Does any one know the name of the town (or village) that is in the photo that on the wall of this Costa Coffee?

Sochi, Costa Rica

Anyone going to the Sochi Olympics next month?

Lol no. Sochi was overrated and over-priced even before the Olympics, now it will become a hell-hole. If I need the same amount of money to go to Spain or Italy - I'd rather go there, Olympics or not.

Are there any high schools in Sochi Russia?

There are close to 70 schools in Sochi. Schools are regional, therefore you attend a school based on wherever you live, unless you decide to attend private school outside of the district. In Russia education is 11 years, hence 11 grades. A student would attend the same school throughout 11 years. The grades are separated similarly to that of US (Elementary, Middle, Junior High, High). After 9th grade, a student can choose to stop going to school and start a professional institute similar to Vocational Technical School. If you complete 11 grades than you can apply to attend University.

Terrorists at Sochi in 2014 Olympics?

Russian Army won't let this happen.

Traveling to Sochi Russia!?

You firstly need an invite for your 30-day Tourist Visa. This company can provide you with one - Then apply at your nearest Russian Consulate with the application form and photographs. Once inside Russia, your hotel will be able to register your visa for a small fee. If you don't register it, you will have problems trying to leave the country.

looking for ibey tours in russia?

Yes I want to go to Sochi

Where is the best place to go on a trip to Russia?

Sochi in Russia is a great city to visit with a lot of beautiful nature. It's on the what they call 'Russian Riviera'. There's the Black Sea waters which are warm for most of the year so you can still take a dip. There's also a beautiful park and the Caucasus mountains are amazing as well. There's also the possibility for skying and in 2014 Sochi hosts the Winter Olympics.

Do you think these Olympians will be back in Sochi 2014?

Nobody really knows, like stated in a previous response. It's the Olympics. However, I can say that Ohno would be competing in his 4th Olympic Games if he participated in 2014. I think 3 is enough, and personally believe he should allow some limelight on the other Short Tracker's. Especially JR Celski, such a talented and strong young man. He's only 19 right now, and I'm HOPING he is going to be competing in Sochi. I know he wants to go to school, (how can he pass UC Berkeley up?) so we'll see what happens. Shaun White will most likely partake in the 2014 games. He's young, he's energetic, he's great at snowboarding, so why not? As for the others, I'm not too knowledgeable about them and I'd rather not give my input without knowing their proper and respective backgrounds.

Will the 2018 FIFA World Cup be held in Sochi?

12 Stadiums in 11 Russian Cities will be used during the 2018 World Cup. Sochi will be one of those cities hosting World Cup matches. The new Fisht Olympic Stadium will host the matches in Sochi. The other 11 stadiums are: Moscow: Luzhniki Stadium Moscow: Otkrytie Arena (new) Saint Petersburg: Zenit Arena (new) Kaliningrad: Arena Baltika (new) Nizhny Novgorod: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium (new) Volgograd: Central Stadium Yetkaterinburg: Central Stadium Rostov-on-Don: Levberdon Arena (new) Saransk: Yubileyniy Stadium (new) Samara: Samara Stadium (new) Kazan: Kazan Arena (new)

Questions about Sochi?

yea i don`t understand why you ask the same one over and over

Why is Sochi so warm?

much of the area on the Black Sea is fairly warm, and is the warmest part of Russia

Why is Sochi so warm?

much of the area on the Black Sea is fairly warm, and is the warmest part of Russia

Is Ethiopia hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics?

No, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia is.

Why is the 2014 Winter Olypimics is Sochi Russia , when Sochi is a sub tropical location?

