How much solid food should my 6 month old have?

It sounds to me like you're doing fine!

What kind of cat is solid black with black stripes?

If the cat is black and the stripes are black... how do you know there are stripes on the cat? It is a domestic medium coat cat. She sounds lovely.

How do I get my horse to jump solid jumps?

Here is a safe method to help: 1. "Baby Step" set up. This is a term I use when changing things or layouts of jumps. Horses see the color White best. For a solid jump be sure when you start that booth the top and bottom of the jump are white. Next, don't start out with a solid jump immediately, do something slightly more fimilar. A small solid with one or two poles over it. It looks fimilar except the bottom, but he should think little of it. Continue to make the wall higher and take away the poles. 2. Free Jump. Free jump the horse over these "Half" walls before you get on his back. A good jumper will free jump things better without a saddle than with. His first wall should be a free jump. Be sure to praise after he does it even if he is sloppy over it. Once he jumps the wall willing as a free jump then move on 3. Under saddle. Try the wall, but if you are too anxious or nervous ask a very experienced rider or your trainer to get on him and get him over the jumps. It will boost both the horse and your own confidence. As for him refusing, its him getting over on you. He knows he can get away with it and he knows how to work you over. Horses will always seek the easiest way out of a problem according to their instincts. Their nature is to run, they don't want to jump, they stop before the jump and go the opposite direction. Get you trainer to move him to it, make jumping that fence way easier that refusing. Most people are against Disciplining their horses. But there is a fine line between discipline and punishment. There is nothing wrong with giving him one swift slap with the crop on his hind delivered within 3 seconds of a refusal. This registers properly in his mind as "If I don't go over the jump I get disciplined and have to do it all over again. Thats not worth it." It IS however NOT except able to strike a horse out of anger, use anything other than a flat crop, hit more than once, scream, jerk at his mouth or use your hands on him. This is violence and will register to him as "Oh no she is dangerous and I better not go near her. I should panic." Think about it, a predator isn't going to bite once and go away, its going to attack and when you do that it will register as panic and danger. However a mare and foal will practice discipline where the mare will nip once at her foal should he bite or kick out. So follow the steps for the solids, then be sure to keep on him, discipline properly, and perhaps having a second rider on him too will enforce the fact that refusing is not acceptable. If you find yourself getting frustrated take a breather. Work on something he is already good at, get calm and try again. He will pick up on frustration and begin to push your buttons if it means he doesn't have to jump.Never let up, always walk away the winner and he will learn to respect you and just do what you ask. Good luck!

What's the difference between single solid yellow line and double solid yellow line on the main road?

It's amazing how many people don't know the actual reason behind single and double lines in the center of a highway. In some areas, there may be sections of roadway where it is a safe passing zone in one direction, but not if you are travelling in the other. Single yellow lines are used where there are long stretches of roadway where it is not safe to pass in either direction. Double yellow lines are used when there is passing allowed on one or both directions, and these zones change frequently because of hills, curves, etc. The only time when passing is legal is when there is a single dashed line down the center, or when the line is dashed on your side of the double line.

What happens when a solid and liquid of the same density are mixed together ?

Since they have the same density, the solid should not sink nor should it float on top. Instead, it willl suspended in the middle of the volume of the liquid chosen.

How do you convert milliliters to a solid mass' volume from water displacement?

1mL = 1cm^3

How important is it to have a solid and well-developed concept before you start a project?

I think that you should have a concept before starting a project; you need to know what you are doing before you start the long and aggravating project. If you do not have a concept to guide you, then your project will feel disconnected and your teacher will be able to tell that you did not think about it before hand. Yes, there are many advantages. A solid concept makes the process so much easier and and the result is a lot better than if you put together a bunch of random stuff at last minute. A concept also keeps you on task and keeps you focused on your goal. I guess if there are many difficulties with executing your concept, then it would be an advantage to not having one at all. However, other than that I don't think there are really any advantages to not having a plan before starting a project.

How much would a Solid Silver World Banknote set of 50 be worth?

If each one is about 1 troy oz (31g) then you have about a kilo and a half of silver bullion. This is currently worth about $560 US .

What's the difference in an amorphous solid and a liquid with a high viscosity?

