Any business name ideas for a social media marketing company?

Every single combination of 5 letters is already taken. That makes it tough for a new business. There is hope since they are now selling new domains with new endings (not biz or net). Tomorrow Today Dream Maker Thatissocool!!! Untoward MediaMix ( or your name with 'media' in the middle of it)

What are some reliable sources examining social media?

Here is one site If you google "dangers or effects of social media." There is a lot of info. Good luck Beulah

How does social media help writers today?

Due to the Internet, the way that people get information has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Instead of calling someone we know or going to the library, the first place that we often go to learn how to do something, or to find products or services, is the Internet. As more and more people have gained access to the Internet and started to use it on a daily basis—often as their only source of information when they need questions answered—a great deal of work has been created for copywriters. Today, millions of people in the United States, and hundreds of millions around the globe, use the Internet to access information. Many of them, without even knowing it, depend on the work of copywriters to provide them with the information that they need. More recently, the Internet has undergone a change as a result of the rising popularity of “Web 2.0” sites, which include online forums and social media sites. The name comes from the fact that these sites continued to grow during the “dot com crash.” Simply put, they facilitate communication between Internet users. Instead of presenting original content to users, these sites depend on the users to provide the content and often have little or no content provided by the company that runs the site.,,,, and Twitter are well-known examples of Web 2.0 sites, but there are thousands of others. The result is that more and more people are getting information from other Internet users through social media sites and forums. Conversely, fewer people are getting information from traditional articles posted on informational sites.

How would you show your knowledge of social media in a job interview?

Become familiar with notable social media case studies such as @comcastcares, the background story of the Coca-Cola Facebook page, and the Skittles social media fiasco. Brush up enough on these examples of social media marketing as well as terms and concepts surrounding social media, and generally what companies are doing presently to reach out to this community. Practice conversing about social media with someone you know for sure is an expert or near-expert. If you can hold a conversation with them for awhile without getting stumped or asking too many questions, you can conclude that you are familiar with the medium. If you want other interview tips, or just another example of a business's presence in social media, you should visit Microsoft's Office Live Students Facebook page, a place where job seekers can gather tips and advice on everything related to job applications. Check it out: Best of luck in your interview, - Jake MSFT Office Live Outreach Team

How is social media marketing going to be helpful for my e-commerce website?

Social Media Marketing is the best and cheapest way of marketing your website these days. The agenda is to market your company or company products. And it also helps indirectly for off-page optimization. I know a company named Nichepro Technologies in Bangalore, who are the pioneers in SEO and Social Media Marketing. If you are keen about doing SMM for your website you can contact them.

How is Social Media related to science and technology?

Yes, social media is both related to science and technology. Technology means the tools and platforms needed to complete your social media marketing campaign and science means studying the psychology of people using social media or even the behavior patterns of your target market. Social media is becoming a quintessential part of the way we live our lives today, especially when we want to make meaningful connections at a mouse click ( or speed of type ).

Do you look for new social media sites when the others get boring?

How can I incorporate social media into my small business marketing effort?

Great question! Social Media falls into a larger umbrella called "Inbound Marketing." Traditionally marketing would be 1) cold calls/ telemarketing 2) print marketing such as magazines or newspapers 3) radio advertising 4) TV advertising 5) outdoor advertising. The before mentioned techniques would be labeled as "Outbound Marketing." 50 years ago companies like P&G, McDonald's, and Pfizer built their brand with these techniques. The problem with outbound marketing today is: consumers have DVRs so they do not watch TV commercials; consumers have iPods so I don't listen to the radio; consumers subscriptions rates to magazines and newspapers are near extinction; and consumers have learned to ignore "interruption marketing" such as telemarketing through services like caller ID. Newer companies within the last 10 years such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon have used Inbound Marketing. Using Social Media will give you leverage to compete with bigger brands and with bigger budgets. Here is how: Create Profiles on Social Media Sites: Although there are many social network sites it is best to get your feet wet on 1) Facebook 2) Twitter and 3) LinkedIn. Facebook: Create a Fan Page for your business. Click on this link and follow the setup instructions. Twitter: Create an account by navigating to Follow the instructions to setup your account. LinkedIn: Create a personal account and a company page. To create a personal account go to and enter in the appropriate fields. To create a company page make sure you have your personal account created and verified and then click on this link What's Next In general listen. See what your target audience is talking about, and then after you understand add value by sharing your thoughts. Below are a few specific examples: Twitter: You have 140 characters. Be short and link back to more information on your website or blog. By linking back to your website you create traffic and allow your site to be indexed by search engines. Both are good. Facebook: Pose questions. Share resources that your target audience would find of value. Think of your Facebook Fan Page like a forum. LinkedIn: Answer questions posted by your target audience. This will give you "expertise" which is rewarded with green stars in the category your answer was selected as the best answer. Link your blog to your company page. By adding your blog to your company page your LinkedIn page will share your latest blog post with the professional community. I hope that helps, and if you have any questions feel free to connect with me on Facebook ( or LinkedIn ( In addition I have listed a few resources to help get you going below: 1. This is a great resource to easily build your website, and have a built in blog. 2. Social Media marketing agency that I work for that specializes in social media. Our blog has several articles with free resources. Good luck

What would you major in to do social media marketing?

I agree with Alan. You can also look into some classes in Public Relations. Many companies use PR firms to manage their social media presence.

What impact has social media, especially Facebook, had on the entertainment business?

Social Media sites such as youtube may have a downside on entertainment business specially movie makers. There are a lot of locally and internationally produced movies are being recorded and uploaded in youtube thus instead of watching movies in theaters/cinemas, movie goers are now resorting to these video sites to watch it for free.