What is the difference between commands and source code?

Commands are what triggers a program to behave in a certain way. For example, you might "tell" a program to highlight a block of text when you click on a button. Your button click would be a command because it would fire off an event to the program's code. Or you could select a menu item that tells your program you want to exit. That menu item would issue a command to your program that a particular menu item was selected. Source code is what you write your program with. The source code tells your program how to respond to commands. For example, when the user clicks a button (which issues a command), your source code specifies what to do (highlight some text, open a window, etc.). If your program gets a command that a particular menu item was selected, your source code tells the program what should happen (exit the program, paste some text, etc).

How do you view the source code of open source software like Sebran?

You can download the source code from the bottom of this web page: http://www.wartoft.nu/software/sebran

How can I view the source code of a java application?

You cant just view the source code of a program unless they let you see it (download it). You can download source codes of open source programs (google it), under the condition that you will distribute the applications YOU create using THAT source code for free. See open source definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source#The_Open_Source_Definition Open source communities are very useful for people like you. The alternative is called reverse-engineering. Its illegal and doesn't word 100%

Can I give my source code while maintaining copyright of the software?

it all depends who has the intellectual copy right in the contract. Basically you write in the contract that though they will have full access to the source code and the right to make alterations and updates (ensure your not responsible for them breaking the code by the way) but the IPR will reside with you, and the client has no right to resell or distribute the original code, or altered code without your express permission (which may have futher cost to get). note for this to work you would have to ensure that the code was written in such a way that your current client could not argue that the software is taylored for them e.g. work structure, teminology, images and arcutectures should be settings and easy to alter. Make sure they have signed before you hand over and only give them the finished, tested and working version, oh and dont give them the unit tests and use some purchased development binarys (e.g. telerick controls) will also help ensure you get additional work from them. good luck

How do I protect the source code of my webpage?

I quickly did a little research as I find this intresting myself too. You can use a HTML encrypter, then people will not be able to make anything out of your source code, however I suppose that someone with knowledge about this, can just as easly decrypt it again. Probably...

How to view source code of user creation in oracle?

The source of views is in the (USER_/ALL_/DBA_)VIEWS dictionary view. For example, to see the definition of view MY_VIEW defined by user SCOTT, you can do SELECT TEXT FROM DBA_VIEWS WHERE VIEW_NAME = 'MY_VIEW' AND OWNER = 'SCOTT'; For trigger, query DBA_TRIGGERS: SELECT TRIGGER_BODY FROM DBA_TRIGGERS WHERE TRIGGER_NAME = 'MY_TRIGGER' AND OWNER = 'SCOTT'; For stored functions, procedures and packages, as well as object types and java sources, check DBA_SOURCE. For example, you can get a package definition this way: SELECT TEXT FROM DBA_SOURCE WHERE NAME = 'MY_PACKAGE' AND 'TYPE' = 'PACKAGE' AND OWNER='SCOTT' ORDER BY LINE; and the package body like this SELECT TEXT FROM DBA_SOURCE WHERE NAME = 'MY_PACKAGE' AND 'TYPE' = 'PACKAGE BODY' AND OWNER='SCOTT' ORDER BY LINE; Note however that packages supplied by Oracle are for the most obfuscated: for those, the package body is unreadable. Note also that you can get the code for triggers that way as well.

How to search the source code of web pages, instead of just the textual content?

No, unless you ARE the search engine! SE call upon websites (automatically). What they get is the HTML part, NOT the sources. It is from these texts that they extract information they put in their database. In other words: they do not read the Php (ASP, JSP etc) sources, but only their outputs. The NON-HTML sources of any website is NOT accessible to anyone (otherwise, the web would probably collapse within hours)

What is the source code of a web bot that sends on my e-mail data submitted from my sites?

PHP will help you do anything like that. If you can't use PHP then you should learn it.

source code?

1. Basically you can read in the markup from the asp file that you're working with from the code of the asp page. 2. To convert the file name input.txt to all uppercase letters would be using the .ToUpper function. For instance: Dim str as string = ("input.txt").ToUpper

Source code ?

Try www.sourceforget.net It's a nice site where you can get well developed project with source code and you can study and find out how good developers code.,