What is something belle from Beauty and the beast would say about beauty? What is the lesson learned?

Something about books, sheep, Gaston, and singing dressers and candlesticks.

Something to put in a basic butter cookie recipe to make it more exciting?

White chocolate chips sound good. Chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, extracts (vanilla, almond, etc...), orange or lemon zests, m&m's

How do you mail something from a mailbox without a flag?

I have the same kind of mailbox. I fold the letter over the edge and close the top so you can see it poking out.

What is something easy to prepare for four or five people?

spaghetti, salad, garlic bread

What something important about earth day?

You can do stream restoration by cleaning up a section of river from trash or make it flow.

What is something of intrinsic value and something of instrumental value?

Happiness is sometimes considered the only intrinsic good (utilitarian view). However, I feel that knowledge for it's own sake is also an intrinsic good. Also love. Food would be an instrumental. Property, clothing, exercise.

What is something special but not to expensive that i can my boyfriend for x-mas?

Hi nikkilanger -- One of the things that I did for my boyfriend for Christmas last year was to make him a whole bunch of coupons. I made a little coupon book with all sorts of things like: This coupon is good for one backrub. Or This coupon is good for one dinner. This coupon is good for me doing your laundry. This coupon is good for appetizers for Monday night football, etc. I also did some "Get out of grocery shopping", "Get out of doing the dishes", etc. It took quite a bit of time for me to do but he loved it and it really showed him how much I love him. I made sure that it was personalized and I put in little "jokes" that only he and I understood. Things like this don't cost a lot of money but they can really bring the two of you together and I'm sure that he'll love the thoughtfulness of the gift. The other place that I went to in order to do some really fun stocking stuffer presents is thinkgeek.com. They have some hilarious and inexpensive presents there for the tech minded person. Best of luck.

What is something I could have the losers do for a volleyball game?

Make them all eat a spoonful of cinnamon. Its impossible and half of them are going to end up throwing up cinnamon. Look up the cinnamon challenge on youtube, its crazy.


Errrm... How about, "Lick my riding boots!"  


well if you are more like a coffee drinker i would suggest that. But the signs could suggest you are been lazy..(that happen to me) but don't let it get to you deeply....Your mind could be just unfocused/stress/not working out/...But to try to make it go away..do something you really love...and enjoy...read motivational/inspiring novels. Basically take a good look at ur life and see what motivates you! (friends, school, family, bath, boy/girl friend...ect.... OO BTW sometimes life could just drain energy out of the most enthusiastic person on unviverse! Hope it helps!