Is Commercial Space Flight in its prime time or should NASA give it other 5years?

None of them are in what I would even remotely call a "prime." Commercial spaceflight is in its infancy, and spaceflight period still has a long way to go in terms of consistently getting humans out of LEO. Edit: Why the hell do you keep spamming these questions?

What private businesses working on space flight?

Bigelow is working on inflatable structures to build a private space station. But he is contracting with others, including Space-X, to launch his modules. Armadillo Aerospace is still working on their vehicles but they are not even ready for suborbital flights yet, and don't seem like they will be any time soon. They would not be SSTO anyway.

Planetary Geology useful outside of NASA?

Hi. The study of the environment is very topical at this point in time. Understand this and you will be ahead of the curve as far as most people do not really grasp the consequences.

I want to go into outer you think this is possible?

yes hons go too nasa in florida and book a roicket hons. good luck.

Why would you want to privatize NASA?

Privatizing NASA would be a terrible idea. First, there's an old adage that you don't fix something if it isn't broken, and NASA's successes are well-documented. The agency has set the standards for technological advancement, safety, and overall performance. Could the private sector do better? Look at all the graft and corruption surrounding the no-bid contracts for the Iraq War, and you have the answer. Second, it's not clear that the private sector could do the job cheaper - just because the right-wing pro-privatization crowd keeps repeating it doesn't make it true. On many such projects, like for-profit prisons, or FNMA, where the private sector has failed to constrain costs. They're in business to make money, and they tend to exceed their estimates on virtually all the contracts they're awarded. Finally, the issue of "pure" science must be considered - just look at how the oil companies bought off academic researchers to protect their business interests, with respect to global warming and then the Gulf Oil Spill. Nothing pure about that. For enough money, you can get a scientist to claim anything you want him to say.

NASA's new Constellation program has been canceled?

Interesting and they just have to cancel it after the International Year of Astronomy. Go to Universe Today, they have a few articles about this already. The future of astronomy in this stupid world is bleak! Clear skies!

What spacecrafts would carry people into space over the next 3 years once the space shuttle retires?

Certainly nothing at NASA since it's been gutted.

Obama wants to use private sector rockets for space program - socialist or capitalist action?


Physics help! Can someone Please help me!?

I don't know how to figure out the new elliptical orbit; the reason why it develops is that if you just slow down the capsule, it no longer has enough centrifugal force to balance the gravitational force, so it must fall ... but it doesn't just fall straight down, it falls while moving forward. I think if the delta-V happened VERY VERY slowly, the orbit would remain nearly circular. So the eccentricity of the new orbit must in some way involve the short time that the thrusters were slowing it down. My only real contribution is: the "perigee" is the point where the capsule is nearest the earth. Probably at one end of the ellipse, since it's likely that the center of the earth is at one focus of the ellipse.

What do you think of the story of which I have wrote - "The Ultimate Space Shuttle Mission"?

fictional: I think you are just ranting around. Bad writing, no story telling. scientifically: You are extrapolating already from a flawed model of the current reality, so your results will be very likely very far off. Also, the ISS is a very bad Martian spacecraft, since it is a) designed completely for LEO, especially the power system and b) very very old in 2032. It will be a piece of junk already in 2020, if things are running good. There is no reason to assume the Russian base modules will look better in 2020 than the space station Mir in 2000. Also, what would you think about a world like described in the classic science fiction novel 2001: It has no NASA at all. The spacecraft there are operated by companies like Pan-Am. Maybe write about a world where NASA was not allowed to cancel Constellation. Always working on it, without any real progress, with the Ares V launch mass growing exponentially over the years, and money being wasted on building bigger and bigger infrastructure on Earth for building and testing the bigger and bigger Ares V... With the old budget plans, the first moon landing of Constellation would have maybe happened in 2040. The estimate of the launch mass of the Ares V by Von Brauns methods is still 20% higher than the final iteration.

Is Commercial Space Flight in its prime time or should NASA give it other 5years?

I think that commercial space flight is in it's infancy right now. The tickets are rediculously expensive (200,000$) for virgin galactic. It was predicted that in 10 years the price will drop to 20,000$. Either way when Im an adult I'm going into space regardless of the price because I want to visit space once before I die!

Constellation vs COTS?

mostly a holdover from the days when we used to trust NASA. it was inconceivable that a private company could launch a 'Vulture 1' and compete with the US government. now, its not so certain. both the dragon and k-1 look viable, and the current space program needs them... but i want to withhold judgement until i see either docking at the ISS.

