Good Googa Mooga, are Jherri Curls back in fashion?

No. Some people just don't change.

Can a person attain rights to footage of them from a tv show? Soul Train?

I would call the channel and ask.

Can we all just take a moment to wish love, peace and soul to late Soul Train host Don Cornelius?

As you very soulfully suggested, okay.

What killed R&B music?

Are you serious? 90s R&B was great. Brian McKnight,Jodeci, Aaliyah,Boyz II Men, Luther Vandross, Mary J. Blige, Lauryn Hill, Kelly Price, R.Kelly before he turned into a sellout etc. It changed around 2002. Don't know why. Lil Wayne, Souljah Boy and all the other crappy artists of today killed mainstream hip hop. That I agree with. There are tons of underrated artists that make great R&B music.

i am trying to find the song "maybe" byThe Three Degrees. It is the long version where she starts off talking.

hey, i have that song. "you know girls, it's hard to find a man that really blows your mind..." maybe i can try to email it to you....

Sir yomi here again please how can i locate the address of the famed SOUL TRAIN of the 70/80's t.v host ?

check out this site: He was born in 1936 , Chicago Illinois & has/had Don Cornelius Production too PS click on the web I typed for the entire site Hope this helps !

Does anyone know the name of that Asian girl who danced on Soul Train for many years?

ya! haha! i know EXACTLY who you are talking about! ya, she is probably filipino. she had kind of that darker skin. she was like the first asian girl i had a crush on.

Soul Train - does anybody know what's up?

Hi my name is Tim and I am one of the latest soul train dancers. Word is we are suppose to be filming new episodes in September.

Why was Chris Brown's tribute to Michael Jackson pulled @ the B.E.T Awards ?


Did you ever watch Soul Train. I used to try to do that "Sooooouuullll Traaaaaaaaaaain" yell.?

History indeed

When Don Cornelius says, "You can bet your last money it'll be a stone gas honey." what does it mean!?

fun cf

Soul Train DVD's in the near future??

I believe I can state with a fair degree of certainty that there aren't any plans for them to come out soon. This forum at TVIV from December of last year said they were still unavailable: This entry on the show at TVIV edited Aug. 21st of this year still shows no DVD release: Also a thread at IMDB indicates the problem is legalities related to licensing/royalties for the music and "appearance fees" for Soul Train dancers who are now SAG and AFTRA card-carrying actors and actresses:

Dick Clark vs Don Cornelius, 15 rounds, who wins?

Great questions, but given Clark fought through a stroke to continue making appearances on "The New Years Rocking Eve Show" long after many would have tossed in the towel, I think Don Cornelius would have his hands full. Don would start fast and win the early rounds but Clark would keep coming and wear down the Soul Train icon to take the later rounds and win by a late KO.

Can someone tell me what is Don Corneliuss of "Soul train" fame host of the 70's . What is he doing now/, How

Don Cornelius (born September 27, 1936 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American television producer, best known for his role as the host, between 1971 and 1993, of the syndicated television program Soul Train, which he also created and which he still produces through his production company, Don Cornelius Productions. He is known for his rather deep voice. Don Cornelius, the show's creator, began his career in radio broadcasting in Chicago in November of 1966. At a time when African Americans were systematically denied media careers, Cornelius' left his $250-a-week job selling insurance for Golden State Mutual Life to work in the news department at WVON radio for $50.00 a week. It was a bold move, and clearly marked his committed optimism. By seizing a small opportunity to work in radio broadcasting, Cornelius was able to study broadcasting first hand. His career advancement in radio included employment as a substitute disc jockey and host of talk shows. Radio broadcasting techniques informed Cornelius' vision of the television program Soul Train. By February 1968, Cornelius was a sports anchorman on the Black oriented news program, "A Black's View of the News" on WCIU-TV, Channel 26, a Chicago UHF TV station specializing in ethnic programming. Cornelius pitched his idea for a black-oriented dance show to the management of WCIU-TV the following year. The station agreed to Cornelius' offer to produce the pilot at his own expense in exchange for studio space. The name Soul Train was taken from a local promotion Cornelius produced in 1969. To create publicity he hired several Chicago entertainers to perform live shows at up to four high schools on the same day. The caravan performances from school to school reminded the producer of a train. Cornelius screened his pilot to several sponsors. Initially, no advertising representatives were impressed by his idea for black-oriented television. The first support came from Sears, Roebuck & Company, which used Soul Train to advertise phonographs. This small agreement provided only a fraction of the actual cost of producing and airing the program. Yet, with this commitment, Cornelius persuaded WCIU-TV to allow the one-hour program to air five afternoons weekly on a trial basis. The program premiered on WCIU-TV on 17 August 1970 and within a few days youth and young adult populations of Chicago were talking about this new local television breakthrough. The show also had the support of a plethora of Chicago-based entertainers. As an independent producer of the program, Cornelius acted as host, producer and salesman five days a week. He worked without a salary until the local advertising community began to recognize the program as a legitimate advertising vehicle, and Soul Train began to pay for itself.

