Do the Amish really build those space heaters?

An Amish owned furniture factory in Ohio is contracted to build the wooden cabinets. That is their only involvement with the product. The people you see in the printed ads and TV ads that are made to appear as Amish are not really Amish, they are models and actors.

how many space heaters can i plug into one outlet?

You would have to add up the AMPS of all the appliances. Most of the time a circuit is 15 to 20 AMPS. Most heaters use a lot of amps so it would be safer to use only one on that circuit.(plug) And put the other one on a different circuit (plug) Exceeding the AMP rating of the circuit can cause a fire. The circuit breaker should activate before that point but it is better to be safe than sorry.

do infrared space heaters really work and save money?

Electric space heaters are all 100% efficient at converting electricity into heat. Radiant (infrared) space heaters project heat as infrared radiation; when infrared radiation strikes a solid object it is converted to heat, so radiant heaters are better at targeted or focused heating than convection heaters. If you're freezing cold but you spend the whole day sitting at your desk, a radiant heater projected directly at you will make you feel warm even if the room is cold (and in fact, even if the door to the outside is wide open). Convection space heaters use either a fan or natural air circulation to spread their heat around a room. You can't really target them to a specific area. The other factor with space heaters is that in areas where you pay different rates depending on the time of day you are using the electricity, you may save money by storing heat during times of cheap electricity, and releasing it into your rooms during times when you need heat and electricity is expensive. This can be done using a storage heater. They are more expensive to buy than regular space heaters but if you're in a time-of-use electricity area they can save quite a bit of money if programmed correctly. I explain all of this in lots more detail on my little energy saving website. The link below is specifically to my energy efficient electric heaters page.

Do space heaters eventually lose heating power?

If it is a tower that uses a ceramic heating element; then said heating element is clogged with dust and needs to be cleaned (at least once a year) to keep it operational as you should expect. Unplug the unit and let it cool down. Remove the back and the fan/ blower assembly. A stiff brush can remove most of the dust from the ceramic element's fins from the inside. The fan/blower assembly should be cleaned as well. You can use compressed air; but be careful as you will have to blow the air in through the front of the unit (with the back off & the fan removed) to do this. I say be careful because this will make a mess and should be done outdoors as this dust can make you very sick if exposed to your breathing space. Feel free to e-me. Happy Holidays!

can somebody help with cost efficiency of space heaters, baseboard heaters???

Electric space heaters and baseboard heaters are cash eaters!!! They use from 1,000watts to 2,500 watts, depending on the power supply and demand. Most space heaters that are 110VAC will draw a full 1,200 to 1,500 watts, trying to heat a cold zone!! I have even seen them overload a circuit and flip the brakers or blow 20 AMP fuses!!!! You have ducting that is insulated going into the space? GREAT!!! Call in your heating contractor, and have him simply balance the system! He will take an air volume reading from each register in the hose and in this space. He will then open, close, or install dampers wherever necessary! By balancing your heat requirements from room to room, you use about the same amount of energy, but it is used more effeciently!

Are space heaters bad for you?

There's no known harm from space heaters, anymore than any other electric heating appliance - they all work similarly. What you're smelling is most likely dust that's settled on the heating elements, and that will burn off after awhile - my wood stove smells the same way when it's first fired up for the year. So that part seems harmless enough. Of course, there's a fire danger from any heating appliance being accidently set near flammable objects, and anything with an electrical cord is something to potentially trip over, or have the dog chew on, etc. Other than the obvious hazards, though, I don't think there's any particular harm from space heaters. Jen is right, any form of electric strip heat is priced right up there, generally.

Do ceramic space heaters output any radiation?

Not radiation in the 'radioactive' sense. Thermal radiation any heat source. But if you start to feel nauseous, get bleeding between the teeth, low blood count.....then maybe you best get it checked.

How safe are electric space heaters?

I feel the same way that you do about it. If you're gonna leave the room for more than a few minutes, I'd shut it off. And make sure it's not near a wall or anything flammable. I'm not sure if you can use it on a rug or not. You might want to check that. Did it come with instructions?

