What do you think of the new Sonic Youth album?

...It hasn't been released yet, but I know there was some deal that made it possible to get a digital download in April, which I failed to follow up on. If you've heard it, I'd like to hear what you have to say, because I haven't, other than "Sacred Trickster", which is a good track and a very Sonic Youth track.

Sonic Youth?

Its difficult to say, because their style has changed drastically since their inception. Overall, their best or most important albums are probably Bad Moon Rising and EVOL. Evol I would say. I also like some of their newer albums, as its a little more accessible and poppy, but still Sonic Youth. Rather Ripped was decent. In terms of songs of theirs to play, most of their earlystuff, like pre-Bad Moon Rising, is nearly impossible to play. At the time, the band used multiple guitars, each with a unique tuning that often involved taping a screwdriver or pencil or something under a particular part of the guitar. The band destroyed all these guitars when they became sick of playing the same songs, and they themselves are unable to replicate many of the original releases.

Sonic youth...?

kool thing, 100% (my personally favorite), youth against fascism, sugar kane, teenage riot

What are some really good songs by sonic youth?

Teenage Riot Superstar Cross the Breeze Kool Thing 100% Theresa's Sound World Sugar Kane Diamond Sea Sunday Unmade Bed Incinerate Leaky Lifeboat Little Trouble Girl

What can I expect at Sonic Youth concert?

happiness, amazingness, and an invitation to come as close to the stage as you can get during the encore. take advantage of it. also, mostly great new songs from the eternal, but a couple of the good old songs thrown in. a great show, really. it doesn't really matter when you get there, if you have a ticket. half hour before to avoid last minute crowd. also, the opening act is really good too if it's still "the entrance band".

Why do Sonic Youth fans claim you know nothing about music if you think they suck?

Well, I love the Sonic Youth! Um, but I can understand where you are coming from. I can listen to Bob Dylan for about ten minutes and then I am done. However, many tout that he is one of the greatest musicians alive. Which, he was a good songwriter, but I still cannot listen to him. Just because I don't like Bob Dylan doesn't mean that he was not influencial. That is why so many people put Sonic Youth on a pedestal. Sonic Youth influenced almost all of the 90's alternative music by being a primary influence on the grunge scene. Today their indie approach has influenced many bands today. I guess Sonic Youth is to you what Bob Dylan is to me. Just because you don't like Sonic Youth does not mean that you don't like music...that is a very isolationistic arrogant approach to discussing music. Which is the same reason why most people reject mainstream music. When one acts that way they are becoming exactly what they hate about pop culture. What was so super advanced about Sonic Youth is that they were doing alternative grunge experimental punk rock befor a lot of other people. One of the main influences of Nirvana was Sonic Youth.

What albums best represent each stage of Sonic Youth's evolution as experimental musicians?

Seen em live a few times. awesome shows, at least from what I can remember.

Is Sister by Sonic Youth a good album for someone who isn't crazy about how great Sonic Youth is?

Sonic Youth has actually said they don't care about their music being pirated because they're not about the money at all. So feel free and download any of their albums for free. Here's how I would rank their albums (at least the ones I have): 1. Goo 2. Sister 3. Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star 4. Daydream Nation 5. Dirty 6. EVOL 7. Bad Moon Rising 8. The Eternal 9. Rather Ripped 10. Washing Machine 11. Confusion Is Sex / Kill Yr. Idols 12. Sonic Youth 13. A Thousand Leaves 14. The Destroyed Room

SONIC YOUTH !!!!??? ??? ??? ?

100% Silver Rocket Sugar Kane Drunken Butterfly Bull in the Heather Teenage Riot

sonic youth?

NO!!! Have you not heard the new CD? It rocks.