How do you know somebody loves you?

Well first of all, I'm always the one to believe that if it's meant to be it will be. You have to learn how to be yourself, and being yourself is the key to really knowing if someone loves you. When someone loves you, usually you get this vibe from them. For example, they may be very shy this is a sign that they love you. Or maybe they even call you and want to see you alto. The best way to find out if by telling him you love him and seeing his response. If he doesn't say anything it may be because he was hurt in a past relationship, or he's just not ready. This is OK, there's nothing wrong with taking the time to know who you truly love. Be yourself and if it is meant to be it will be. Show him who you are and what a great person you are. Tell him you love him and tell him how much he means to you. In the end if you find out he doesn't love you, there is nothing you can do because you tried your best and you can't change for someone else. There will always be other guys. Hope this helped <3

How do you love somebody if somebody loves the one you love the most.?

you can love that person, you have every right to! im shure if the other guy found out he would ask the same question. but hury! he might make the first move!

What is the name of the song that says something like i know someone who loves you?

Try typing that line here:

Do you think being attractive makes it easier, or harder to find somebody who loves you?

I think attractive people are more prone to having it harder. Lots of sex confuses the line between love and lust, so I think it usually takes longer for hot people. As for the others, they have it hard, too. But self-esteem tends to be the issue with them. "Does physical beauty distract people from inner beauty?" --Yes.

name this song "...somebody loves you"?

"Somebody Loves You Baby" -Patti LaBelle "It happened so suddenly; I woke up this morning with you on my mind..."

Ladies . How do you know somebody loves you if you've met for the first time and hasn't said that to you ?

It speaks love speaks just one look at that guy you know he's in love with you cause you feel the same way too.

If somebody loves you, can you prove that they love you?.. Can You see their love?

Believing in God is EXACTLY like believing in love. There is no difference. Atheists, however, don't get this.

how do you know when somebody loves you?

when you feel electricity

When somebody loves you.....?

Everything is beautiful Every hour we spend together Lives within my heart.

What do you do when you love somebody and that person also loves you back but your parents won't allow?

You listen to your parents, because they are right.

Do you believe that everybody needs and loves somebody somehow?

yeah, by means of care and affection towards their inner being:)

how do you know when somebody really loves you?

Just a tip - he isn't looking for Miss Right, he's looking for "Miss Fulfill my needs right now at this moment". Why would you want to be with someone like that? If he marries you, he will do the same thing to you. Don't you think you deserve better than that? Him leaving his wife and kids doesn't mean he loves you at all. It means he is a weak man who committed himself to a woman, then deserted her in the worst possible way. The ex wife and children will ALWAYS be an issue - as they should be. His kids should be #1 priority and if they're not, he's a worse man than I thought!

If somebody loves you, will they always love you?

I will always love u

How do you make sure somebody loves you for who you are not what you make (in terms of money)?

Break up with her and go out with me instead, Moneybags- then you can stop wondering. You'll know without a doubt that I am with you for the cash

Do you believe that you're nobody until somebody loves you, and that you're nobody until somebody cares?

No becos God loves you no matter what.

If you have a suspicion that a certain somebody loves you-but this person is passive (won't persue you)?

easy cheesy...try to get away for awhile make him look for you okay not literally hide and's more of like make him worry about you, where you are make him wonder, what your doing make him think until it gets deep, deep and i mean really deep in side his brain that he likes which would explain why he'd be loking and worrying for you....good luck! toodles.

there is somebody loves me to death,but i dont,he is ready to do anything i say,should i start wz him?

the women mind looks for reasons to reject a guy. please dont make me go into why... it will take ages to explain. give him a chance. keep a positive mind. if he loves you to death, he will do anything to make the relationship work

What is love?and how would you know that somebody loves you?

Love is all these things and more. It is a bond and yet it is freedom, love believes and yet it is unbelievable, love is everything yet it is one.

How to get rid of somebody who loves you ?

