Will there ever be any free roam superhero games besides spiderman and superman returns?


How many video games has spiderman appeared in?

Any good Spiderman games worth getting for xbox 360?

Spiderman Web of Shadows is supposed to be pretty good. Other than that all i can think of was Marvel Ultimate Avengers, but that is with all characters, just because of long story and playable characters

Does anyone know some rad spiderman games you would like to share?

Yes. You spray web-string out of your wrist and use it to move from building to building like a trapeze artist. I've always enjoyed this kewl game.

What spiderman games are on pc?

the first spiderman is on pc its alrite gets old after a while they might have it at target

Which are the different spiderman pc games available?please give me a list of all of them?

Ok heres the list of Spiderman games: The Games: *just - "Spiderman" *Spider-man: The Movie *Ultimate Spideman *Spiderman: Web of Shadows (Upcoming game - 3rd quarter of the year) *Questprobe: Featuring Spiderman (Europe Only) *Venom - Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety *Spider-Man: Friend or Foe *Spider-Man 2 *Spider-Man 2 Activity Center *Spiderman 3 *The Amazing Spider-Man & Captain America in Dr. Doom's Revenge (1988) Thats all I know.... lol Hope that helps

will there be a lot of spiderman games coming for ps3 move?

Spider-Man: Edge of Time is the latests no new ones to be released yet, and the chances of it working with move are looking up Move might be a lot more liked by then.

I need to get help with how to play certain Gameboy Games like Spiderman 2 & others for my son.?

Go to a local EB Games and buy the walkthroughs. And you can also put it on an easier level. Or he may be young so buy easier games for him to play. And sometimes younger children dont care if they are winning or losing.

Which one of these spiderman games should I get?

ultamate spiderman it has a more comic feeling to it, and you can play as venom!

What are the good Spiderman games?

Spider-man Friend or Foe is a good one for younger kids. My little brother and sister play it all the time and they really have no trouble with it.