Which camera would you recommend?!!?

If you want people to read that list of cameras, try making them a list instead of one long paragraph, it sorta made my eyes cross :) I've used the Canon Powershot A570 and Canon Powershot S5 IS. A570- Decent quality pictures, great for beginner, pretty much indestructable. I've dropped it onto many MANY hard surfaces and it's come away basically unscathed, it even got dunked in a lake, and after I dried it out for a few days, worked perfectly. I know this model is a few years old, but perhaps look at it's latest relative?) S5 IS- Great camera, fantastic for amateur photographers that want the next level of point and shoot. Takes fantasic photos, and is quite durable. I do alot of outdoor and pet photography, and it's stood up against all sorts of camera torture. Again, older model, perhaps look at one of it's more recent relatives) Hope this helps, the point and shoot cameras tend to be quite sturdy, since they are made for peoples everyday life and not for professional photographers. They still take great pictures for their price and size. Personally, I'm a canon girl, but nikon is also a good brand for the point and shoots. Good luck in your search, I think finding the camera is half the fun :) I'd be interested to know what you get in the end.