Well all the Olympic sporting events that require outdoor snow will be held in the nearby mountain Krasnaya Polyana, while all the indoor events will take place in Sochi. This happened last time too so it's not new. Vancouver held all the indoor events while nearby Whistler held the outdoor events. And there was fear that the Vancouver Olympics was going to be without snow too as they entered 2010 in unseasonable warm winter. So, Sochi planners have already stored away last year's snow just in case if it wasn't enough snow on the ground. Now why Olympic committee chose a subtropical location to host the Winter Olymipcs? Money of course. Russia was basically willing to spend an unlimited amount of money to prepare for the Olympics compared to the other bids. Putin turned Sochi from a summer beach resort into winter ski resort.

Sochi's2014 symbol?

The Abominable Snowman holding an Olympic torch

NHL going to Sochi is up to NBC?

FALSE is up to the next CBA. The contract that binds the NHL & NHLPA together needs a clause in it regarding sending players to the Winter Olympics. The current CBA which allowed NHL players to go to the Olympics is up September 1st 2012. I know the players wnat it but the Owners/NHL are against it. So until we know what CBA 2012 stipulate regarding that issue we wont know what will happen in Sochi. But that leads to another question... What will happens if there's no NHL/CBA at the time the Olympics starts...? EDIT: here's the link for the morons who pretty much answer anything they think it is before they even know the facts :-\

Why are the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi?

Actually, Sochi has the same climate classification as Turin which held the Winter Games in 2006. The last host, Vancouver, isn't known for an abundance of snow or harsh winters. The important factor is that a potential host have nearby snow-covered mountains.

What are the chances of Sochi Winter Olympic Games being cancelled or relocated?

I sympathize with the plight of Russian LGBTs. But that doesn't change the fact that the chances of the 2014 Sochi Olympics moving elsewhere are cancelled is nil. As Y's 4th Place Blog correctly stated, you can't do 7 years of planning in 6 months. Worldwide, national budgets are tight, so coughing up tens of billions of dollars to host an Olympics with virtually no notice isn't going to happen. As for cancelling the Olympics, how would you like to explain this to the aspiring Olympians who have dedicated their lives for this moment that not competing is the right thing for them to do? Finally, only the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has the power to do what you ask. The IOC selected Sochi in the first place. Being very protective of its reputation, it's not about to admit fault by moving the Olympics.

Security risk at Sochi?

You are wrong, you would be in danger. Russia's public enemy number 1, Doku Umarov already called for his islamist followers to use maximum force to prevent Putin from holding the games. The Chechen rebel leader Umarov said that the Olympics are being held 'on the bones of his ancestors,' as he put it, and therefore civilian targets should again be attacked. It would not be wise to travel there but it would not be too dangerous. Really, the only way to know if it will happen is when or if it happens.

Should the Winter Olympics in Sochi be cancelled?

Hardly-. I think any and all major events like this are now targets..........and if determined terrorists wanted to strike........I don't think Australia would have been any safer than Sochi. Some deranged GUARD set off a bomb in Atlanta........hoping to play "hero". I think it's just impossible to conceive of every single way someone could disrupt the games......but of course.............high preparation and Readiness helps-

where should i go for a two week vacation?

Sochi! I just got back from my holidays! The only problem you'll run into in Sochi is that they don't seem to have a McDonald's. I certainly didn't see one... I had to put up with the's close enough to McDonald's though: you can get hamburgers and soda there. The first thing I did when I arrived back to Canada yesterday was to go to McDonald's, hug each worker, and order a week's worth of meals to make up for what I missed. If you don't want the hassle of finding a fancy city with a McDonald's on such short notice, just hang out at the local McDonald's...surely that's good enough! Not every place has a McDonald's; why chance it? Congratulations on your two week vacation!

Why is Russia hosting the 2014 olympics in Sochi of all places?