Can you give me some advice on space heaters? Good brands? longevity?

Your better off going with a professional HVAC contractor on this. Not only do you have to worry about fire hazards, you must also think about carbon monoxide. Get 3 or 4 estimates. Throw out the high and low, and choose the one you like best that has the best references. You may also want to check with your gas supplier. They can recommend a good contractor also. Good Luck

I am trying to settle a claim with a large manufacturer of space heaters, and other things. I had a house fire?

Your own attorney will handle this. There are numerous things you and your attorney can do. Just tell your attorney you want her to do something about it.

Space heaters in a california apartment?

No a space heater is not an acceptable heat method for a landlord to provide solely. (can throw on in though). There has to be something that is an installed feature. A fireplace is sufficient, as is any wood or pellet burning stove, floor board heaters, wall heaters, floor furnace, central heat...these are work. Basically it has to be something non-portable. Of course you may use it once a year, which is the main reason fire places are acceptable.

what are some energy efficient space heaters and do they save you alot on your electric bill?

I haven't seen any ratings on the energy efficiency of electric space heaters but since they all work approximately the same way I would expect little variation. The only way one will save on your electric bill is if you have electric heat to begin with and can turn down the other rooms you don't use much and use a space heater in the one you do. Electricity usually costs more to heat with than does natural gas. Also, with space heaters, especially those "milk house," gray things be very careful not to set the thermostat up so high it runs constantly. The plug at the wall will melt and start a fire. Also combustibles over them can catch fire.

Would fans and space heaters save me money?

Fans vs air conditioners is an obvious savings as the compressor is the big draw on electricity in an a/c unit, but space heaters are one of the most expensive ways to heat any space. A central heating system is MUCH better, though space heaters can help in one particular area if you intend to live in only one room. The idea behind space heaters is exactly that, to heat only the space you are in most. Al

Where can I rent outdoor space heaters?

Call some tool rental and party equipment rental stores. Usually if one store doesn't handle a particular item they know where you can get it, if it's available in the area. Good luck...

Central heat vs space heaters?

Too many variables. What type of central heat? What type of space heaters? What's the electric usage on the heaters/central heat? In general, natural gas cheaper than electric or propane, which are about equal right now. Also, depending upon where you live, you should probably opt for central heat to keep your water pipes from freezing. Space heaters just don't create enough heat to prevent freezing.

Do Oil raidiators more energy efficient than electric space heaters?

All electric space heaters are 100% efficient, in that they convert 100% of the electrical energy into heat energy. The choice between different electric heater types therefore depends on how you want to use that heat. A radiative heater creates infrared radiation (perfectly safe) which travels through the air until it strikes an object. At that point the infrared radiation is converted to heat. So radiative (or radiant) heaters are good for focused heating. For instance you could aim one at your couch, sit on the couch, and feel perfectly warm and comfortable even if the room you're in is chilly (and the doors to the outside are wide open). Radiative heaters are a good choice if your rooms are drafty, you tend to be in one place for long periods, and you want to heat only areas where people are. On the other hand, if there are lots of people in your house or you move around a lot, a radiative heater won't do you much good (except that all the times you have to move the heater around to point at the moving person will be exercise for you which will warm you up!). Convection heaters are better for heating an entire room rather than just the object they are aimed at. A convection heater heats the air immediately around it, and then natural convection takes care of distributing the heat around the room. Your oil radiator is an example of a convection heater. Some convection heaters come with fans, to get the heat around the room faster, and these fans also help distribute the heat more evenly. This is especially useful if you are heating a large room or if you have poor insulation or drafts. If you don't use a fan in a room with poor insulation or drafts, much of the heat may escape the wall closest to where the heater is located before it has a chance to circulate through the room. Oil radiators are a form of short-term storage heater. They provide a more regular level of heat because, although the heating element may go on and off several times an hour, the oil buffers the extremes of temperature of the heating element, so that you get a more steady temperature coming from the heater. There are also long-term storage heaters, which are useful if you pay different rates for your electricity depending on the time of day. These heaters usually have a ceramic storage medium which converts electricity into stored heat when electricity is cheap, and then releases the heat when you want to heat the room and electricity is more expensive. These storage heaters are surprisingly cheap and there are portable models; you may want to consider one of these.

how safe is it to have 3 or 4 space heaters going at the same time?

