Can the hp mini 1000 with 16gb solid state drive (ssd) run microsoft office?

yes, it is able to. However, depending on RAM, it might get slow as you accumulate more applications. specs for office is: 1 ghz or faster processor for outlook, 500 mghz for the rest. You need 3 GB of hd space. You also need a dvd drive to install it. Also, it is recommended to have 512 mb of ram for outlook.

Buying a small solid state drive to store os?

SSD's the advantages: it's pretty much faster than conventional hard drives and they haven't moving parts. the most hard drive accesses take place between the hard drive with the OS and the CPU/ram. this is the reason why an SSD is mostly used for the operating system. the disadvantage: it's expensive. a 64GB SSD cost more than a 1TB conv. HD

Can you recommend a good solid state drive?

I just bought a OCZ Vertex 2 Series - 180gb SSD for $169 onsale and i checked it out and had about 75 reviews with 4-5stars on all of them. Most of the i have seen go OCZ has a 60gb right now for $95 check 100-199 range in price

what kind of solid state drive for macbook?

Intel is a good one. Fast and solid) might be helpful

wich should i get a traditional hard drive or a solid state drive?

I would say that it would depend on your preference, really: A basic 250GB drive usually has very acceptable load times, and if the unit isn't abused, can last for many years before it fails, reading and writing an infinite number of times before it truly wears out. A solid state drive has load times which vary from maker to maker, and is usually much higher in price than a comparable, or larger, traditional hard drive. Also, no matter how old they are, solid state drives have a finite (limited) amount of writing which can be done before they start failing - this is documented and known. Plus, if voltage surges through the laptop (for whatever reason), it could fry the entire drive, as it is composed of microchips, not platters of magnetic material which can be more readily recovered with current techniques. From a technology perspective, knowing the way they both will fail, and they will eventually fail, I would suggest the traditional drive for now, and getting a Solid State Drive (SSD) once they become a tried-and-true standard - if the traditional hard drive's speed doesn't work for your needs.

Can I have a small Solid State Hard Drive and also the 640 GB HDD in my TOSHIBA Satellite M645-S4080?

Only one

What is the need of a Solid State Drive?

They are faster, MUCH faster than regular HDs. They are also solid-state, no moving parts, so they don't "crash".

Anyone know of some credible sources for solid-state drive technology?

Here are a few items. For most of the best material, you need access to IEEE publications. Jahns, T.M., & Owen, E.L. (2001). AC Adjustable Speed Drives At The Millennium: How Did We Get Here? IEEE Transactions On Power Electronics, 16(1), 17-25. Control Engineering, 11/1/2007 AC Drive Survey Frank J. Bartos; AC Drives Stay Vital for the 21st Century; Control Engineering, 9/1/2004 Frank J. Bartos, Medium-Voltage AC Drives Shed Custom Image; Control Engineering, 2/1/2000 Owen, E.L., “SCR Is 50 Years Old” "History," Industry Applications Magazine, IEEE , vol.13, no.6, pp.6-10, Nov.-Dec. 2007 NEMA Application Guide for AC Adjustable Speed Drive Systems (free download) Edit 1 If you want additional information, please advise what kind of solid state drives you are interested in.

Is the Xbox 360 Hard Drive a solid state drive?

yes, i believe it is

Is a solid state drive as fast as a usb flash drive?

Although they are similar technology, SSD is much faster because it uses a SATA interface. Solid state drives are not supposed to be used as file swapping drives, like you would use a thumb drive for. They have a limited (but very high) maximum number of writes they can perform. They're generally used as a small boot partition for Windows. Large applications and media are stored on another drive and the SSD just serves to speed up the operating system. A USB 3.0 thumb drive will serve you well for simple data transfers. There's no need to worry about an SSD unless you're building a gaming rig.

Is seagate freeagent goflex a solid state hard drive ?

no it is not. ssd's (solid state drives) are really very expensive ( good 64 GB starting from $100 ) so you can determine if it is an ssd or not :P JK its not an ssd ssd's are fit into pci x4 slots in cpu and not kept outside

What is more important for the speed of a computer, a Solid-State Drive or RAM?

as long as you have around 4 gigs ram on it already, get the SSD (hard-drive tend sto be the bottleneck for most laptops)

Need help on my extended definition sentence for Solid State Drive?

You could add: "as in conventional drives that use spinning disks and mechanical heads to read and write data, therefore making SSDs faster, smaller and immune to mechanical failure"

Installing a Solid State Drive on an Asus?

whats the difference in a solid state drive and a hard drive?

