Who would you rather see in a speedo greased up with baby oil?

lol Newt babay! :P

I want to wear a speedo but should I wear underwear underneath?

I wear speedos to the beach and the pool all the time. If you wear a dark color,your package will not be as noticeable. I think they are much more comfortable than board shorts since they dry alot quicker and they don't rub your thighs when they are wet. and no, you don't wear underwear under them, that would make them very bulky looking and be quite uncomfortable I think. If you wear a pair of shorts with the netting inside, you don't need underwear either as that is the nets job, to keep things in place. But if you feel uncomfortable you could put a speedo on under that type of swimwear. Again, its not really needed

How can I tell my mom I want to get a speedo?

hey you are doing it for a positive thing. why dont you go shopping with her,,,and then while you are there go try one and walk out showing how you look...that will melt the ice...do it by actions and you are doing it for a great reason...more power to you...

Would it be weird to wear speedo briefs for swimming laps at my college pool?

It's weird to wear anything but briefs for swimming. Swimwear companies invented jammers to take advantage of shy American swimmers. Briefs are cheaper and better, so they make more sense than jammers for all purposes. Somebody has to pioneer a return to sensible swimwear for men. Why not you?

How much do you ladies like an aroused gentleman in speedo's?

honestly, it's more of a humorous thing than anything.

How can i hide the outline of the head of my p***s in my speedo?

I take it you mean that it can be seen that you're circumcised - well, I was given to understand from all the answers given on this site that it's the normal thing in America (!) - but if you don't want to advertise this fact, then use padding over it or wear something more sensible !

How can I get my parents to let me have a speedo?

go to the store and buy one... problem solved

What is the best color and brand of speedo/swim brief to wear?

probly red or black. but if your skin really white, i recommend wearing a lighter color

How do I solve this problem with a speedo?

Do not feel alone in your struggle. First time swimming guys almost always go through this. Basically a speedo feels like you are wearing nothing, just a little tightness in the crotch area. it basically looks like a bikini bottom with wider sides, wear it a bit lower, and it has more coverage in the front. Dont worry your coach just wants you to go faster and that requires wearing a speedo

How can I get comfortable in a Speedo?

Wearing and and feeling comfortable with your body is a good start in getting use to wearing one. I wear mine to the public pool for tanning so i don't have bad tan lines. That helps you get use to it rather quickly plus is less embarrassing than having bad tan lines. And yes, wear it lower than you would wear shorts. the waist should be even in front and back. it will feel like you should pull it up higher than you should when youre getting use to wearing one. Basically, you only want it to cover up what is required to be covered. Good luck on your swimming.

What is the best swim suit brand out of tyr sporti and speedo?

Speedo is the brand I would go with

Can I use a speedo from a different car?

The big question is whether the cable ends will fit or not. If there is an error in speed, you can change drive sprockets in the tranny, or you can install a correction device (essentially a tiny gearbox) in between two cables. Search around and you should be able to find them easily. Here's an interesting article on an adjustable mechanical drive correction unit called a Helda Speed Pilot. From vintagerally.com http://www.winktimber.com/vintagerally/gear/halda/hspdpilot_bj5.htm

Need parts/adapters for a 87 camaro trans to a 95 toyota speedo?

I'm sure eBay will have the parts for you

How big does you p***s have to be to wear a speedo?

dude you have to fit into that speedo so if it is too big then it will poke out the leg or waistband if your not paying attention to it. you need to have huge balls too so that it looks like you have the package of godzilla. curtdude

What music video is Rick James in a pool wearing a speedo with some chick?

give it to me:) Rick James

Where can I buy the white Speedo hoodie that Michael Phelps is wearing at this years Olympics?

I'm not sure if this is the hoodie you are talking about but a lot of people have inquired about the white parka Phelps wore poolside. Here is what the article said and the link: Speedo reports that it has sold out of Phelps jerseys, and is beginning production of a new item - the white parka Phelps sported poolside. The swimsuit Phelps wore - the LZR Racer, which sells for $550 - will be on the shelves in time for Christmas shoppers. Good luck!