Space X COTS 1, Falcon 2?

No, they did not recover the first stage. But they gathered more data from this attempt and Elon is confident they can recover one in the next year or two.

is NASA shutting down?

The Shuttle needs to be retired due to fatigue, or heavily modernized. If ISS is modernized, then Russian boosters may be the answer. It seems to me that Obama-NASA believes that the private sector now has enough economic motives to take over the space program, but this probably means that science projects will fit on ISS, or be trivial.

Will NASA Be Shutting Down?

No. :) You are mistaking that with The ending of the use of space shuttles, "Discovery" (Taken its final flight a few months ago) and "Endeavour" (Getting set to complete its final mission). The last mission of space shuttle Discover was an event nobody should have missed Discovery was the most successful space shuttle. Spending almost a full year in space. Do NOT miss Endeavour's last mission. This is a Milestone in space exploration. Watch the entire mission Live on NASA TV at

Is NASA being privatized?

I haven't heard anything about that. And I really hope that's not the case, because I doubt they would continue to fund most research if that was the case. And NASA doesn't have enough money to fund students and researchers as it is.

(Astronomy) How would you go to the moon?? (Easy)?

The cheapest one of course. That would be Falcon I think.

Space Shuttle retirement, Constellation program cancelled. And?

Obama, as they say = No Hope. But seeing re-election expect more space science to fall victim to Obama's chopping block.

Future of Aerospace Industry?

It's not going away, not in the U.S. it isn't. The U.S. is the icon of space exploration, and there are many needs for this not only for the companies you mentioned but also the military.

Space Exploration by the private sector? What do you think? Good or bad?

looking for information for space .... and the rules for making a space ship?

Hi, you can read book about it , there are too many book in Internet about it ask there are useful i think good luck,

Space Exploration by the private sector?

How soon depends on what's the profit. Private exploration won't "do" this for funsies.

when will commercial space tour take off?

People have been going to space commercially for some time. Space Adventures has been sending people to orbit since 2001 on Soyuz capsules. Tourists have been to the old Mir space station and even the ISS. They have the same problem that the other newer companies will have. Only very rich people can afford it.

when will nasa put a man on the moon?

They put men on the moon 40 years ago! Where you been?

What does it take to work as an engineer at NASA?

Nothing different than any other job. You have to be there when there is an opening that matches your qualifications. Hope this properly answers your question Guru

Do you have any good websites about spaceships?

obama on spacex launch?

he supports private space flight, as i believe he cut the budget for the space shuttles, thus shortly, they will be retired and no longer in use, and private space companies like spacex will eventually be tasked with ferrying astronauts and cargo to and from the iss

I received my Airframe and Powerplant License few months ago. Does anyone know of a company that hires new A&P?

Jobs are hard to get right now so you may have to lower your sights a little bit and take any kind that are available until your desired field opens up. The Air National Guard or Air Force may be options to gain experience in your licensed field.

What private businesses working on space flight?


Who funds SpaceX?????

"Founded in 2002, SpaceX has garnered about $375 million in funding from private investors, including about $100 million from Musk." Elon Musk is founder and CEO of SpaceX.

Are their any groups promoting space exploration?

When do you think we will see the first IPO of a company doing manned spaceflight?

under 2 years

Spacex Stock?

Have not heard that Space X is going public.

where can I buy spacex stock?

It is a private company. There have been rumors of an IPO since 2009, but so far no details.

Which is the better place to work, NASA or SpaceX?

I think private industry probably holds the future of space travel, so just because of that I would want to work in the private sector. NASA is past its golden days it seems

What happened to the First falcon 9 Spacex built?

If anything, drop them a line here -

What ever happened to the Spacex Falcon 9 assembled at Cape Canaveral last year?

The Spacex Falcon 9 is a commercial rocket designed and built by Spacex Exploration Technologies. They are built and assembled as needed when private companies contract with them to get their payloads into orbit. NASA has contracted with Spacex to use their rocket for resupply of the ISS once the space shuttle has been retired. Other government agencies and private companies can purchase a launch of the Falcon 9 for roughly $50 million. Spacex does have a disclaimer that reserve the right to find a co-passenger if you use less than 80% of the 23,000 pound payload. Always be sure to read the fine print before deciding on a low Earth orbit launch and delivery system.

What is the second parachuting object next to the SpaceX Dragon?

Lens refraction. If you want a cool theory about aliens or secret govt. flights I can't help you. They would not drop a second craft within viewing distance now, would they?