How do I prepare for a spelling bee?

Write as many as you can onto individual flash cards. Read through the flashcards when you're on the bus, in the car, before bed, whenever you can. After a week or so, have someone randomly quiz you by pulling a random flash card.

How can I study for my school spelling bee in very fun ways?

It's probably too late now, but I split up my 300 word list to 15 words a day, and I wrote each word 15 times on paper, and verbally spelled each worth reading from the list. Maybe you could try cheating, put the hardest words on paper that matches your shoes, and put it on the side of yer shoe, and look down if you need the spelling.

How do you win the spelling bee? You know what you have to do.

What are some school and county spelling bee words?

rendezvous acquiescence autochthonous succedaneum chiaroscuro stromuhr Do a web search for more words

How should I prepare for a spelling bee?

How many spelling bees are there until the National Bee?

There is a state bee first.

How can I study efficiently for a spelling bee?

Go here: There are the official study words. Try to write the words and have someone else quiz you on them. Also, when someone is quizzing you, make sure they have a dictionary in front of them so they are pronouncing it correctly and give you an appropriate definition should you need one. Also, try to get familiar with different language of origins. If you can memorize certain rules and exceptions and whatnot, then you can really gain an edge. If you memorize all of those words on that website, you shouldn't have any trouble at all!

spelling bee?

Well, what book are they asking the words from? Isn't it the Merriam Webster dictionary? Well, i think you should you study from that, but the words that you don't like REALLY have down, you should look, up online. I bet there are a lot of great websites! Good luck! :-) PS Next Saturday I'm going to the St. Louis Regional Finals for the Spelling Bee!

Spelling bee?

Read a book like 1984 (by George Orwell) that uses big words and is complicated in thought. Get a dictionary and go to a letter and randomly open a page in that section - list all words you don't recognize in a piece of paper. Google spelling techniques...I'm sure you'll find something.

Spelling Bee?