To be qualified, the place offered by a host country must satisfy several requirements. One of them is a well developed infrastructrure and venues to accommodate athletes and visitors. if insufficient or no infrasructure or venues are in place, the host country must prove it will be able to build them before the games. In addition, such place must be easy to reach in terms of traveling. Sochi is much easier to reach and has much more developed infrastructure than Yakutsk, Oymyakon, etc. Second, Olympic construction is a very expensive thing and requires lots of investment, so most countries try to make it possible to make profit of such venues after the Olympics. Sochi is much likely to attract visitors later on than Yakutsk due to its climate and, once again, easy reach. Oymyakon is just a small undeveloped village and even Yakutsk is a small town where it's almost impossible to build venues in a short period as due to very cold winters construction is only possible in summer. And with cold winters it's very difficult to hold outdoor competitions.

Where are the 2012 winter olympics?

in 2014 in Sochi Russia

What would be the best place to visit in Russia?

Moscow, St. Petersburg & Sochi.

Do you think is it really a good choice to held the XXII Olympic Games in Russia in Sochi?

It's a great choice. Congrats to Sochi!!! Russia deserves it's first winter games , don't you think? And the IOC is not that stupid, FYI Sochi wouldn't even be in the finals if they didn't have any facilities or (tell me that was a joke...) any SKI slopes.:)) lol They've actually done a lot in Sochi and the IOC has seen the results with their own eyes. Russia is taking this very seriously, so a great winter olympiad is guaranteed. Sochi is a gorgeous city, it's amazing(for those of you who have never been there or heard of it). to the person below: who are you to say Russia is messed up or slow to develop? I've lived there for the past 5 years and I SEE the development with my own eyes. Russia is actually developing very fast, check out the statistics if u don't believe me. And who are you to say that China or any other country is messed up, huh? You have no right to judge.

Why Sochi instead of Siberia for the Russian winter Olympics of 2014?

I see your point. Here's a recent article about the lack of snow. However, there's more to the Winter Olympics than skiing. Ice hockey, speed skating, and curling are held indoors. You also need acommodations for the athletes, coaches, press, and visitors. That means facilities for those events must be constructed, which is nearly done in Sochi. I think Russia's plan is to build a world-class winter resort and sporting venue, christen it for the Olympics, and later sell it as a destination. While the skiing will undoubtedly be better in Siberia, I thinks it's far less likely to sell Siberia as a vacation spot than Sochi.

Is there much snow in Sochi, Russia?

I lived in Sochi for five years. There is enough snow in the mountains, not far from the seashore. As for ethnic tensions. As far as I know major war happened in early 90s. I traveled to Abkhazia couple years ago and from my civilian point of view it was rather safe.

Is Johnny Weir competing in Sochi in 2014?

He, and several others who sat out this season, particularly Lysacek and Plushenko, have stated that they intend on competing at Sochi. I wish I could tell you that he will, since you want him to so much, but to be honest, the only one of them I believe really will be at Sochi will be Plushenko (he will be 31, so Johnny's age excuse is just that). He is the only one who shows competition fitness, and who is continuously skating and training and practising. And to be brutally honest, he is the only one that really shows the drive to work hard and make it; Johnny is enjoying himself too much as a B-list celebrity to want to go back to the hard yards, I think. And though much is made of Lysacek's work ethic, I haven't seen him skate in a long time, nor has he spoken about Sochi in quite a while. The other problem Weir and Lysacek both have is that by Sochi they will NEED a quad. This won't be an option anymore, unlike Vancouver; the rules have changed, the sport is finally moving forward again, and they will NEED at least a quad toe, and would probably require two quads in the free skate to medal. Plushenko doesn't have this problem as he is in possession of a quad toe, quad salchow, quad loop and quad lutz. Even though he is older than the other two, he's the most likely to go. Please bear in mind that it's not as simple as Johnny saying, "I want to go to Sochi." If he's serious, he will need to return for next season, and compete the whole season. Remember that America now has many men who can be competitive on the world stage (if they ever get over their strange triple axel/triple lutz issues). Men like Rippon, Abbott, Mabadoozedah (I cannot for the life of me spell his name but you know who I mean), Bradley (although he too will likely be retired by Sochi) and Minier. There are strong juniors coming through who will be of age by Sochi, such as Farris. Weir and Lysacek do not have the same comfortable position as Plushenko; Plushenko is still easily the best of the Russian men, and will undoubtedly still be by Sochi. There is no reason why Plushenko cannot be Russian National Champion every year til Sochi; there are many reasons why Weir will likely never win or medal at the US National Championships again. Weir has been left behind by the sport, technically and in other ways. There are newer, younger superstars; true, perhaps none with such character, but with sounder technical ability and results. It is a shame, because I have always loved his triple axel, and thought he should be able to do a beautiful quad; but unfortunately, the stupid plastic world has called him, and I very much doubt he'd make it back for another Olympics, and even if he did, I would doubt very much that he'd medal. I am sorry to dash your hopes, but you must be realistic. Even I am realistic; though Plushenko has the best chance of any, one injury will ruin it all. But that is the nature of the sport.