On the basis that all solids such as granite[26] flow to a small extent in response to shear stress, some researchers[27] have contended that substances known as amorphous solids, such as glass and many polymers, may be considered to have viscosity. This has led some to the view that solids are simply liquids with a very high viscosity, typically greater than 1012 Pa·s. This position is often adopted by supporters of the widely held misconception that glass flow can be observed in old buildings. This distortion is more likely the result of the glass making process rather than the viscosity of glass.[28] However, others argue that solids are, in general, elastic for small stresses while fluids are not.[29] Even if solids flow at higher stresses, they are characterized by their low-stress behavior. Viscosity may be an appropriate characteristic for solids in a plastic regime. The situation becomes somewhat confused as the term viscosity is sometimes used for solid materials, for example Maxwell materials, to describe the relationship between stress and the rate of change of strain, rather than rate of shear. These distinctions may be largely resolved by considering the constitutive equations of the material in question, which take into account both its viscous and elastic behaviors. Materials for which both their viscosity and their elasticity are important in a particular range of deformation and deformation rate are called viscoelastic. In geology, earth materials that exhibit viscous deformation at least three times greater than their elastic deformation are sometimes called rheids.

What solid food is acceptable for a 8month old?

You can give him dry cereal in the morning,or some eggs.cheeses snacks,toast.For lunch try some rice-a-roni,hot dogs.Introduse fruits slowly and one at a time allowing 2-3- days before trying a new fruit.Some people are allergic to citric acid and can have trouble swallowing it or get a rash.If that happens take him to his pcp.Maybe some chicken pieces for dinner with white rice and veggiesie;carrots peas.Start out with small pieces and not spicy foods and in small quantaties 4-5x's a day.Stay away from juices and please,no koolaid.Formula until he's a year old and water or Gatorade.You'll get the hang of it.Just watch him when he's eating solids,make sure he chews them well.Good luck and enjoy him.This is the best time of your life and they grow fast.

How can I get solid work experience before finishing my Masters?

First, congrats on getting into grad school. I myself have just finished my master degree in career who better to answer your question? Even though graduation is still a long time away, it is imperative that you graduate with experience, and the summer is a great time to get that. A lot of companies offer summer internships. I did several during my schooling and it led to a job before I even graduated! If your school has a career center, stop there and see if they have internships or entry-level jobs you could apply for in your field. Also, talk with your professors they will have a lot of contacts for you. I also suggest that you get experience with more than one company. You are smart to be thinking about this now instead of a few months before you graduate! Good Luck!

How long after eating solid food can a kitten leave its mom?

Kittens are NOT reliably weaned or litter box trained until they are at least 8 weeks old. Reputable breeders don't allow their kittens to go home until they are actually 12 weeks, as the period between weaning and that age is when kittens learn important social skills like how to play without biting and scratching, and properly use the litter box. Kittens really need their mother's milk a bare minimum of 6 weeks of age as that is really their main source of nutrition, and they are getting important immunities from their moms too until they are about 8 weeks old. She is not doing a service to you or the kittens by yanking from their mom 3 weeks early, and she's setting them up for failure. They may get sick, or not eat, and surely they risk peeing and pooping all over the house. The runt of the litter is especially vulnerable to getting sick - do you want to be one of the posters here who says "my kitten is eating and is very ill, now what?". This is clearly not a responsible person. If she's not willing to keep the kittens until they are actually ready to leave their mom cat, do you really want one of them? Soon the shelters are going to be full of kittens of the right age, and you'll have your pick of them. Actually, in most states it's illegal to sell an animal before it reaches 8 weeks of age. And no, this isn't really an enforceable law but it emphasizes the minimum age that any animal should be taken from the mother.

How can I make solid stripes across the walls in my dorm room?

1) decide how big you want the stripes 2) measure and mark the distance from your ceiling 3) tape & use a level to ensure lines are straight 4) paint & let dry 5) use box cutter or sharp blade and carefully remove tape Hope this Helps!! :)

How much would a solid pyramid made of cement cost?

A pure solid pyramid of that size would cost in excess of $50,000 as it needs to be made of special concrete.

Where can I buy solid 6 gauge ground wire with plastic coating ?

you can run #6 solid and put it in PVC conduit and plug the ends of the conduit with some stuff "it has DUCK in the name" im not real sure of the exact name. i have never seen #6 solid with a jacket over it

How much solid food should i be feeding my 6 month old ? Should i replace the a milk feed with solids?

solids should be used as dessert or a treat after a real "meal" of breastmilk or formula. babies should get almost all their nutrition from their liquid source until their first birthday. No real need for water, the milk is better... put some in a sippy cup to start practicing too.