How can I not get a boner in a tight speedo for body building.?

Don't you get points for flexing it? +1 on taking care of it. Maybe several times ie night before, morning of, and just before. It surely won't rise after that "workout" Watch the leak stains if doing it just before. I don't understand why this question is so popular.

How do the people at Copacabana beach act when they see a guy in a speedo that has an erection?

Its normal to use speedo around there. Most guys use it, it's considered sexy. A lot use shorts too. But the erection thing will be kinda awkward and they'll stare at you or just comment with other people. I lived there, believe me, everyone comments that kind of thing...

What position should my p***s be in when I am wearing a speedo?

on your weakest side , to make it arrow dynamic and strengthen your leg. you can do ever other day every other side.

How to get my friend to wear a speedo?

I would take his trunks out of his bag before u leave his house, and only have speedos on you. And pull the "I dont want to war speedos alone. He will love them after he wears them. I have done this and its worked

When larger diameter wheels are installed on a car is the accuracy of the speedo affected at all?

if the overall height of the tire and rim is the same then no it won't effect you speedometer but if the tire is bigger on the 18' rim then yes it will effect your speedometer.

Where does the Speedo cable go on a Gilera runner old shape ?

Can you wash Speedo Jammers in the washing machine and then dry it in a dryer?

nooooo hand wash in the sink....then you let them air dry.

How do I pick up girls with my speedo?

I am a girl and I would go for "hey girls wanna swim?" or "so how are you doing" simple stuff.

How can I drive an LED display with a tach or speedo output?

All you need to do is get the proper VSS at trans to match the pulses to speedo, and your ECM tach signal go's to tachometer.

Where can I find the Speedo warmup jacket that Phelps wears before his races?

"I would no because my dad is an executive of the company that licenses speedo. I have one" Uh huh, and I have a gold plated Xbox 720. I've searched for that jacket for three days now. If Speedo has them for sale they're doing a good job of hiding it. They will most likely release it once he's won his last race. A poor move, in my opinion, as they'd have orders rolling in right now if it were available. Waiting until Phelps is done is costing them sales when they could be selling it during the height of, "Phelpsmania." Will anyone think of him in three months? Probably not. Makes sense to start selling it now while he's on a hot streak.

How fit do you have to be to look good in a Speedo?

Well, if you look down and can't see your feet, then I would avoid a speedo. Otherwise, I like the shiny suits, that almost look metallic. Blue, red and yellow are hot hot hot! Black is bad. White is very daring.

How do I go about getting a job as an official speedo inspector.?

You'll have a better chance if you get certified in bulge inspection.

Is it weird to wear a speedo under board shorts?

Not at all! I do the same thing for the same reason. It also gives me the freedom to drop the boardies if I choose to and just enjoy the sun instead of the wet boardshorts clinging to my legs.

I was masterbating a while ago in a speedo and some of it came flying out is this a good thing?

dont be worried, nothing is wrong, it was prolly cUm. and i hope women like boys who masturbate because almost every guy that can, does.

Where can I buy a speedo with an Italian flag on the back?

Sorry, I couldn't find a website where you could buy a speedo with an Italian flag on it :(, BUT I did find a website in which you can design your own swim suit. You choose the type of suit and then you can choose graphics or words you want to put on it. Unfortunately there was no Italian flag, but you can make your boyfriend a special unique suit, it would be a great present :) I hope I helped, here is the link : http://www.splish.com/designs/new

Why is it inappropriate to wear a speedo to the beach?

Because frankly, girls are thought of as sexual objects and people would rather see a girl barely covered than a guy's junk. I, however, would not care either way. If you want to wear a speedo to the beach, then you have every right to.

How can I tone my butt so it looks better in a speedo?

squats, lunges, leg press

Is it okay to wear a speedo at the beach?

I always have worn speedos to the beach and pool as long as I could remember just as most all guys do in Australia. Speedo is Australian swimwear. Being a Surf Lifesaver I wear a speedo and surf cap as my uniform on patrol, at the beach. Mate no one stares or cares only people who are very psychosexually morally puritan twisted about there own bodies seem to have problems with what other people wear.