First thing is why isn't the gas heat enough. If it has been sufficient in the past but is not now it needs checked. It could need adjusted, air filters changed, ducts cleaned or even replaced. Don't run a space heater where you can't keep an eye on it. Don't use a household extension cord as the cords are usually too small size for safety and can overheat without tripping a breaker. No one can tell you your circuitry is safe without examining it, especially adding a device like a space heater which has a large draw on electricity. Saying you need 3 or 4 raises a red danger flag to me.

Are there any 120V space heaters over 1500 Watts?

For safety reasons I'm sure. A hair dryer is a short term draw, while a heater can run for hours, causing the house wiring to be stressed to the max.

What is the best bang for the buck with space heaters?

Yes wattage is pretty much a direct relationship to btu output, the main thing to consider in shopping is safety and how rapid does the unit put out heat.An example is an oil filled heater takes longer to feel heat but if a combustible item was dropped near or on it it is less likely to catch fire as it has no hot spot such as a wire resistance type. The only extra consuming energy accessory would be a fan that runs with the heater, an item you may want to distribute the heat also you can get a thermostat and a built in timer to save energy and make sure it has a safety feature that if it tips over it shuts itself off. A water tank for humidity is also an option.

What is the "-phobia" word for fear of space heaters?

You're right, there is not a specific "phobia" name for this. The closest thing would be a fear of fire which is Arsonphobia or Pyrophobia. If you wanted to creat your own name for this, it would be something like Spaceheaterphobia. LOL

space heaters and air conditioner energy savers please?

because a/c circulates the cold air while removing humidity. Space heaters actually warm up objects in the room rather than the air itself. you can get a space heater with a fan on it but it still has to run for a long time to make a big difference. if you really want to make your home or a room feel warmer cheaper in the winter use a humidifier its more efficient working with your heating system

Is it safe to leave space heaters on all night?

It is safe however, do to that fact they suck so much power i would put it on a surge protector.

If pipes can freeze using space heaters, then what KEEPS them from freezing using an oil furnace?

you have duct work that runs under your house that keeps it warm so the pipes don't freeze. space heaters will warm your house but not where the pipes are.

Space heaters use alot of power, what about electric blankets?

Our electric blanket is 180 watt for each side, and doesn't use that much continuously, so I would say it is much more efficient than a space heater that might use as much as 1,500 watts, and has a much larger area to heat. We set our thermostat to 65° at night and are toasty warm, and don't have to get in a cold bed. Good Luck

What is cheaper to run ...a heat pump furnace or 2 electric space heaters?

Electric Spac3 heater's cost a fortune--my advice is throw them in the garbage. Been their done that. Please don't use the space heater's plus, their dangerous as well. Thanks, Victorianlady359

How bad are space-heaters in terms of energy consumption?

I don't have a technical answer for you, but my impression is that space heaters aren't seen as a bad thing in terms of energy consumption. In fact I'd say they have one big advantage over a whole-house forced air system: they heat the occupant of the house rather than heating the whole house. Turn down your propane heater and keep the space heater, I say.

What is the difference between space heaters Vornado DVTH and DVH?

I've had very good success with Vornados, including a couple that have been on for over a year continuously. We've had one fail only once, and Vornado replaced it for free. (Not a direct answer, but it may be of assistance.)

How are space heaters bad for you?

Probably attorneys! Mine will switch itself off. I have been using one every winter for 4 years with no problems.

Are there any mantle-style gel fuel ventless fireplaces that also have built in space heaters? book shelves a+

Saw this on Overstock and thought it was pretty cool.

if i head my house with space heaters and not the actual heater will my pipes freeze?