How does a solid become heated throughout when heat is applied to one portion of it?

The process is called heat transfer by convection or convective heat transfer. It's described as an increase in energy (in this case heat) being applied to the molecules in a material. These molecules speed up their vibration and in turn, increase the amount of vibration in adjacent molecules. This spreads to the entire solid theoretically. Some materials will conduct this heat more easily than others. Insulation materials are slow to spread (convect) heat while metals generally spread heat faster. Hope this helps.

When can he start to eat solid food after a crown?

Hi Emily, wow, sounds just like my boy friend, lol:) I am a dental hygienist & I know there are all different kinds of crowns & different cement used to bond the crown. So, if the Doc said not to eat solid food all day, I wouldn't. I mean who wants to go back if it would chip or come out? It's only a day, but pasta & soft fish sticks should be just fine, just tell him to at least try eating on the other side.

What order should i start introducing solid food to my daughter?

Its very highly disputed how babies should be fed solids. Just like the timing of when to start, so is what to actually give them first. I will give you some websites to look at because you really should do a lot of your own research so that you can look into all the many options. There are lots of reasons for doing it this way or that way. Really, only the mother can decide what she feels is best for her particular baby. I personally went cereal, veggies, fruits, dairy, meat. I gave her cereal till I felt like she was getting the hang of swallowing and eating and then I stopped giving it to her (because really it does taste like cardboard and is only so heavily pushed because babies are hardly ever allergic to rice). I gave her veggies next with the notion that she wouldn't get used to eating only sweet foods. Once she got a couple veggies down (sweet potatoes, carrots, peas), I gave her fruits (bananas, apples, peaches). At around 9 months or so after the introduction of many more fruits and veggies, I gave her a cheese stick, then added yogurt and cottage cheese. Lastly, I have her munching down on chicken and she's had beef a couple times. I gave her eggs probably before I gave her dairy. And if you have not considered it, definitely think about making your own baby food. It is very rewarding.

What are the solid objects in my vinegar?

It's called the mother-the culture that fermented the vinegar has continued to grow. As long as the vinegar smells OK, just pour it through a filter and all is well.

why does a solid have to be insoluble in a liquid ti determine its denisty?

Only if you want to use the water displacement to determine its volume otherwise you have to find another means to determine its volume and measure its mass and do some simple maths.

What is the solid white discharge coming out of my nipples?

if its enough to see and pick at, you REALLY REALLY REALLY need t see a doctor.

What mass of solid manganese chloride must be added to cause a precipitate to begin?

Ksp = [Mn] [S] 5 e-14 = [Mn] [0.025M] Mn needed is = 2.0 e-12 molar ============ in 100ml , @ 2.0 e-12 molar .... that's 2.0 e-13 moles of Mn+2 2.0 e-13 moles of Mn+2 is provided by an equal number of moles of MnCl2 = 2.0 e-13 mol of MnCl2 using molar mass 2.0 e-13 mol of MnCl2 @ 125.84 g/mol = 2.52 e-11 grams of MnCl2 your data has only 1 sig fig in the "5 x 10^-14" rounded to 1 sig fig rounding off the the answer 2.52 e-11 grams of MnCl2 is your call

What are good solid body electric guitars for the money?

in that price range it's real hard to beat the Ibanez line, good reliable guitars and you get what you pay for, if you want it to look cool or like something out of star wars there's stuff like the Dean or ESP out there but you'll be paying for looks rather than quality.

How does a solid soap bar turn to foam when it is heated in a microwave?

Remember that all soap contains water, both in the form of water vapor inside trapped air bubbles (particularly important in the case of Ivory) and water that is caught up in the matrix of the soap itself. The effect is caused by the heating of the water that is inside the soap. The water vaporizes, forming bubbles; the heat also causes trapped air to expand. Likewise, the heat causes the soap itself to soften and become pliable. -Samuel Conway, Senior Staff Chemist, Avid Therapeutics,Philadelphia, PA

Can anyone give a solid reason to put the republicans in power?


How to test whether the core of another planet is completely solid?