How do you pronounce Sochi as in Sochi, Russia?

So chi with the accent on the first syllable. The "i" in "chi" is short. chi is similar to the sound of chi in the Korean fermented cabbage: kimchi. A good way to hear Russians saying "Sochi," is to search for videos in Google advanced search using the Russian language option.

Sochi Olympic on Computer?

The Olympic YouTube Chanel will have coverage from Sochi during the course of the Games (however, you should be aware that living in the United States, the footage may not be available thanks to NBC holding the American rights to show the Games online).

Where can I buy 2014 Sochi figure skating warm-up jacket?

If it's this one: It was given out at the 2010 Winter Olympic as a gift. Each athlete and high-level volunteers like the "Ambassador" in the photo above. After the 2012 Summer Olympics, merchandise with the 2014 Sochi logo will start to appear on the market. Some of it has already begun to appear, as reported here: The official supplier of uniforms for the 2014 Games is Bosco Sport Apparently, some of the merchandise can be purchased through eBay.

Question about Sochi Olympics?

your best shot will be the X games.. more than likely you will spend close to $20 grand for flight motels and tickets for the Sochi games

What is the controversy with Sochi, Russia and the winter Olympics?

The main question over Sochi is the recent adoption of a law in Russia prevent the promotion of homosexual practices. The Russian parliament passed the law to ensure that children were unable to be affected by blatant acts of homosexuality (for instance gay pride parades) however in recent interviews it has become clear that the real reason is that Russian politicians (especially those in areas with strong levels of Orthodox Christianity) do not want to recognise that the group even exists as was shown in a recent BBC interview when the mayor of Sochi declared "There are no gay people in this town" despite the reporter attending a gay bar the previous evening.

I want to go to Sochi 2014?

Get a job. Don't expect people to just give you money for it. That's lazy and wrong. Not being American and therefore not having a clue what a "freshman" is, are you actually going to be 18 by the time of Sochi? I'm sure the Russians won't be real keen on letting unaccompanied minors into their country...

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia...?

I love Short-track speed skating too! You'd be surprised people starting calling the day of the closing cermony for the Olympics. You can buy air-fair tickets for SOCHI NOW!! I would do that, the thing is, if you are American and flying to another country the prices can be high. The Olympics are EXTREMLY expensive. One ticket for a cermony or ANYTHING can be about $4,000. Yes, no isn't that overly priced? Good luck, I hope you can go.

When is the opening ceremony for Sochi 2014?

Opening Ceremony of Sochi Winter Olympics would be conducted on 7 February 2014. The venue for the ceremony is the “Fisht Olympic Stadium” of sochi. The motto of Sochi Olympics is “Gateway to the Future”. The official logo is designed with “” written in its first line, which represents the hosting city Sochi, along with country Russia (ru). Second line contains the year “2014” along with 5 traditional “rings of Olympics”. The mascots for Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Previously on 7th Feb, 2011, total 10 shortlisted designs were shown to public out of 24,000 entries which came through a contest held on 5 Dec, 2010 throughout Russia. And later on, the top three, highest voted entries “the Leopard, the Hare and the Polar bear” were finalized as the official mascots for 2014 Sochi Olympics. Sochi would come to an end on 23 February 2014 with the celebration of its official closing ceremony at “Fisht Olympic Stadium of Sochi”. I hope, you would love to be a part of this unforgettable sports event. New Sochi 2014 Brand. Proactive. Fascinating. True. "See You in Sochi!" (episode 3, Alexander Otroshko, an artist) ***WINTER OLYMPICS Quiz - Vancouver 2010 Question***

What is Sochi,Russia like?

