there was SOPA and PIPA now there is OPEN!?

What does sopa and pipa mean in Swedish?

Are SOPA and PIPA going to ruin and censor internet in whole world or just in America?

Does SOPA and PIPA hold individuals more responsible for piracy?

What are the chances of the Senate actually voting Yes to PIPA and SOPA?

Where can I download free music, games, movies and books before the USA passes SOPA and PIPA?

What does the SOPA and PIPA thing do?

What is the PIPA and SOPA bill or whatever going on?

triplet abortion due to sopa and pipa!! please help! :(?

What Is SOPA and PIPA???‏?

what is sopa and pipa? (must have 20 characters in the question)?

How exactly does Facebook plan to fight PIPA and SOPA if it is still active?

What are your thoughts on SOPA and PIPA?

What does the SOPA and PIPA bills mean?

What are the SOPA and PIPA laws?

Okay, first of all MyChemicalRomance ROCKS and second, to make this short and simple, Yes. It does have something to do with online censoring. Basically, the government is going to shut down every website that has something to do with copyrighting. This is including Youtube and Facebook, probably even Google/Yahoo/Wikipedia. So, you better vote for NO. We need our freedom that we came to America for.

When will Congress vote on the Sopa and Pipa bill?

Are our opinions of SOPA and PIPA swayed too easily by Google and Wikipedia?

Will SOPA and PIPA affect cosplayers?

How would SOPA and PIPA law (if established) affect us?

What do you think of SOPA and PIPA?

Your government will strip the last of your freedom with SOPA and PIPA. What will you do?

Who actually likes SOPA and PIPA?

Who is against Sopa and Pipa?

Are loads of sites down because of the protest against SOPA and PIPA?

Many sites, most notably Wikipedia, have promised to shut down in protest to the new federal protection against piracy and intellectual property theft, so yes, many are shut down for that reason.

What is the SOPA and PIPA bills?

I'm not well acquainted with PIPA yet, but SOPA has been shot down and will not pass. What it was meant to do was to protect online piracy - people offering movies, TV shows, songs, etc., on their websites - by closing down the website to American visitors. All it would take is a complaint from someone who owns copyrighted material on that website for the American government to shut it down. The problem arises in that the entire website is shut down and not just the page with the material. On top of that, even if a website offers a link to ANOTHER website that offers the materials can be shut down by the US Government. What does this mean? It means that complaints can shut down YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and any number of other websites which fall under the law. The US Government would literally rule the Internet and determine what can or cannot be there. It would be global censorship.

What are the chances that Sopa and Pipa will pass and what will it mean for other countries if it does?

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Will Not SOPA and PIPA Actually Hurt The People It's Supposed To Protect?

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What is the SOPA and PIPA stuff all about?

Why are internet companies complaining about SOPA and PIPA when they support anti-U.S.Constitution politicians?

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would anybody start a protest for sopa and pipa?

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Is it safe to say that anyone who supports SOPA and PIPA committing Treason against the United States?

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What exactly will SOPA and PIPA do?

What will the SOPA and PIPA bills do?

What do you think of SOPA ( stop online piracy act) and PIPA?

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