Set off a bomb to create seismic waves. If S waves arrive on the opposite side of the planet, then the core is solid. S (shear) waves will not travel through liquid. But there are other easier ways to test whether a planet has a liquid core. For example if the planet has a significant magnetic field, then it must have a liquid core. Mercury for example has a magnetic field and therefore a liquid core - whereas Mars does not have a significant magnetic field and therefore is predicted to be entirely solid. There are also subtle clues in the way a planet rotates - see the links for details.

When can i start eating solid food instead of liquid after wisdom teeth removal ?

i think its 2-3 weeks smoke a bowl that helpd me

What is the largest possible solid planet made of ordinary matter?

Meta Stable Metallic Hydrogen, there have been experimental research done into this field and if meta stable metallic hydrogen can be produced we could enhance our rocket output but a factor of five. The has been a few people who believe that this substance is a natural by product of gas giants. Google: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's research into the subject.

When can I start eating solid food after wisdom teeth removal?

5 days

Why does solid and powdered calcium carbonate react differently with vinegar?

The greater the surface area the faster it will react

What are the best solid foods to begin baby on?

The recommendation for babies to start solids is six months, which gives baby's tummy a good amount of time to develop enough to process food properly. Here is a great site about baby foods: Click on What Fruits for Baby? and Variety of Veggies to get information about several different kinds of fruit and vegetables for baby. On the subject of rice cereal, you can give it a miss altogether if you like, according to this excerpt from the site: "You CAN skip cereals altogether if you want to! Many sources now recommend beginning a baby with fruits or an orange veggie like sweet potato as first food(s). Studies are now revealing that grains may not be good starter foods for baby to digest." Bananas are great, but they can cause reflux, so if it's a problem then it would be best to wait another couple of months and try introducing them again. Apples are also wonderful, but there is a lot of mixed information regarding them. The site I linked to says that they're a good source of firbre, and a natural stool softener; however, I have read in other places, and have had other women tell me, that they actually caused constipation. So it would seem that apples cause varied reactions in different people; in your son's case, it seems like it might cause constipation. Again, probably give them a miss for now, and try again later. Sweet Potatoes are a great first food; they are not as bland as some other vegetables, but not as sweet as fruit, so baby won't get too used to sweet food that he won't take blander kinds. Different varieties of squash are also great. Pear is great as a first fruit, but don't overfeed as it is a natural laxative. Avocado is supposed to be a great first food; however, someone told me that they contain high kevels of cyanide. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but I though that it was worth mentioning. If someone else could confirm or deny this, that would be great. Good luck.

How many ounces of solid shortening melted equals a cup?

Shortening is ALMOST pure fat, so it does not lose volume when melted. The answer is 8 ounces

How to calculate the predicted density of solid argon?

5.741 g/cm^3 *(.82)^3

What are the chances of a solid mass on my liver being cancerous?

I’m sorry, but asking for random guesses will not provide you with any meaningful answers. The best information you have at this point is in those reports. After all the radiologist actually looked at it and your doctor is using them to make decisions about your care. If your doctor is not answering your questions then you need to find one that will communicate better with you. On the other hand, if he or she is not providing you with the answers you wan to hear that is another story. They are not giving you an answer, because they don’t know. Making a diagnosis is often a process and often requires the opinion of at least a few specialties.

What solid or liquid material can you put inside a regular balloon to make it glow under black light?

Write on them with a highlighter pen. i cant think of anything that you could put inside them that will work. Petroleum jelly glows under black light ,tonic water

Which solid wood is considered more expensive for kitchen cabinets cherry or maple and which is warmer?

Cherry was more expensive when we bought ours;it looks kind of red to me maple seems warmer to me.

What solid carbon is produced by burning ethanol?

You are correct, it is solid carbon, called soot. The solid carbon from because the carbon in the ethanol does not have enough local oxygen to allow it to form CO or CO2. The hydrogen burns off, leaving the carbon. If you had slightly more oxygen, you might be able to form all CO. If you have soot from your flame, you have a non-stoichiometric situation in your flame, even though you have unlimited amounts of oxygen in the atmosphere. The local conditions in the heart of the flame are oxygen starved because the outer areas of the flame react with the the oxygen before enough can get to the interior. The only way to calculate what is happening is to measure the weight of the carbon retained on the metal, you could then calculate the number of moles for that part of the reaction. But you are still stuck with the relative amounts of CO and CO2 and you cannot determine that unless you measure at least one of them.