Sold State hard drives are significantly faster in speed, although lack the overall GB storage. The most efficient way (And cheapest) is to get a 80GB+ Solid State for the operating system and any games you play a lot (WoW, other games where loading times are signifcant) and keep them on there. Then keep everything else on a 1TB drive. (Downloads, music, programs that loading times won't matter) The main difference is read/write speed. For more information, please see the following yahoo answers page. Overall, With an SSD (Solid State Drive) you will see a VERY noticeable performance increase, but you pay through the nose for it. SSD is the wave of the future, and one of the best ways to increase speed as to where normal users will notice it.

Solid state hard drive is slower than I expected?

Have you checked the preferences of your ssd? There are huge difference between the ssds concerning writing and reading speed. Ofc you could also just disconnect all the other drives just to make sure it's running from the ssd.

Using an external hard drive with a solid state?

you cannot simply copy all components to an external device,if movies all there or songsl ike that or setups of different files,you can connect an external solid state and copy from your laptop

how do i make my solid state drive the windows boot drive and a hard disk the storage one?

If you look on the drives themselves they will usually have labels on them that have little diagrams and talk about slave and master, or some similar wording. You will want to set the SSD to master and the HDD to slave using the little plastic bit called a jumper and the diagrams. Connect them in and they should boot in order. If they do not, go into BIOS settings (you may have to look online to find out how to get there based on your computer model) and go into the boot order menu. Change which looks like the SDD (usually has the model name or number) to the first priority and the HDD to second. Restart and have fun.

Is the new xbox 360 S hard drive solid state?

The 4 GB is not a hard drive at all, but a built-in flash drive. The 250 GB is a spinning hard drive.

Solid state hard drive vs mechanical hard drive lifespan?

Solid State Drives are similar to your USB Dongles. They survive going into the washine machine! (after they are dry) (I have one from back in the early 90's, 128mb flash drive) Mechanical Drives are actually more likely to stuff up, They are rotating at huge RPM, one bump could unalign one thing inside which will stuff it! Also more tricky to rebuild as parts must align to fractions of a millimetre. While Most Mechanical drives now come with three year warrenty, i'm sure a SSD drive would out last a mechanical one. SSD are very expensive that is the only draw back!

Is a solid state drive worth the extra cash?

It depends, frankly. If you have a laptop the SSD may or may not be a good option for you. For one, they are expensive, and you will get very little storage space. However, you will find your computer boots almost instantly, and (if you're clumsy like me) you will find SSD's to be relatively indestructible. Additionally, your battery life will be significantly extended since there are no moving parts. That said, don't buy a mac. Overpriced and underpowered, most students I see are unhappy after a few months with them. Mostly because they are very poorly supported by customer service, and really have to fight to get anything done.

If i buy a solid state drive and install my OS onto it does it increase the speed of running it?

Generally, yes. Solid State Drives are very fast compared to platter discs. If you are willing to spend the money, then go ahead!

Do I need a larger hard drive or can i just get a solid state?

Please note that a solid state hard drive is just a drive that uses less memory and less battery to run. It's still very new and expensive. Unless you really need it, I would just stick with a regular one.

How does a solid state hard drive (SDD) work in terms of memory?

A 240GB SSD will hold 240 GB data and a 500GB conventional HD will hold 500Gb data :) solid state hard drives uses solid state memory (same as ur RAM) and is much faster than the conventional disks which uses magnetic disks to store data. The advantage of SSD is that they are faster and more reliable. But I guess SSD's cost more.

Can I use a solid state drive with Windows xp?

Yes you can. I would however go to the manufacturer to receive the "Official Profesional Response"

Please answer! Which is more important for performance and durability on a laptop, a solid state drive or a i5?

Do you intend to drop your laptop often? I mean, do you intend to subject the hard drive to extreme physical stress often? Then get the SSD. I know that's not the only determining factor, but bear with me. The performance gains of an SSD are limited at best. Sure, it allows you to read the data off the drive quickly, but you are limited to the read/write cycles over the life of an SSD drive. So, if you intend to write then delete then write and then delete to/from your drive a lot, an SSD is not the way to go. Yes, any OS will be writing and deleting from a drive... but there is a difference between loading a lot of pictures and videos to a drive, editing them, moving them and copying them, and then repeating the cycle all over again.... and installing a pile of games where the majority of writing is done when you save. Also, what you intend to use the computer for really determines what processor you need. It's not going to matter if you have an SSD drive, if your processor is too slow or not powerful enough to handle the tasks you demand from it. So, I'd have to say, in general, go with a more powerful Core i5 processor. But that is a conditional recommendation, as I don't know what you are going to use the computer for. end of line

How long does the Solid State Drive (the hard drive) in eee pc last?