Good Googa Mooga, are Jherri Curls back in fashion?

Great googly moogly

Do you wish Soul Train was a real train you could take in your city?

Not necessarily. But I have ridden the "Love Train".

What happening with the TV show, "Soul Train"?

In May 2008, the rights to the Soul Train library were purchased by MadVision Entertainment, whose principal partners come from the entertainment and publishing fields. The price and terms of the deal were not disclosed. The change in ownership and distribution may have not been enough to save the program, as Soul Train has been dropped from the schedules of many television stations in the fall of 2008. No official announcement of the program's cancellation has ever been made.

Which "Soul Train" do you prefer?

Nothing beats the real thing. Without Don Cornelius, there'd be no Soooooouuuuuuul Traaaaiiiinnnnn........

Can a person attain rights to footage of them from a tv show? Soul Train?

Likely, they signed releases over to the production company and have no rights to the footage or how they are used. Also, there was probably an agreement somewhere, whether signed or not, that their entry into the sound studio granted exclusive rights to the production company and by coming and in shaking their groove thing they were consenting to a release of any rights/claims against the company.

Do you watch "the old" Soul Train reruns and have you noticed how a lot of the old dances look suspiciously?

i never saw soul train in a long time and nba inside stuff EDIT:they might stop cause music is geting wack now days aint no good soul song to dance to

Seniors, were you a fan of Soul Train?

If Anyone has ever watched Soul Train, I'm curious as to who was the revolving guest hosts?

Who would have figured Soul Train would get cancelled with a superstar Like Urkel as it's host?

In memory of Don Cornelius, what are your favorite Soul Train performances?

Hey now. I remember watching that when it followed Band Stand. Some good stuff! Marvin Gaye Al Green Glayds Knight Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes ...and here's Mr. Cornelius "getting down" @ the 2:50 mark. Boogie on Don! (((Lep))) hey there (((Mark))) hello hon! Nice to see you today. (((Liv))) hi doll (((Lucy))) always a pleasure sweetie and do so enjoy your stories :) *edit: thanks for having my back Lucy...<3! (((DIME))) why, hello *wink* @Antonio: when I watched Soul Train it was on Saturday afternoons (about 1 p.m.) after Dick Clark & Band Stand.

Do you think it is prophetic and sad that Don Cornelius, the creator of SOUL TRAIN, passed today?

I heard that, but I was kind of asleep with the TV on, and I thought maybe I was dreaming... If not a film, at least a documentary on PBS or ONE. A@ Black Mamba: Like I said, I thought I was dreaming, but I think it was a heart attack or something like that.

Do you think Don Cornelius from "Soul Train" had any special knowledge?

Some people look cool and some people act cool. He KNEW cool.

What happened to Don Cornelius, the host of Soul Train?

He lives in LA now and back in 2008 he got arrested for domestic violence against his wife. That's the last I heard.

Don Cornelius from soul train is dead....?

On my local news, they did like 30 seconds of Cornelius' remembrance. Now mind you, Soul Train got started right here in Chicago, you would've think they show a little more airtime. Access Hollywood mention his death and Nightline, which was nicely done than Chicago's channel 7 news! Let's be honest, his death is huge and a loss to those who watched Soul Train in the 70s and 80s but he targeted a certain audience. He is the black Dick Clark, who death will be much bigger when it is his time to go. R.I.P Don Cornelius, thanks for the great entertainment and giving rising singers the opportunity to super stardom because of your show. I enjoy watching you on Saturdays mornings as a kid in the late 80s and early 90s.

Which was or is better? Soul Train when Don Cornelius was host or today's 106 and Park?

Sooooooouuuuuul Traaaaaaain!

Soul Train creator Don Cornelius dead of self-inflicted gunshot wound at 75...comments?

i can't believe it's due to suicide. i use to love him and soul train, especially the soul train line.

"Soul Train" Creator Don Cornelius Found Dead: Did You Watch the Show?

Not only did I watch, I performed on the show as a member of the group Creme De Cocoa (Venture Records, Tony Camillo/CecilBarker) who had a Billboard #25 hit on the R&B charts. Don was smooth as silk, take-charge and confident. To provide a platform for us to put our music further out there was tremendous. He did alot for us and others. He will be well-remembered and although his passing is sad, what a way to be remembered: referenced as an icon!-Brenda W.

how can i locate don cornelius of soul train address?

What are you stalking him? If you want to interview/meet him just send him a message through his official website if he has one, or through his PR person.

Will there be a movie made about Soul Train founder Don Cornelius?

Can we all just take a moment to wish love, peace and soul to late Soul Train host Don Cornelius?

May he rest in peace.