Is it possible to get a job on a Army base, if you have been a SPC-4 for 8 years?

As long as you have an honorable discharge you should have no problem. You just need to meet the qualifications for the job.

how do I add folders onto my Sanyo SPC-120 digital camera?

You don't the camera does that. Apparently you don't understand these devices very well or you wouldn't ask this. No digital camera can read files from other sources. In fact it can only read photos it has taken and then only before they've been uploaded. During upload they are altered slightly and the camera can't see them. Besides that doing this can easily cause your memory card to fail because it's not designed for storage. Lots of failure stories right here, most every day, because they just insisted on using the camera as a display device instead of buying an actual display device.

How do you get Fawkes, Charon, and SPC in Fallout 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot, or so the game says so. The truth is, even though the makers of the game never intended for this cheat to be available, it is. You can get not only 3, but ALL of the follower using some kind of cheat. I don't know it though. But just so you know, for this cheat to work, you need the Puppies! perk (for Dogmeat). If I find a link, I will e-mail it to you. If you have any other questions about Fallout 3, please e-mail me, as I am an expert on this game, and know EVERYTHING about it. And lots of cheats. Alex

In BCT how many start at the rank of SPC?

There were 3 E4s plus one who lost his rank sometime before shipping in my platoon of 60 when I went to Basic. One was known as the extremely intelligent person (Majored in Music lol) with no common sense, but he runs 11:15 two miles. Another was a 29 year old High School teacher who considers himself old but still does very well in PT. The third was a fat guy with a loud mouth, whose father was a MSG that paid him a visit one day during Basic and smoked the shit out of him. The one that lost his rank was a cool guy, very friendly, but sometimes got anger problems. It's the reason why he lost his rank, cause he overreacted to someone talking shit to his recruiter or something. But it's going to be a whole mix of E1s, E2s, E3s, and E4s. They won't just concentrate on you all the time. In fact, you might not get that much attention at all.

I have gotten a spc card last year but forgot my password for this years spc card?

Call them, ask for technical support, they will reset your password. Good Luck!

if i made spc on july 1 when will i start getting the pay?

July 1st. Your date of rank is the same as your pay date. But remember that every pay day covers the PREVIOUS 2 weeks of work. So on July 1st you received your pay for the work you did from June 15-June 30 while you were still a PFC. So your first pay check as a SPC should be July 15.

How do I find the instruments in a SPC file?

What are the criteria for a PFC to get a waiver to become SPC?

The criteria for granting the waver are basically a recommendation from the platoon sergeant to the company commander. The unit usually only has so many waivers to give out, so they don't want to waste them on someone who is undeserving. The commander may deny the waiver for any reason, but some good ones are that the Soldier is not ready or that there is something in the Soldier's counseling statements that the commander doesn't like. It doesn't matter how far out from ETS the Soldier is. Promotion to SPC does not require any additional time be served, so it can be done at any time (even the day of ETS).

What is the process for an injured SPC in Army?

His profile can stop him from deploying but a MEB is a long process and he may ets before that time. If he is unable to deploy they may move him to the rear detachment until he can deploy or just move him to a unit that is not deploying. If he hurt his self on duty he should make sure it is well documented before he separated (ETS) to make sure the VA continues treatment. If they can fix it before the deployment and get him off of profile before the halfway point of the deployment he has a good chance of going. if not they will just try to get him healed. Not deploying is not the end of his career and should not be look at like it is. He should make sure that he is only concerned about getting it fixed. be sure he makes all appointments and follow up on every thing. Don't let the command or NCOS intimidate him and have him make a decision that may cost him in the long run. If he is hurt and needs treat meant the doctors can make him non deployable during SRP and he should make sure he tells them of he injury during that time. If they try to make him go by saying it is healed all of the sudden he can call tri-care and get a second opinion from an out side doctor. And a patient advocate can help in any contradiction in medical orders. Every MTF has one so make use of them.

How much does it cost to get an SPC card?

$9 plus HST