Is Space Jam based on a true story?

I think that larry bird did not lose his powers in the movie but he did in real life and the aliens did not give it back

What 2 teams where playing when the aliens took their talent on the movie space jam?

Knicks vs Suns

Is race and issue in the 1996 classic "space jam"? I need help wiriting a dissertation.?

Race was never an issue unless you want to say that it took a white man Bill Murray to save Jordan but that was not the point of the movie. Again that is stretching the movie

In Space Jam, Jordans dunk to win the game was couted as a two points,but he took off outside the 3point. why?

Considering what the refs were letting the players get away with prior to that final shot, I'd say it's just poor officiating.

Who were the 5 players that lost their talent in Space Jam?

Ewing- C Barkley-PF, Bogues-PG, Shawn Bradley-C, Larry Johnson-SF

Where in the northern virginia area can i still find space jam jordans?

Buy them online.

In Space Jam who is the shy little rodent character that gets smooshed by a baseketball from the blue guy?

It's Little Blabbermouse, the little mouse likes to talk alot

What's the name of that song in that one part in the movie Space Jam?

No, the Black Eyed Peas sampled it for their song "Pump It" but the original song is called "Misirlou" by Dick Dale & his Del-Tones. Their suits are a reference to Quentin Tarantino's movie "Pulp Fiction" which brought the song to prominence. original- BEP- Pulp Fiction-

Where will the Nike Air Jordan Space Jam XI release? Any stores in Canada?

Nike Air Jordan Space Jam XI release try it ,

Who does the Space Jam stretch better Michael Jordan or Gloria James?


I have a 1996 Michael Jordan space jam plate?

25 dollars if your lucky

Will there be new shipments of space jam jordans?

Will the space jam jordans be a general or limited release?

There was a limited quickstrike release last month 11/27/09 and i think there coming out 12/23/09 as a full release where it would be a general release

Why in Space Jam does Swackhammer call Bill Murray Dan Akroyd?

Both actors were on "NBC's Saturday Night" (Live) and then went on to work with director Ivan Reitman on the "Ghostbusters" franchise. It's supposed to be an insult to actors to mix them up with others.

where can I find cheap authentic space jam jordans?

Where can i buy the Jordan 11 space jam size 14s in the bay area (california)?

umm .. ishould probably ask my bro .. but uhh did u try Flight Club .. or pick your ? idk if that will have wat ur looking for but u mite wanna try .. Random Question: Can you jerk ? lol

Is the Space Jam soundtrack good to play during sex?

omg. are you serious dude? dont play any music and let your natural sounds come out

Where can i find a monstars jersey from space jam?

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lol pawneddddddddddddddddddddd^^^^^^^^^

Whats the name of the song in space jam when elmer and yosemite shoot out the big dudes teeth?

"Miserlou" by Dick Dale and the Del-Tones

where I can find a tune squad space jam jersey for a decent price?

sporting goods

Space jam techno song NOT THE 2 UNLIMITED one?

If you mean the song when the players warm up and the crowd comes to the stadium, then it's "Pump Up The Jam" by Technotronic. (see the link...) Then there's another later called "Let's Get ready to Rumble" (see the link...)

Where can i get a "Space Jam" jersey?

i don't think they exist or try ebay

Where can i buy the Jordan 11 space jam?

Where can I find a large picture on the internet of the toon squad logo from space jam?

internet leads to witchcraft

How much is a Michael Jordan signed Space Jam poster worth?

Well currently on Ebay there is a $75 and a $1500 one. I don't know what D Style means, but if the poster has a picture of Michael Jordan's face on the front with red background, it's worth a lot. Has to be a ink signature!

What is the song that plays during Space Jam when elmer fudd and yosemite sam shoot out the monstar's teeth?

Artist name Song lyrics Seal Lyrics Fly Like an Eagle Coolio Lyrics The Winner Quad City DJ's Lyrics Space Jam R. Kelly Lyrics I Believe I Can Fly Busta Rhymes, Coolio, Ll Cool J & Method Man B Real Lyrics Hit 'em High (the Monstar's Anthem) D'angelo Lyrics I Found My Smile Again Monica Lyrics For You I Will Salt-N-Pepa Lyrics Upside Down (Round and Round) Robin S. Lyrics Givin' U All That I've Got Barry White & Chris Rock Lyrics Basketball Jones All-4-One Lyrics I Turn to You R. Kelly f/ Changing Faces and Jay-Z Lyrics All of My Days Spin Doctors f/ Biz Markie Lyrics That's the Way Bugs Bunny Lyrics Buggin' Mybe its: Hit 'em High (the Monstar's Anthem) Hope this helps.

