Poem about Eiffel Tower.?

I went to the Eiffel Tower But the lights ran out of power So I sat in the dark Eating some carp Until I went to a bridal shower

7.4 degrees aboove horizon?

your fist at arm's length is about 10 degrees.

What's your favorite NYC memory as a tourist?

It's kinda fuzzy now, but I remember the first time I went up to the WTC observation deck. Didn't go all the way up to the outdoor deck the first time, but the indoor deck was still fun because there was this little step down from the main floor to the window so you could lean on the step and press your head directly on to the window and look straight down. I guess I was easily amused as a kid.

The investigation begins in plane's NYC splash landing...already? Why then, did it take over a year for 9/11?

This was a legitimate accident. In the case of 9/11, they had to destroy the crime scene first by getting rid of all the steel (evidence) and melting it down somewhere in Asia. That takes time.

Most economical way of taking a road trip from Orlando, Fl to NYC?

may i suggest doing the auto train. don't hold your breath to an on time launch. the track record is always a delay due to weather or technical issues. the auto train your car is with you. it leaves from the washington DC area and lands in Sanford fl like 1 hour from the cape. the train includes meals as well.

Have you seen the Space Shuttle in flight?

yes, i have seen it a few times, all different missions. the last one i saw with my own eyes was STS-107, better known as Columbia. As it flew through the sky, I saw it break into pieces. I am still working my hardest to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut. :)