I wouldn't lie to her. I would just try to ignore it as much as possible. Women don't like to be ignored and typically will not want to be around people who treat them in that way. If she confronts you, just be honest. You are just not interested. If she is being aggressive with you, tell her to go away. You don't have to be mean. Just let her know that you don't accept that kind of behavior and that you don't want her to be around you.

What do you do when the one you would die for loves somebody else?

i think i know how you feel, i am really heartbroken at the moment

How do you determine if somebody really loves you?

Who sings the song "When somebody loves you"?

Alan Jackson edited::Here are the lyrics::

Can somebody who loves the Wild, perhaps with a Wild symbol for an avatar, answer this question?

Thanks Zam. You're good for one every night.

What are the symptoms of somebody loving you?

Glad you said symptoms because Love is a disease!

What are the lyrics to Patti LaBelle's "Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)"?

Not perfect but here you go: (Chorus) Somebody loves you baby ooh ooh ooh Somebody loves you baby ooh ooh ooh Somebody loves you baby ooh ooh ooh Somebody loves you baby You know who it is It happened so suddenly I woke up one morning with you on my mind No matter what I did Couldn't stop thinking about you Wanted instant replay of yesterday (Chorus) I'm under your spell I don't want to break free You can make a slave out of me I worship you and nobody else I pledge my love to you forever (Chorus x2) I need you right now Baby don't say no Cause you look like you ready to get it on Whatever you give me I give it to you back All the love you'll ever need I'll give it to you (Chorusx2)

How do you tell somebody who's in blind love with u without even talking to u personally,that u r not in love?

I know it seems hard but you need to just tell him you don't love him, simple and clear and also say that there is someone out there who is absolutely perfect for him, but it isn't you. and don't be harsh. I agree, 22 is too young, but not to have a boyfriend (that's fine), scientists have shown that our frontal lobes haven't connected properly until we are 23, meaning we can make stupid decisions before that, meaning i wouldn't rush into marriage and babies. I hope this helped good luck x

How does it feel to have somebody that loves you, almost like Edward loves Bella?

I haven't felt it either, But i do know that. When you see the guy you start smiling and can't stop smiling in till he's gone.

How do you find out if somebody loves you?

LISTEN TO THESE SONGS... ~I can't make u love me, if u don't by BONNIE RAIT ~any song by CHRIS ISAAK ~Creep by RADIOHEAD u r being a fool! She's not leaving u because it's like abandoning a bird w/ a broken wing..she's not heartless!! but she's just not that into you!! So, if u like being around her that's fine..but don't throw your love it for someone who appreciates u!! P.S. u sound like a wimp! toughen up! this is advice i'd give to girlz!!! geez

What are the simplest ways to make somebody loves you?

u cannot make somebody loves the love has to come naturally, but if there are feelings involve just being urself and keep ur act together will make her feel more closer to u and even love u more.

How do yyou know if somebody really loves you?

I get this question too, but last week. But I keep in in my mind. Well, let me tell you the story (you always can skip this if you don't want to listen). I have a friend that really cruel. Hide my stuffs, but then he lend me his stuff. He makes me hurt, than he helps me. Then I realized that he love me when my best friend tell this to me, and when I asked him, he said YES. I think it when someone really cares, treat you different than others.

Is it normal to wonder why somebody loves you?

Absolutely. Most of us do wonder about that. Understanding why someone loves you is as important as understanding why you love someone else. Also, figuring out why someone loves you can tell you a lot about yourself that you may not have known. For example, as a young man, I considered myself selfish and thoughtless until my first serious girlfriend told me that she loved me because I was the most giving, thoughtful man she had ever known. I was actually shocked to hear that. Understanding why someone loves you is an important part of a human's need for self-realization.

Some people say that when somebody loves you, they wouldn't hurt you, is this true ?

