Did Rory Emerald leave Soleil Moon Frye when she got hooked on heroin? Just like Chér left Gregg Allman?

No. He decided to leave her after he realised he could not say her name without laughing.

Who would you rather have children with: Soleil Moon Frye from "Punky Brewster", or,?

Anne G

Did Soleil Moon Frye make a big mistake in getting breast reduction surgery?

She said she wasn't being taken seriously or gotten good acting roles because they were too big. She didn't want to be a B-movie actress and that all she was being viewed as with those monsters. Personally, I would've taken her seriously. Hell, I would've taken her PERIOD.

Are There Really Some Soleil Moon Frye Nude Pics?

yes http://www.free-nude-celebrities.com/SoleilMoonFrye/SoleilMoonFrye_001.jpg

what episode was Soleil Moon Frye on friends?

"The One with the Girl Who Hits Joey" Season 5, Episode 15

Soleil Moon Frye "Punky brewster" on big bang theory?

According to IMDb, she was not on The Big Bang Theory.

Did Soleil Moon Frye get a makeover on TV?

Thanks for the answer, but I already knew that Mayim Bialik was on there...I saw the episode. That wasn't what the argument was about though. She SWEARS that Soleil Moon Frye was on it too, or on some other show that is similar to "What Not To Wear". That is what I am trying to find out.

How long has Soleil Moon Frye (from Punky Brewster) & famous hoaxster Rory Emerald been legally separated?

According to an article in TV Guide about eight years. Rory Emerald was Soleil Moon Frye's first marriage. Interesting question!

Where can I find the kiss scene Soleil Moon Frye & Sean Young from Motel Blue?

try youtube u can find it there

Did child actors like Soleil Moon Frye and Jennifer Connelly take breast enlargement drugs?