You could keep your oil heater at about 45 which should protect your pipes, and run the space heaters while you are in the particular room you want heated. Also make sure you have vents in areas where you have pipes, like bathrooms. If you don't have vents in those places, be sure to keep the doors to them open so they can get the heat from the oil furnace.

I have to use space heaters for warmth tonight, any suggestions?

The safest kind are the radiator style oil filled heaters, they are also the most expensive. If you use any kind of forced air with a heating element you should NEVER leave them unattended or while sleeping. Since is is just for one night I would get what is cheap. Use it in the room you are in and don't leave it on while you sleep. I had one of these catch fire. Thank goodness I was right there.

Should I supplement my natural gas heating with space heaters?

Actually, I had an energy audit last year by our utility provider and that is exactly what they told me to do and it has saved money on the electric bill.

Which space heaters can heat a 400 sq ft studio?

You need about 2,000 BTUs of heat for that area . It take 3 watts of electric heat to equal one BTU (a standard measurement of Heat). That would require about four 1500 watt electric space heaters. That would require most of the electricity from each of 4 different circuits in your studio apartment. Your steam radiator probably gives you about 1,000 BTUs ... so the radiator plus 2 small electric heaters would work, Just make sure that you don't plug both of your heaters into the same circuit . You can probably unplug your Microwave and plug one heater in there. And then an outlet at the other end of your studio would probably be alright to plug the other electric heater in there. ........ Warning do not use a hair dryer or an electric toaster while your electric heaters are plugged in.

Do Oil Space Heaters cost Less to run?

Oil based is always better than "electric" due to cost of energy. Your best best would be to got to a Home Depot and compare.

Is it cheaper to have 3 space heaters in 3 separate rooms of a house, or to warm an entire house?

You don't mention where you live, so it's hard to guess how much heat you'll need. Running three electric space heaters could draw up to 4500 watts, about 38 amps, so take a look at your breaker panel or fuse box to how much power is available. An old house with a 50 amp main capacity would not be a good place to try. Regardless, no two heaters should be on the same 15 amp circuit, the most common type used for room wall receptacles in homes. If you've got a gas furnace in the house, I'm pretty sure it will do a better job. You could set the thermostat for it at say 65 degrees, and then use a space heater to warm up the room you're spending time in, the best use for space heaters.

How many space heaters can be plugged into a single electrical circuit and turned on for an ext. period of t?

if u plug a extention lead in then put 4 in that should be fine baby girl xx

Is it cheaper to use space heaters or central heating?

1 Put plastic on your windows all except for maybe one so you can get fresh air on generally warm days. 2 Turn your heat down and use the space heater in the room you are in or place it in a common area. 3 If you have a timed thermostat, set it for a warm period about 1 hour before you go to bed and one hour before you wake up. 4 Never, ever leave a space heater on while you are away or asleep. I hope this helps.

Is it cheaper to heat a house with electric space heaters or turn on the gas for the heater?

I use a combination. Mainly, I use space heaters. I use the gas heat occasionally. Two space heaters running all the time cost me about $100 a month and do a nice job keeping me toasty. The gas heat comes on and cuts off and comes on. I prefer the electric space heaters staying on providing constant heat. I can live with that heating bill considering how much other people pay. Here in SD, the more I use of gas or electric then the less I pay per unit.

Do space heaters consume enough energy to blow fuses?

The link below gives the typical energy use of appliances. But a computer would use 100 to 200 watts when on. A lot of space heaters you would find for a home and such are 1200 watts or even more. This is 10 or more amps. A small space heater, 700 watts, would draw 6 amps. So a space heater is a much bigger load than a computer. A small radio may use only 50 watts when on. The total current draw is what matters. I think the real issue here is that the electric wiring was planned for the normal office load. When even small space heaters are added it pushs the load past the breaker or fuse limit and it trips the breaker or fuse for that circuit.

is it better to use space heaters in your home?

Space heaters should really only be used when you are right there with them. For fire safety reasons, never leave them alone. It probably costs more to run space heaters than to up your thermostat to the higher level. A central heating unit or elactric baseboard heaters are more efficient. You could also try to get the heat down from the ceiling by running a ceiling fan on low... it moves the air and evens out cool spots and also brings the heat down from the ceiling.

