Does the Freestyle Music Park in South Carolina have fireworks for the 4th of July?

Since the person before me answered about Freestyle, I'll try to help with the St. Louis part of it. Yes, Six Flags will have a fireworks show, as they do each year, but if you are going to be in St. Louis, THE place to watch fireworks is near the Mighty Mississippi River, where you can watch them explode over or through the famous Arch!!! If you go to Myrtle Beach and have a rental car, you may want to consider driving down to Charleston for the oceanfront celebration there. With both a Revolutionary War fort and a Civil War fort, the Charleston Harbor area really rocks on the 4th of July! Have a great time, whatever you decide :D

What are your thoughts on Towson University, JMU, University of South Carolina and UMBC?

UMBC is primarily a commuter school (although it does have dorms), so it doesn't have much of a social life or campus. Towson is less of a commuter school than it used to be, but many students still live in the Baltimore suburbs. The students I know who've gone there enjoyed the experience. JMU has a lovely campus and a lively social life. It's far enough away from Richmond and Washington that most students live on campus so the social life is really focused there. The girls outnumber the guys 2-1, so the social life is probably better for the guys, but the students seem to love it there. I don't know anything about South Carolina and haven't seen that campus.

Do you think Obama will carry out his campaign promises if elected as prez?

he wont carry out many of his promises because: a) as you said, he cannot account for his $50 billion funding shortfalls, b) he is too inexperienced to carry them out c) he is too lazy, disorganised, as per his senate records

Who won the debate between Ron Paul and Giuliani?

Ron Paul because he used logic and reason

What are some pretty good LD debate camps?

Hey, Im a LD debater in South Texas, Im a freshman and I was wondering the smae thing, I was fortunate enough to make it to state a where they gave us camp brochures, Im probaly gonna go to UTNIF, the University of Texas, the coaches there are supposed to be really good, many national qualifiers and finalists have come from there, email me at for more info that im getting. -VOTE FOR BARACK OBAMA!!!

Will Rick Perry have the courage to attack Mitt Romney to his face like he did before he left South Carolina?

Attacking Mitt Romney is like hitting a heavy bag...hit it all you want, it just sits there looking like it did before you hit it.

Can I get into Nc state, Unc, Duke, or University of south carolina?

University of South Carolina = maybe NC State UNC (assuming you mean Chapel Hill) Duke all three are reaches, major reaches, not much of a chance, you can do good in USC and maybe transfer to NC state, UNC or Duke.

Can i get into nc state, university of south carolina, ecu, and/or coastal carolina?

Hi James Easy to find out. Just use one of the free online college matchmaker services. Look only for North Carolina public schools, Amigo. There is no academic or financial advantage to going out of state for your Bachelors. Good services include: The sports are a huge enhancement. The two clubs you mentioned are often useless for college admission - we would much rather see 4 years in a useful foreign language - Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Hindi, or Portuguese/Brazilian. Also you haven't mentioned a probable major. That will help you when you are looking at schools if you have one.

Could I go to duke, nc state, unc, or university of south carolina?

I'd say your definitely in to NC State and USC I'd say Carolina is a stretch I'd say your out of Duke. It also depends on what your SAT score is. 3.0 is a low GPA for Carolina, and probably too low for Duke. Are you taking advance classes (AP, IB)?

do you think the confederate flag should be removed off of the south carolina state house?

I am not sure why they fly the Confederate flag, it is not their state flag. Maybe they are saying this is where the War Between the States started, Fort Sumter. I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't know what it is like now, but when I was in the Navy back in the early 60's South Caroline was the most racist state I went too, followed close by Texas and then Florida. The Mississippi state flag has the Stars and Bars on it. Should they change it? The California state flag has The Republic of California on it, is that wrong? How about Hawaii with the British Union Jack on their state flag, is that wrong?

Why did South Carolina secede from the Union?

