 1981 Camaro is a sports coupe or a z28 coupe by the transmission?

The VIN should tell you. Also you may check the title, in my state it shows Z28 right on the title.

Sports Cars, Convertibles, Coupes, and Speeding Tickets?

What?! Tell your dad no! Your not changing your mind! My dad was the same way too. He wanted me to get something safe and casual that won't attract too much attention I'm 17 and drive a S2000 and well...I've gotten pulled over alot but I deserved it. My first car was a Prelude and I've gotten in so much trouble with it, but then I upgraded to a S2000. What I can say is be persistent in what you want and eventually he'll get over it and go along with what you want. Well...hopefully. Lol. I use to live in L.A too!

What are some coupes not considered sports cars?

The Honda Accord 4cyl coupe, the Civic coupe, the Nissan Altima 4cyl coupe, the Cadillac Eldorado (a slightly older model for under $13K anyway), Chevy Monte Carlo. Acura CL, Oldsmobile Alero, Ford Escort ZX2, If you're interested in slightly older cars then there are things like the Ford Thunderbird, the Pontiac Grand Prix coupe, Grand Am coupe, Chrysler Sebring, Toyota Camry Solara etc., but judging by your list and price listed they're probably a little older than what you're interested in.

what are some affordable two door sports cars or coupes that i could buy on a website or craigslist..?

Nissan 300zx Nissan 240sx Acura Integra Mitsubishi 3000gt Toyota Supra (Mark IV) Eagle Talon

What are some fuel efficient sports coupes?

Honda accord, scion tc, Honda 2000, vw golf gti, Nissan 350/370z, Hyundai genesis,Infinity g35, older sti wrx(Subaru) (not really a coupe tho), merc c230 hatchback, fiat 500, the smart car, BMW z3 hatchback, Pontiac solstice, for fiesta coupe hatchback, Audi a3 hatchback coupe. good luck

What are other sports cars/coupes that are along the lines of a mustang?

if you have money, want speed, and dont care for looks, go for a honda. if you're for looks then go for a 3.8 mustang from 99-04. then mod it. itll be lighter than the 4.6's and can move pretty well. if you want the v8, itll be heavier, but it WILL move a lot more with mods, but gas will kill your wallet. the 3.8 camaro is okay, just about the same as the 3.8 mustang. the 8 cylinders, I don't follow as well, I'm a 6 cylinder man. good luck!