I need some suggestions for buying portable space heaters?

If you rent it, the owner should provide you with a reliable source of heat. Depending on where you live, this is often one of their legal obligations. Space heaters are not meant to be used when you are sleeping or out of the room. They are very dangerous. My parents had one that was energy efficient, less than one year old and the plug ended up melting into the socket. Had they not been home and smelled the burning smell, their house could have caught fire. The same heater also had an automatic shut off when tipped over or covered with anything, however, had been tipped over once and had they not caught it, could have caused a problem, as it didnt shut of like it said it would. Be very weary of ANY space heater you use, make sure you read instructions very carefully and check over the cords, casing etc regularly and that they are on a stable surface and not near anything that could get caught in them. I once had a oil filled radiator style heater that wasnt an open, forced heat style like most are. To me, it was safer because one- it was fairly large and didnt seem to be tipped easily and also, all the heating elements were all inside of the metal "fins". I never turned it up to full capacity and only used it on occasion. However, it only kept a small bedroom moderately warm. You shouldnt have to heat with space heaters, talk to the owner and find out the laws in your state regarding this.

Are small electric space heaters a risk for fire or CO poisoning?

No, CO is only produced in combustion devices. Electrical heaters don't use combustion. You are safe from CO. However, they can be a fire risk so be very careful that they are in a place that they won't be tipped over. Also, don't use an extension cord!! Just be careful.

Is electric space heaters more cost effecient versus heat pumps powered by furnace in a smaller space?

No, space heaters are extremely unefficient.

What space heaters DONT dry out the air?

Unfortunately all space heaters do this.

What is the difference in electric space heaters?

No. Although some may distribute that heat better than others, IE. a better fan design or better grill opening etc. 1500 Watt is the highest load an average electrical circuit in a home can support. High wattage's require connection to a higher load circuit. Since the stores want to sell sell sell those things, they don't want you to have to call an electrician to hook it up. If 1500 W won't do it, call your local HVAC company to fix your furnace.

What's the difference in regular electric space heaters and the Eden pure space heater?

they use an infrared quartz heating element. They don't suck alot of moisture out of the air, and have a washable filter. (if ou have animals that shed, you should probably rinse it every 2 weeks or so) They keep the floor to ceiling temps pretty even, at least the manual says so. In bigger rooms, it's not as true. The cabinet that they are in doesn't get hot, except in the front where the the heat actually comes out from, so you can use them for convenient side tables. :) They are said to use only as much electrcity as a coffee maker. They will last from 3-5 years. I didn't really notice a drop in my electric bill when I switched to that one from a regular space heater. Overall, I'm not terribly impressed, and I don't want to buy another one.

What are the space heaters of the past that get burning hot and blow 5 feet out?

A Furnace. I don't know where to get them at but I know a lot of houses that still have them and repairmen that still fix em, so they should still possibly make them.

Do most electric space heaters put out the same amount of heat?

Basically yes. The difference is in the bells and whistles on the heater. For example, I have one that is thermostatically controlled which means it will only come on when the room temperature drops below a certain level and then it is only putting out 1500 watts. I have another one that provides a safety feature that if the heater is accidently tipped over, it will turn itself off and not continue to run. I have still another which rotates the heat without rotating the entire heater. They all still provide the same wattage, but they have different features or BTU output that increased or decreased the price point.

Space Heaters?

If you are sitting at a desk you can get one of those under-desk flat panel heaters. They keep your legs warm and that keeps you from getting too chilly. If you want to warm up the whole room or your place in it I am surprised none of those you tried worked for you. Typically a radiant heater will keep you warm without heating all of the air in the room so it is economical.

space heaters?

Our electric utility provider has a handy calculator on its website that enables you to figure out how much an appliance, fan, space heater, anything electric is costing you per hour to run. Check to see if yours has the same thing. In our area, SDGE says it costs about 7 cents an hour to run a 1500 watt space heater.