What is the best cable channel to watch the space shuttle launch this afternoon?

Try NASA TV or http://www.livestream.com/spaceflightnow

Where can I get Space Shuttle Launch Updates on my cell phone?

Try the NASA site; http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/main/index.html Or here: http://twitter.com/nasa

Is it true that the soundwaves of a space shuttle launch can disintegrate a person if standing too close?

This is not possibly true. If you were really close the heat from the rockets could kill you, but not the sound waves. The rocket blasts are so hot that they would destroy the concrete under the launching pad without some kind of protection. So at the time of launch they release a torrent of water under the rocket blast. The giant white cloud that you see during launch is the steam created as this water boils off.

How can I tell if a Space Shuttle launch ticket is from the NASA Causeway viewing area?

Check here: http://www.ksctickets.com/

How many birds are killed in a space shuttle launch?

An average of 573 per launch.

How loud is the space shuttle launch at 10 miles or more?

I went in february of 2008, 6 miles away from the launch pad, and it was pretty loud... though you wont hear anything for about 30 seconds (or more depending on how far...) I think jetty park is about 10 miles away... so you should be able to hear it... dont quote me on that though cause i do not live in Florida.

How hot does the space shuttle get during launch?

Temperatures have been measured approaching 2000 degrees Kelvin in the immediate vicinity of the Shuttle engines with gasses exhausting at 3,500m/s. So REALLY HOT

How can I stop the upcoming space shuttle launch?

1) There is no launch this week. It is next week. 2) You're complaining about how much money NASA wastes, but at the same time talking about how it is unethical that only a select few people get to go to space? Do you know how much MORE money would be wasted if just anybody could go? 3) I also think "waste" is a wrong word. Many things, such as the internet you are on right now and your cell phone wouldn't work without satellites. 4)What do you think this is, the mafia? NASA doesn't just go around killing scientists. Go write your Congressman.

How bad will traffic be for the space shuttle launch at the end of April?

4.5-hrs is only realistic if... > There's no launch/special event. > There's no construction delays. > Traffic is moderate. > You're an "expert" on the best route. > You don't make pit-stops. > You don't get lost. From Naples, you need to get on I-75N. Regardless if you take I-75 all the way to Tampa, or you take HWY-17 instead (recommended), you'll eventually end up on I-4 then to HWY-528 (TOLL). 528 will take you all the way to the Cape. Allow yourselves 5-hrs just to get near the Cocoa/Merritt Island area. This is where you'll encounter the traffic. The traffic you'll experience s/b like downtown traffic for a Super Bowl. In other words, OK until the last few final miles. As you're on 528, you have 3-different exits between Cocoa & the Cape where you can get off to go south, then back east on 520 to A1A. These exits will be your detours in case you're grid-locked on 528. I suggest you allow yourselves AT LEAST 6.5-hrs one-way, from start to finish (5-hrs to get near the area, 1-hr for traffic jams/parking/walking, 30-mins to get settled in before launch). ....................................................... Unless you have special permission (e.g. Press credentials), the most popular public launch-viewing areas are as follows: > NASA Causeway (fee/pre-booking). Closest view. > KSC Visitor's Complex (fee/pre-booking). 2nd closest view. > Cocoa Beach beaches (between Jetty Park & the pier). > Jetty Park. > Merritt Island Causeway, aka HWY-520, over the Banana River. > Bennett Causeway, aka HWY-528 Beachline Expwy (fka the Beeline Expwy), aka HWY-A1A, over the Banana River. The key to viewing a launch is by ensuring an unobstructed view. A small tree or structure can delay your 1st glimpses of a launch for "many" seconds. If you're fortunate, you'll see the launch before you hear it (this means that you're really close & have a near-zero delay line-of-sight), thus make sure you don't 1st rely on your ears to tell you lift-off has taken place. You can tune into a local broadcast, listen to a PBX system (if you're @ a facility that provides one), or get on your laptop/phone w/internet access for launch countdown. ......................................................... I recommend Jetty Park, Cape Canaveral, as your viewing area. Here's my reasons... > One of the closest views. > Basically free, other than a small parking fee? > Good public facilities, concession stand, souvenirs, rocky jetty, launch PBX & countdown board, playground, dedicated beach, views of the big cruise ships & manatees/dolphins, good fishing off the pier, good campground, good parking. It's important to note these things b/c it's common for a launch to be delayed, thus having alternate things to do will pass the time. You stand about a 1-in-3 chance that the launch will be scrubbed. Given this, have a plan for alternate activities in/near the Cape to make your trip somewhat salvageable.

Is the launch of space shuttle atlantis tomorrow the last time you will go in space?

My friend works at NASA, and the space program has came to basically a halt. Obama believes it is a waste of money. They have cut many peoples jobs. So tomorrow is technically the last one, although there are still people, including my friend, that are working on other things.