How do I get someone to wear a speedo?

Depends on how related are you to that person. If he is your husband or boyfriend or fiance, go ahead and ask. If not, then don't ask or suggest him to wear one.

How big is a red/white/blue speedo pro backpack?

Depends on the size!

Is it illegal to upload a picture of yourself in a speedo?

I don't think it is illegal,unless the person's sex organs are showing.People who post picture like that are really trashy and don't respect themselves.

Where can I find a tuxedo speedo for a groom to wear at a pool in Vegas?

In Uncle Chucks backyard.

Is it normal to have erection when wearing Speedo or skimpy Jockey underwear?

lol this happened to me when I used to be on a swim team XD Yes this is normal.

How will i get my speedo if I buy it online?

If you ordered just one men's swimsuit, it will probably ship in a soft pack or envelope. I doubt the package will be clear -- others won't be able to tell what the contents are -- but it will most likely say "Swim Outlet." Swim Outlet's website says they use DHL, UPS, and USPS. Check your order confirmation (or followup email) to determine which of the three carriers they selected for your order. You pay Swim Outlet to ship to you, so they are responsible for paying the carrier. You won't owe anything on delivery.

What is a good cheap speedo for swimming?

Okay....dude....If you want to be high school youve have to go all out with the best of the best....i have a 50$ dollar speedo.... Basiclly you have to pay alot for a good one i cant go to sports acdamey and find one under 40$ ether pay 300$ for a full or just buy brief or jammers there not cheep normally still around 50$ Id reccomend TYR....

Should I wear a speedo to my aqua fitness training?

If that is what you are comfortable to wear , by all means go for it. I would have no problem, and I don't think the other participants would either.

Is wearing a dragsuit over a speedo more acceptable for a guy?

A dragsuit is just like a baggy speedo. If you are worried about girls thinking negative of you then just don't wear one, dragsuits are only used for trying to get faster as a competative swimmer.

How do you change the nose piece on Speedo swimming goggles?

just yank it out. It will feel like its going to break, but it most likely wont. I have the same goggles and I know what you mean by it feeling like its going to break.

Why will I start to masturbate after putting on my Speedo competition swimming trunks?

I agree with Glacier, you must be thinking about Michael Phelps-- totally normal!

What color speedo will show of my stuff the most?

colors that arent dark usually shows the package just right... test the water first though

Is my package almost entirely visible when I wear a speedo brief? What will I do if I get an erection?

You will have a visible bulge from your balls and p***s inside the speedo. But so what, won't show any detail at all, like your ball or p***s outline, just a bulge, no different really than wearing any other briefs for tight pants. If you are swimming you won't get an erection, the cold water takes care of that. Plus the pool water takes care of the bulge a lot too, as the p***s will stay shrunk up most of the time and the balls will tighten up. If you have the body for it, speedos look fine, and way better than long knee length board shorts.

what traditional speedo can i install on my 1997 Honda Cbr 1100 super blackbird?

I dont think they are less than helpful, it's more than likely there are no aftermarket speedometers available for that bike.


eeewwww... id say get a jammer, i think thats what theyre called (its tight like a spedo so it doesnt slow u down, but is longer and doesnt look as much like a bananna hammokc)


I think you are putting too much thought into this. If you prefer briefs over boxers, go ahead and get a Speedo. If money is a concern, just get another brand. Target has a pair of swim briefs for $20 (though they're probably not as roomy in the front as you'd want). As for your anxiety over the whole thing, I think you're over-reacting a bit. Speedos don't turn you gay, and you don't have to be on a team to wear them. Just tell people "I prefer these to board shorts," and leave it at that. Not many people go out of their way to make a federal case out of it. But you may want to keep it from your friends, because high school kids are inherently jerks I personally hate board shorts because I had the unfortunate incident where they slipped off when I swam laps in my apartment's pool, and trust me, THAT'S more embarrassing.