The South wanted to secede from the Union because the didn't want an abolitionist to be president. Lincoln said that he would no let slavery expand and it will eventually die out. South Carolina and other slave states were angry so South Carolina.

Wow, thoughts on the South Carolina Black Caucus Debates....?

I watched some of it. Edwards was very clear and precise. Hillary was direct but said nothing new. Obama stutters alot doesn't he? I hate that he is so hated on just because of his race, name, and PARENTS religions. It was confirmed today on the news that he has been a Christian member of his church for 20 years. I'm not voting for him but I want facts not dumb infants on here saying they can hear the word bomb in O-bam-a. MLK died for a land full of idiots.

SOUTH CAROLINA democratic debates - Who do you think did the best and who do you think will win overall.?

HUCKABEE!!!!!!!! And Chuck Norris endorses him...doesn't get any cooler than that!

What happened in South Carolina recently?

The Republican Primary just finished up on the 19th, the Democrat Primary finishes on the 26th.

Since he's polling at 5% in south carolina, does that mean Stephen Colbert will be able to attend the debates?

Social Darwinism in south carolina history?


Do you think Hillary losing the debate helped Edwards gain votes in South Carolina while Clinton is losing?


What do you think about the Democratic debates last night in South Carolina?

It certainly cured my insomnia! However, it exascerbated my nausea considerably.

what does it take to get a straight answer from the Candidates that are debating in South Carolina?

...You want a straight answer from someone running for public office! Next thing you'll want is honesty in government. Ask this and try to get a straight answer... Would it be possible to get a law passed to strictly prohibit any other agency or department in the federal government, state government or local government from tapping into the Social Security fund so as to not allow the fund to dry up with programs being paid for through Social Security that have nothing to do with health care or pension? Sit back and watch 'em squirm....

Why is support for Hillary going down and support for Edwards going up in South Carolina?

Her support is going down because she is so bigoted and wretched to call Obama a slumlord in the last debate. She has SERIOUS entitlement issues because she thinks she is owed the presidency simply because her husband was president before. Down with the queen!

has anyone ever relocated from New York to South Carolina? Could you share your experience with me?

My son who had lived in New Jersey for over 15 years relocated to South Carolina over 3 years ago due to his job, he built himself a home became the father of 3 adorable kids and loves South Carolina as if he belonged there,I visited with him on 2 occasions and had an enjoyable time,I my self is a New Yorker and a New Jersey resident for over 30 years and is also thinking of relocating there for my retirement years.

Guess who held a debate in South Carolina on MLK Day?

Why won't Richard Dawkins debate Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007? Is he afraid of her?

Because she's "Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2007." I think he has more important things to do.

Is the Obama and Clinton debate in South Carolina going to be televised ?

yep all the democratic presidential candidates will be there, not just hiliary and obama

what channel and time (central) is the republican presidential debate at south carolina?

Fox News Channel 8 p.m. (Central Time) 9 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Eight Democrat Candidates Fly on Eight Jets to South Carolina Debate from DC... what about global warming?

Global warming is just something they talk is for everyone else, not them. If you have a lot of money you can pay extra for a hybred, and soothe your conscience. If you are poor, and depend on corn as a food staple, you can just go hungry because you can't afford the basic food staple now that it is worth so much more as a fuel substitute for the rich driving the hybreds. If you have enough money (Al Gore) you can buy "off sets" for your over consumption. If you are can't. Of course you are still over consuming, but you feel better. How many gallons of fuel were used for this trip? How many cars could run for a year and not do as much damage? how many flights will each candidate make in the next 2 years?.....Couldn't we just come up with some sort of system where there are 8 TV sets on the stage. Everyone could stay home, conserve fuel, and still be heard..and seen.

where to watch full video of last democratic debate in South Carolina?

It's in 4 parts, but I think this is what you're looking for: Looks like that was an older SC debate. Try this...