It is very noisy for me. And expensive, of cause. Too many greedy people who ask money for everything (except sea yet). I like little cities and villages between Sochi and Tuapse. Great nature, pleasure people, clean sea. Last summer I was in Crimea. Rather cheap and nice. But border between Russia and Ukraine is sucks

Costs of visiting 2014 Sochi Olympics?

Return air fare to Moscow is about $1000. There is going to be a new high speed rail link from Moscow to Sochi area. The 1600 Kms should only take about 12 hours when completed. Add another $500 for this. Ten nights in a hotel at $200 (extra budget) should be another $2000. Tickets are another thing. In Vancouver tickets were sold via lottery. I don't know what Sochi is planning but the average price at Vancouver was about $150 per seat per event. Add another grand to cover these. Nice holiday for $5000 per person without meals or souvenirs. Meals in Europe usually run about $100 per person per day. Higher in high tourist areas. I'd suggest a budget of $7500 per person would be about bottom line.

Is the Sochi Olympics a good idea...?

I see where you're coming from. The two bombings 400 miles from Sochi are unnerving. But you must remember that the Olympics were awarded to Sochi 7 years ago, so the decision was based on what was known 7-10 years ago. Yes, there have always been problems brewing in Caucus region with Muslims in Chechnya, South Ossetia, Georgia, and the surrounding areas. And it probably could have been argued then that that tension deserved a lot of concern, perhaps disqualification. The Moscow theater hostage crisis and Beslan massacre took place before the Olympics were awarded to Sochi. That's a long way of saying Sochi doesn't look like such a great place to host the Olympics now. If you looked hard when they were awarded, it might not have looked so great then, either. Unfortunately, that doesn't matter now. The Olympics will go on in Sochi, and it will be guarded like Fort Knox.

Question about Sochi Olympics?

1. Considering that tickets for the 2012 Olympics won't even go on sale until next year, I'd guess tickets for Sochi won't even go on sale until 2013. 2-3. Predicting what a round trip plane flight to Russia and a hotel room would cost four years from now is impossible at best. 4. I see no reason for ticket prices in Sochi to be substantially less than Vancouver. 5. English is one of the official IOC languages. However, they can't mandate that every vendor in Sochi speaks it. Frankly, without knowing how long you intend to stay, there is no way to estimate a cost of such a trip four years from now. For instance, most of the flights from Reagan to Sochi now are priced over $2500. Add to that total hotel costs and other spending money (unless you don't plan on eating or attending events). Bottom line: You would have to probably save a minimum of $1000 for each of the next four years just to possibly have enough money ($4000+). Frankly, your life is changing too much right now and in the near future to be planning such an international vacation four years from now. The cool dreams of a 16 year old often end up withered by the realities of a 20 year old.

Is Sochi The Warmest Spot In Russia?

Sochi is 70 km long sea coast city,so 200 km of black sea coast have +10C average temp in winter time,in Feb +14C,as take Abkhazia lika Russian land,because they wants,so in Gagra warmer and sea temp warmer on 2C,there even in mountains growning bananas,in Sochi not highyer 100 metres i think...

What is Sochi Weather like?