It could last forever. Unlike a HD it has no moving parts. I use a 4G flash drive with mine and hardly ever save to the Eee HD.

Would buying a solid state drive make my computer run faster?

An SSD can drastically increase the speed of certain operations on your computer. Boot time, program load times, and compile times (if you write software) I've noticed have increased incredibly since buying an SSD. They have unbelievable seek times, and usually decent or high throughput. This means for operations that involve accessing lots of smallish files, the SSD will be an absolute monster. For smaller numbers of larger files, the difference will be less noticeable (obviously depending on how the SSD compares to the other drive you have). Game loading times, for example, don't go much faster on my SSD than on my raid1 of 7200 RPM sata drives - since there are generally fewer seeks.

Can I install a Solid State Drive into my computer?

for *general usages*, you will see more speed improvement from an SSD than anything else, more than ram, cpu, graphics whatsoever. there's no need to change out the hard drive, keep it as a storage drive and install OS and some frequently used software like your internet browser, word software, etc on the SSD. here are two recommendations:

What makes a solid state drive so expensive?

SSDs are higher quality stuff than hard drives. They can access data faster than HDDs, last longer and can take more damage than a HDD without breaking. If you drop a laptop with a SSD in there, it will probably be fine, but if you drop a laptop with a HDD in there, the write heads can break and all your data will probably be gone. It's a more sophisticated technology that is relatively newer than a regular hard drive. That said, I would rather go for the 500GB hard drive than the 256 GB solid state drive, especially if you have a lot of stuff like photos, movies or music. It's a better deal money-wise. But if you don't have a lot of stuff like that, then the SSD would be great.

what is the difference between hard drive that is solid state drive and regular hard drive?

Regular hard drives are electro-mechanical devices. Data is stored using a moving read-write head that puts small magnetic charges on a spinning disk. Solid state drives on the other had are completely electronic, they have no moving parts. They use some from of memory that holds it's data when the power is turned off, usually Flash memory. Solid state drives are much more durable then normal drives which makes them great for laptops. They can also access data faster. The downside right now is that they are more expensive then normal drives.

What is the difference between a solid state drive and a SATA-II HDD?

SSD: Small capacity, expensive, very fast. Ideal for installing your operating system and startup/frequently used, small programs. Not needed if you're building to a budget. HDD: Conventional harddrive, large capacity, cheap, not fast. Ideal for storage of music, videos, photos and large programs/games, recommended for normal users. Raid 0: Increases speed when using conventional HDD's by taking the data to be written to the HDD, and essentially splitting it down the middle, writing half of the data to one HDD, and the other half to the other. Speed boost comes at a cost, if one HDD fails, all data on both drives will be unrecoverable.

What is the best file system for a solid-state drive?

You don't have many choices with windows, it is going to be fat32 or ntfs. Solid state drives wear down over time. You can read from the drives with out wearing them down, but writing to the device wears them out. The journaling that NTFS does might in theory wear out the drive faster than fat32 as more writing is involved. But then again, windows "cuddles" with NTFS better than fat32, espeicaily with it comes to permision issues. If you ran linux, the unionfs might be good. If under linux you could add another drive and put your static directories there, /bin, /sbin/, /lib, /sbin and such. The drive would get very little wear.

How effective is a Solid State Drive when connected via SATA II?

Is it worth it to upgrade from Serial ATA to Solid State Drive?

No. I might opt for the higher speed hard drive for an additional $50, but for everyday use the smaller solid state drives aren't going to bring you any great advantage. It's not worth the extra money they are asking. ____________________________________ "Solid State drives are extremely fast." But unless you are doing intense gaming or video editing you aren't going to notice that much a difference.If you buy one from New Egg you will have to install the Apple operating system on that drive. This will be a time investment, especially if you've never done it before.

What could I use a 64gb Solid State Drive For?

It actually loads WAY quicker that any other HD. I wish people wouldn't talk about things that they don't know about. I like the first comment though. Use it for your primary partition and load your OS on it. Be aware though, that there is a Write limit to solid states right now, so depending how much you use your pc, it's not going to last for ever.