Hey, Sharon S, what comment did Ron Paul make at the South Carolina debate that you found offensive?

sorry, Bunz is right. I too realize he didn't mean it the way it sounded but it just wasn't appropriate. He used the debate to criticize foreign policy, saying it was a contributing factor in 9/11. It created a really heated argument between Paul and Giuliani.

How was the Democrat Lite' Party debate in South Carolina?

DID Fox News say that RON PAUL WINS South Carolina DEBATE?

I am shocked that a Sean Hannity would say Dr. Paul wins. If you have an open debate with the American candidates listening to all of the choices I would think Dr. Ron Paul would do better than most if not all of the Republican choices. I am a staunch conservative and believe in limited government, something which most of the impostors on the stage give lip service to but in actuality want to continue Bush's record governmental increases until the United States of America is bankrupt.

why didn't Ron Paul do the 2012 South Carolina Debate?

Why were none of the Republican front runners at the FOX debate tonight in South Carolina?

Why show up and look stupid this early in the game? There is lots of time for that.

Do you guys know that the first republican primary debate in South Carolina is on May 5 on Fox News?

The irony is that on FOX they'll be so busy trying to slander Obama they won't even bother to actually discuss the Republican candidates. That should make for an especially good May 6th Daily Show.

Who is expected to participate in the GOP presidential debate in South Carolina this Thursday?

Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Buddy Roemer so far (05/01/2011)

I am worried about our country after seeing yesterday's Democrat debate in South Carolina?

Like it matter, Hillary said something Obama did not agree with so they argued. Obama stood up for himself. Hillary sucks

Who else was impressed with RON PAUL in the South Carolina debate?

Ron Paul is the only Republican that I can stomach, I hope he wins your nomination. He's the only candidate that would be any real competition against our Obama.

Why did so many Republicans dodge the first presidential debate in South Carolina?

Probably to make the other candidates look like a waste of time. Pretty arrogant move.

Is the South Carolina Democratic Debate, the nastiest debate to date?

The more Obama and Clinton digress, the better for Edwards. He looks more presidential every time they debate. But I'm still for Hillary-Just wish she'd stick to what she is good at.

How did the Republican debate go in South Carolina?

Well, Thompson continually attacked Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani mentioned Ronald Reagan's name about 40 times. Oh year, John McCain also tried to build up support for invading Iran.

Why is Fox news completely ignoring Ron Paul in the South Carolina debate?

You are confusing Fox "News" with Journalism. It is "Entertainment Programming" with no obligation to the truth. Confusing "Fox News" with News is like confusing MXC with Professional Sports

Hillary and Barrack made fools of themselves during yesterdays debate in South Carolina do you agree?

Hillary made a fool of herself. she said something that Obama though was wrong so he complained about it, he stood up for himself. Hillary sucks

What's the average blood alcohol content of a South Carolina Republican debate audience member?

lol. that audience is full of a bunch of idiots

May 5 South Carolina debate Roemer, Santorum, Pawlenty, Paul, Gingrich?

Ron Paul.

At the South Carolina GOP debate, why was there laughter when Paul was asked a question he couldn't hear?

they have been doing it on all the fox debates its BS but what do you expect , the fraud lies and obstruction of a viable candidate continues

May 5 South Carolina debate Roemer, Santorum, Pawlenty, Paul, Gingrich. What do you think?

Gingrich will win any debate that he is in. He is the most savvy and knowledgeable about the constitution and the historical facts about the US

Who is going to be the moderator for the next debate in South Carolina?


Why does the south carolina republican debate audience look like a Klan rally?

Immediately after the CNN South Carolina debate. Times magazine said Obama won. Can anyone find the clip?

HA HA good try....

Who won the Republican South Carolina Debate?

I don't know if I could decide a winner in the debate but you left off Thompson and Fox focus group seemed to favor him though several said they'd still not vote for him. Paul won the viewer text vote. Do you have a favorite in the race? I'm still undecided.

Will the south Carolina debate be aired on television tonight?

The GOP debate will be on tonight at 9 p.m ET on Fox News Channel.