If you want ski. Better in Feb. Because in other months it can be too warm for snow,even in the mountains. Feb seems to be a snow month there,i mean mountain resort Krasnaya Polyana(40 km from Sochi) If you want summer vacation,i think better July. in August too much of people. In Sept starts rains,like 2 weeks. But you still can swim even in Oct,better if its the begining of month.Temperature of water would be 23C.

is sochi, russia safe for kids?

WTF? You can be shot only in Dagestan. But its far away from Sochi. What a nonsense. It could be funny if it was not so sad. I've been in Sochi many times,its safe city. Its resort. LA and Sacramento in 100x more dangerous than any russian city. You will not be shot just because you can't buy guns. Only police and hunters have license to have it. It looks safe,isn't it?

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia...?

i live there, a reverse snowbird. i winter in russia. it is not bad. BUT it is harder than a jaunt down to say, paris. everything is different. catering to snobby tourists has never been russia's forte. BUT_ they are FAR FROM RUDE. well, shop assistants in teh past WERE not the smiley-faced "thank you and come again" type. but it wasn't exactly rudeness, they just didn't care. you bought carrots, so what? you'll be back when you need more. a lot will be done, i think, to help foreigners at the olympics. but YES all olympics are expensive. i would try to book a flat, an apartment for two weeks. or three. whatever you need. food cooked by YOU will be cheap and very good. likely, food you buy ready cooked will be very tasty, too. so far, capitalism has not ruined a lot of our food. even in moscow, i buy "doktorskaya" sausage, a high quality bologna type (not sweet and salty like american bologna- this stuff is EDIBLE!) FOR 200-220 RUBLES. IT IS 199 IN OUR SHOPS(oops) 700 miles from moscow. i saw a hotel advertisement for moscow, 1900 rubles. of course, foreigners usually stay in more expensive places and may not be allowed in such a hotel. BUT in sochi- olympic hotels will be $$$ plus$$>$$. a flat would be best. even a room in an elderly lady's place may be found. i've done that from moscow to ukraine. some people speak english well, others not. it may be unlikely to find english speakers. try to learn some russian. many on Y!A will help you. english teachers MAY be hired to assist, i don't know, just guess... you go everywhere by train or bus. local buses are even in small cities. safe? well, 7 year old children walk to school, after school, to clubs, football (no soccer moms here) kindergarten moms, yes, after that, walk! walk to friend's houses alone, pairs, groups. safely. all hours of the day, and night falls at 4 pm in december. just be aware as in any city- pickpockets, especially in an olynpic environment. just button pockets and zip purses closed. they look for carelessness. feel free or bored!! to look at my previous answers on russia. it is really a civilised place. oh! DO NOT BE AN AMERICAN!! that is don't be loud, don't show off in public. take pictures at all the monuments, etc, but don't be a chattering monkey! in all europe and mid east where i have travelled, it seems americans think no one speaks english, so they make buffoons of themselves. don't be a spectacle and stand out. please take this the right way. feel free to contact me if you need specific answers to questions. i'd love for you to see russia. your family, too of course. all americans need to know russia. or some place that is not usa. but come with open mind, it really can be difficult on american standards. i've been in hotels where the bath is down the hall and cold in the bathroom but steam heated it some! but i wasn't there for the hotel... we drink tap water nationwide, but EVERYBODY boils it first. we drink on the street from a fire hydrant-looking thing without boiling, though! on the train or bus, you should always carry food and drink. you will need it! welcome to russia from an american there for 19 years, half a year every year! ch 2. let me add- air tickets to moscow plus air or train reservations to sochi- everyone and their dog will be on the train. it is a great way to move around russia, but tickets will be impossible at olympics time. don't get taken by a travel agent. (ask at least 3 travel agents) i pay about $50 for 700 miles to moscow. (one way rail, sleeping car, not coupe.) americans would think 200-300$$ is a bargain, but hopefully you can get them cheaper if you opt for rail. IMPORTANT!! landing at domodyedovo or sheremyetevo airports will send you thru a bajillian taxi drivers. some may be independents, but most really just work for money. (russians have high integrity, by and large) there are stories of bad taxi drivers robbing people, etc, but that is unlikely. they just want $50 to drive you to the city. BUT the bus is about 100 yards from sheremetyevo door. 50c per person plus per big bag will get you to teh moscow metro- the subway. a buck a person/bag there will get you anywhere in moscow. if you fly into one and out another airport, allow TIME! i think 4-6 hours would be close. YOU MAY NEED MORE. from domodyedovo, there is a train as well as buses to the city. the express train (cheap on american standards) is 3$ to 5$ i think. 100-150 rubles (about 30 to the dollar now) you shouldn't need a taxi. in sochi, YOU MAY! if you are the adventurer type, make a dry run this year or next. come to russia and experience the cities of moscow and st petersburg. learn how everything works somewhat. then when the important olympic visit happens, you have some on-hands experience. (i am far from rich,,, far from middle class... air for 6 month tickets is about $1000 per person, (return in 6 months). three week MAY be cheaper. FIND WHERE MACDONALDS is. do not eat there, you do enough in usa. mc-d is a great rest room stop! often, you must pay (keep a roll of toilet paper with you- you can buy it everywhere, but you may not find it where you need it!) great for spills, greasy fingers, etc. public toilets can be hard to find. after luggage is left at the hotel, expect to walk a lot. plan LIGHT bags. necessities only. a backpack MAY be better- hands are free. warm clothes, too. december is usually the coldest month, but moscow is not SO cold. sochi is tropical, palm trees and all, but the games will be in the frozen mountains nearby. and specifically for your parents, russia is a safe place to be. i have visited tomsk, perm, kungur, tyumen, moscow, st petersburg, kazan, izhevsk, ulyanovsk, vologda, kirov, naberezhne chelny, and driven to every village and town (56 so far) nearby photographing churches. 878 kilometers, one day, 500-600 each several other trips. so my experience can vouch for safety here. sometimes driving through fields where no real roads are- just trails, searching for a village and asking in my horrible russian "where is russkiy pichas?"(a village) from field workers, tractor drivers, people at their houses- everywhere.