Why doesn't iTunes have the space jam soundtrack?

What's all the lyrics to space jam remix or some peole call it jock jam?

Try here:

How many songs are on the Space Jam soundtrack?

20 songs

Does anyone know of any cheap places to get Space Jam Jordans XI?

I have bought three jordans at It is a free shipping online. Pretty cheap and fast delivery, there are many different kinds of jordans for choice. I am pleased with my purchase. I believe you will find what you want at this store.

Will Air Jordan XI Space Jam go down on value?

No nike or jordan shoes never go down in value, when jordan retros their shoes they always change something on the shoes to make it distgushed from the OG shoe. So people still want the OGs and some of them hate when they retro shoes and dont want the new ones. Where did you hear that? here is a list of jordans coming out in the next year

What are some cute creative costumes for a "Space Jam" themed date party?

Bugs bunny wearing a basketball uniform...invite michael jordan

where can I hear the trashies 3rd album Space Jam? Those 206 seattle northwest trashcore scum are invisible.?

the trashies space jam album is on mediafire here:

What Website Can I GO To 2 Buy Air Jordan Rtro 11 ( space Jam 2009 release) The authenitc pair?

Could the team from Space Jam beat the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Which team? MJ or the Alien team? If you mean MJ's team, they'll win, nobody can stop that Tazmanian devil and the red hair cowboys lol BQ: They'll destroy them BQ2: Defense BQ3: Not bad

Can someone help find the space jam sbs?

if you can't camp then you're probably not gonna get them for retail. go to and use the store locator to find the closest place that will be selling them, and give them a call. you may just have to go a few hours early. i went to a skateshop in delaware for the cheech and chong dunks and they only had 4 pairs. got there at 5am and they opened at 10am and i was the first one there. they still jacked the price up from $89 to $150, so retail's not likely to happen. good luck... here's the store locator link.

Was space jam based on a true story?

To all kicks collectors, Do you think Air jordan Xi Space Jam will retro again?

More then likely, they've retroed the XI in it's other colors, so I'd assume the Space Jams will one day be retro'd.

Does anybody know where i can get a pair of air Jordan space jam xis in size 13?

well its hard getting a pair of spacejams noawadays but if you dont mind the $$$ then flightclub or sites like kixclusive or however when shopping online if you see a pair of spacejams for 175 or less their probably fake. if all else fails try ebay. good luck.

Who is the tall white basketball player in space jam?

The little Jack is right. The white guy on Sapce Jam is.... Shawn Bradley. --------------------------

Have you ever watched Space Jam and wondered why the heck the aliens would steal Shawn Bradley's talent?

They just wanted a dorky, tall guy to make the movie a little more funny.

Has anybody else ever watched the movie Space Jam high on crack cocaine?

No but it sounds interesting.

Is it true that the original actor slotted to play Michael Jordan in Space Jam was Danny DeVito?

I hope its not true, it seems about the last person on earth you would want playing jordan would be danny devito

How much are you willing spend on the Retro 11 Space Jam?

$350 but i have them preorder already i would proabably go all the way up to $500 cause there retro space jams if they were the older ones i would easily do 1200$

Do you have good memories from watching Space Jam?

"I believe i can fly..."

How funny would it be if they made a Space Jam 2 and the aliens stole Lebrons talent?

Please don't tell me Kobe's going to be the one helping out the loony toons. Lord knows the kind of harassment he'd do to lola bunny

How to decorate for Space Jam homecoming?

Get some midgets and giants and dress them up like aliens.

What is the newest release date of the Jordan Space Jam shoes?

I believe the current release date is just before Christmas. Very few online stores are already shipping them though. I already got 2 pairs from this website: I paid for them on Monday, and Received them on Thursday. Could not be happier with my purchase. Beware of fakes also! In my search for these shoes, I have seen many fakes. This site is reputable and my sneakers are 100% verified authentic.

What were the shoes bugs bunny had on in space jam?

Been so long since I've seen Space Jam. But knowing WB they would have parodied calling them "Hare Jordans"

When was the last time you watched space jam?

hahaha, the last time i watched that was like 2 weeks ago! and it hasnt really changed my lfie but its a great movie