There's a fine line btw love n hate & some mistake hate for love n vice versa. Some ppl are just plain stupid & haven't any tools also they repeat what they themselves have seen & to stupid to know! They use pain as a weapon proof of their stupidity,see Jerry Springer..pain is inevitable,suffering is optional< They always hurt the one they love n figure that out when it's to late~

how do you know if somebody loves you?

You know a person loves you/is in love with you when : They always wanna be around you. And they don't always have to tell you that, they show it. They do things for you, special things, without being asked to make you feel significant. The first person they wanna talk to, hug, be around, talk about to their friends- is you. always you. They don't even look at another person. Their always smiling around you.

How do you know if your in love, or when somebody loves you?

when each person cares about the other person's well-being as well as their OWN!

What to do if you love somebody who loves somebody else, and this has happened several times?

Don't approach a situation like that. There is no happy ending to such things. I know from personal experience - at least two of the three people involved here will get hurt! Likely all of you will end up with some resentment and heartbreak. If you love this person, then you will let them continue their life happily. If you intrude, there can only be sadness.

Why does it hurt knowing the one you love, loves somebody else?

He left you cause you're fat.

How to know if somebody loves you for you and not caused of ur body?

when he talks to your face. when he looks in your eyes. when he is concerned for your comfort. when touching is not the main way he shows his feelings.

how can you tell is somebody loves you?

som pepole stubbon be hard get though she nos u kool care respict

how can you tell if somebody loves you?

I'm sure she does love you like a brother but have you noticed your other cousin that she goes and tells stuff to is a girl cousin not a guy cousin. It's easier for her to connect with her because your cousin is also a girl like her. I think she would care about you if you care about her, cos at the end of the day you are family. I can't really tell much from what you have given but am sure she would love you or like you at the least.

What is this name of this Spanish song the lyrics are somebody loves you and the somebody is me?

How can you tell somebody loves you?

You can tell by the way that they look at you. When you cuddle in his arms and your eyes meet you can just tell. His eyes should be warm and his gaze should fill you with butterfly and happiness. Also he should tell you how he feels. Once his feelings reach that point he'll tell you. Don't pressure it though. people reach that level at different speeds. It's much better to wait until your partner really loves you than to pressure them into saying it too soon and having it be a lie.

How can you believe that somebody loves you and wont cheat on you when you have trust issues?

How can you tell/know that somebody loves you?

he loves you trust me it takes love to care about someone like he be carin about you. if he did not love you he would not be so supportive and want you to be happy and everything.

How do you write "please don't eat me, somebody loves me" in Chinese?

请你不要把我吃掉, 有人还爱我 (qing ni bu yao ba wo chi diao, you ren hai ai wo)

How do you know when somebody loves you?

They will fill all your voids. Loneliness, sadness, worthlessness, helplessness, frustrations, lifelessness, and loveless and will fill your world with such wonders that you have never known.That you just can't live anymore without it. You will feel whole for the first time. and you will understand why. You will feel complete and can't live without them. You will feel that they are a part of you in the true since of the word. I liked this Question. Thanks. I found a peace of myself that I did not know I forgot.

Are you really nobody until somebody loves you?

LOL...I have leachy kids and husband too but some days THAT makes me feel like a used up nobody - what ever happened to my identity? I think it was buried somewhere along the way from the "I do's" through the births to where we are today. Haha.

How would you know?if somebody loves you so deeply and completelx?

What is a first grade science application for the book "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch"?

Haven't read the book, but you could look at dissolving (lemonade) - and what dissolves and what doesn't - ie sugar does, salt does, rocks don't... Anything baking (brownies) is a chemical change - look at the fact that the brownie ingredients can be mixed but not separated, that it is has solid and liquid ingredients, and that the batter becomes more solid when you heat it. You could also go on a tangent with the heart and look at the circulatory system, but food is more fun!

How can you tell when somebody loves you?

Eyes.. the most vocal silent body part

What is the prove for you that somebody loves you?

Sincere concerns for you always...