How is it possible for a solid object to float on water?

your textbook says ?? whatever happened to experimental science ? don't you know for yourself that wood floats ? molecules are not always packed more tightly in solids than liquids. they are just arranged less randomly so that they can't move. Mercury (liquid at room temperature) is much denser than many solids, mostly because it's an element with a heavy nucleus. Ice (solid water) is less dense than liquid water. Which is, I admit, an anomaly. But just because solid X is denser than liquid X, does not mean that solid X is denser than liquid Y.

What solid gold dog food can all my dogs eat?

I disagree that Solid Gold is one of the best dog foods available or that it's better than Canidae. One only has to compare ingredients. The goal here is to have our pets on as few grains as possible and the first 2, preferably the first 4 ingredients should be meat. I'm assuming that you want the best food for all your dogs. Try the local feed stores where they sell hay and stuff for animals. It's usually where you can buy the better foods. Solid Gold uses many "meals" that are not specific and they're using a lot of grains. Here are several links that you can check out. Just click on the bag to see the ingredients. The first link will teach you basics for understanding what you're reading on those labels. Notice on this first link for grain free dog foods, Solid Gold doesn't even make the list.

How are some rabbits spotted and others solid?

Genetics is one of my favorite subjects with rabbits. Sad to say, but it is almost impossible for you to get a broken (those are the spotted ones) by breeding two solids. Here's why: The broken gene is dominate (En). If the rabbit has it, it will show it. The solid gene is recessive(en), if the rabbit has it, it may be covered up if the rabbit has the broken gene. A broken rabbit will either be En,En or En,en. You can actually tell the difference between them too, but back to the point. Solid rabbits can only be en,en. What you are crossing is most likely en,en x en,en ____en_____en en l solid solid en l solid solid Heres the iffy part. With your solid white (I'm guessing a REW (ruby eyed white)), their one gene covers up EVERYTHING! They could be a broken carrier, but with the results you stated, it is highly, highly improbable. Hope that makes things a little clearer ; )

What would be the best solid to use as a temperature sensor surface?

It depends on what you mean by "best". To get a an accurate reading and to get it quickly, you want the mass of the sensor to be as small as possible so that the heat transfer from the thing you are interested in measuring gets the sensor to it's temperature as quickly as possible and with the least loss (or gain) of heat from the sensor.

How do you start a solid foods routine?

one new food at a time to see how baby tolerates it. steam, poach, bake fruits and veggies soft and mash into soupy paste or to the texture that is appropriate for your baby. As baby becomes more able, give small bits of whole soft cooked foods. You can then introduce minced and finely ground meats. A food processor is a great tool for introducing solid foods. You can process whatever you are having for dinner, be careful of high spice levels and tough meats. I kept sugar and highly sweet things away. None of my kids ever liked the brightly colored sugared cereals as a result. Count chocula and pb cap'n crunch was a revelation to them in college haha. You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to shape your child's palate. Having non picky eaters is something you will appreciate for years to come, and they will become adventurous diners because of your efforts.

The radius of a solid sphere is twice the radius of a second solid sphere. What is the ratio of?

vb/vx=(rb/rs)^3 vb:vs=9:1 ab/as=(rb/rs)^2 ab:as=4:1

How much solid should I give to my six months baby who drinks less milk?

I'm not sure how to help you supplement for the lack of formula, but my little girl is 6mo 3 weeks and she eats 1/2 jar of vegi and 1/2 jar fruit for lunch, then usually 1 jar vegi and 1/2 jar fruit for dinner. She takes in 24-32 oz of formula a day as well. Maybe try switching to a different type of formula as the one you are using may be upsetting his little tummy. Good luck to ya!

How many solid meals should my 6 month old daughter have per day?

I started our son on one meal a day at 4 months, at 5 months he had 2 meals a day, then at 6 months he was having 3 meals a at 11 months old he's having 3 meals a day and 2 small snacks a day. I asked our pedi about it and her words were..."you're the'll know when he's ready for another meal or not. Just trust yourself and go with the flow." Best of luck.

What percentage of solid testicle lumps turn out to be cancer?

Solid masses in testicle detected on ultrasound need to be evaluated further as it is always clinically presumed to be neoplastic unless proved otherwise.

Bathtub wall remodel with solid surface walls: good or bad choice?

go with the tile just make sure you seal it very good and will last you a life time

How could you determine if a solid is a crystalline or amorphous structure?



The molecules vibrate around a fixed position