Which curvy women is prettier in your opinion?

Esther Baxter and Scarlett Johanssen.

what does she do.........?

Men -- Which body type is more attractive to you?

i don't know anyone among these.

I know this girl and she is a christian just like me but?

God will give you what you ask. He loves to teach patience though. I know it seems that she has everything, money doesn't give you the happiness God can give. God has put us each a specific position for a reason. Sometimes important things aren't the things you would always think they would be. Meeting a celebrity is fun, but waiting getting a blessing from God can be historical and full of more joy than you can imagine.

Why do people find these type of figure attractive?

People like them because they are classic , traditional , soft , curvy , feminine and sexy as far as body types go it's considered (in most parts of the world) the way a woman's body naturally is and should be (if all the parts are real). In Japan your friend would not be considered a typical /ideal body type but many men over there go for the foreign build . Are you saying you think your friend is also fat and gross looking ?

Are you interested in thick women?

How exactly is this girl hot?

flat chested? really? thats a load of bull. i do agree sometimes when she smiles she kinda looks like a rat but maybe shes just not photogenic?! and the whole nose thing? You know how many white female celebrities have BIG@$$ crooked noses and dont get sht? Or they get it fixed? We should PRAISE her for being natural?!?! plus she has one of the best bodies in hollywood, no homo.

how old is somaya reece?

27 years old

who's hotter adriana lima or somaya reece? look up pics on yahoo image search...?

definitely adriana.

Why are Somaya Reece and Olivia beefing .?

Somaya will do ANYTHING to get into the business. She has used every opportunity available to her to try to get even five seconds of exposure. She cannot rap and shouldn't even be on the show...she looks like a video hoe. Olivia and Chrissy have been friends for years and even though they have problems in their friendship this chick Somaya is an "outside" offender and will do anything she has to do to try to get into the rap game...case in point....she used Emily in a horrible way and it may end up biting Emily. For people who don't know it...Somaya is Joe Buddens ex-lover...that is where she came from!!!! I hope Chrissy & Jim get married. Somaya is really lucky that her manager didn't get his azz kicked that day her and her manager were running their mouth on that boat and then in the bar aftterwards. I watch the show every week!!!! Peace, Love & Happiness