Should I hold out for solid state drive prices to go down?

buy it now, need high speed ? get one with a 7200 RPM. SSD's are not as fast as most ppl think. most are just crappy cheap RAM sticks in a box.the good ones are a fortune, and wont go down soon, In a netbook, your bottle neck is NOT the hdd, youe enemy is HEAT. and SSD are not cool. drop it once and your out of $600 on a 128 GB.

What do I need to add a Solid State drive to my hp dv7-4071nr notebook computer?

Since it is a 17 inch check to see if it has a slot for a second hard drive. If it does you can put it in there. If not you can get a 2.5" hard drive box and a USB cable to connect it.

Why is a solid state drive so much better than a SATA hard drive?

Solid state drives, in theory, offer faster data read and write speeds. Mechanical hard drives are becoming a choke point in today's computing, due to the speed limitation. Intel is the only company that currently offers a well-designed Solid State Drive that doesn't succumb to a lot of the problems you hear about SSD's. SSD Pro's: - No moving parts which means it's more reliable, lasts longer, and has faster transfer speeds. - less power consumption - Not as hot as mechanical drives - Smaller SSD Con's: - Expensive - Technology is not currently optimized and still needs a bit of work (Intel is currently the exception)

Wats is the difference between solid state drive hard drive and reguler hard drives?

A Solid State HD uses a Technology a lot like RAM. A REGULAR HD uses platters and heads, similar to the old Vinyl Records but a lot smaller and stacked in multiple layers. A Solid State HD will have smaller capacity because it's more expensive to make. Their main advantage is speed. Seek time is practically zero and transfer speeds are at Electronic levels since there are no Mechanical parts to slow things down. A Giga Byte is the same size on either disk since it's a unit of measure. It cannot hold more data in one technology than another any more than a plastic gallon jug holds more than a glass one.

What is the difference between a serial ATA drive and a solid-state Drive?

Can you replace a laptop hdd with a solid state drive in any laptop? Or is there limitations? can replace with the newer SSD Hard Drives. They load faster and last longer that a standard hard drive due to the lack of moving parts. The trade off is that they cost more. A 250GB Standard hard drive runs about $80.00 while a 64GB SSD runs well over $250.00. Good Luck The Old Computer Guy

What is the best solid state hard drive to install Windows on?

OCZ Vertex (30 GB) Reviews:

How much faster will a laptop be with a solid state drive?

If price was not the question geeks would have definitely opted for it. Its the future, there's no doubt about it. If you need good reviews about SSD's visit If you got cash to burn go for Mtron or Samsung, believe me you won't regret.

How big of a solid state drive do i need?

Is the hard drive version of the Acer Aspire One faster than the solid state drive version?

ya the solid state is a little faster, but don't expect any miracles

Can you install a solid state drive on a mac book pro yourself, later?

Hmmm, very good question, but wouldn't it void apple's warranty if you open the laptop yourself? Since Jobs is so damn picky and all. If the laptop has room for only one HDD, then you would have to replace the old drive and install everything in the new one. I would rather have those installed in a PC tower since they need cooling, not a lot of cooling but it's rather better to have them at good temps.

What is the difference between a solid state drive and a regular drive?

A regular drive has magnetic storage on a disk that rotates. Solid state drives have no moving parts, the data is stored on transistor junctions. I would stay away from the solid state as they are relatively new. As far as the others, it depends how big a drive you want.

What is the difference between a solid state drive and a hard drive?

A solid state drive have no moving parts, where a hard drive has a motor that needs to spin the internal disk. A solid state drive is also reads and writes much quicker than a hard drive. Also, a solid state drives last longer than hard drives due to the fact that there are no moving parts. Solid state drives use less power over a hard drive, extending battery life.

How does a solid state drive compare to a hard drive?

Solid state Hard drive are generally faster than normal hard drive. I don't want to get on too technical but Solid state are like computer memory ram. They can load very fast as opposed to normal hard drive which use magnetized disk. In hard drive, there is read speed and write speed. Read speed is the one that concerned with how fast computer can open your program, save documents , boot window and so on. Write speed is the one that concern with saving files, copying one files from other. Solid state are very fast in read speed but they are not much different from normal hard disk in write speed. Which is perfect for a Netbook because I don't think you'll be writing and copying a lot of files in net book. Solid state drive don't have moving parts as magnetized disk so if the drive fall , it have higher chance of surviving the impact. Which is great for a Net book because people like to carry them and drop them occasionally. So in m option , Solid state driver are better than hard drive.