Tickets for sochi Olympics?

Definitely, there are still tickets for sale. Assuming you live in the US, you just follow the directions on the US Olympic Committee's website, who overseas the ticket selling to the America people. Basically they will link you to this website and this website is the only official seller of the Sochi Olympics tickets in the US. You can choose to either have the tickets to be mailed to your house or pick them up in a location in Sochi. Enjoy!

Question about Sochi Olympics?

1) Probably in a couple of years. They don't even have venues yet, in many cases not even detailed designs, so can't apportion tickets yet. 2) Figure on $3000 plus in 2010 dollars. There are few direct routes, you'll be taking three or four segments. 3) No idea, but given the lack of space, it will be high. Figure several hundred per day for what would be considered a 2 star hotel n the US. 4) Probably similar, although interest will be much lower in Sochi than Vancouver, plus a much lower average income for locals, which could lower the cost. 5) Sochi is working on that. Right now, very few people in the city speak English. They are working to teach locals the language, and all events will have SOME English speaking people, but don't be surprised if you have a hard time in town.

2014 Sochi Questions...?

The trick with Russia is that if you want to live like a Russian you will live cheap, but if you want to do anything even remotely North American you will pay like crazy. I do not know when you can buy tickets, that is not what I know, but I will tell you about some of your other questions. A plane ticket to Russia will cost anywhere between $900-$1200 round trip to Moscow. Once in Moscow it is a bit of a trip to Sochi, which is on the Black Sea. I've read that perhaps there will be a high speed train running by 2014, but it is hard to predict things like this in Russia. Also, the Nevsky Express, Russia's other high speed train route, was bombed this year. According to rumours the train will cost approximately $20 and take 15 hours, but this seems like a gross underapproximation. Train travel is very cheap in Russia, but the Nevsky Express costs roughly $150 and is a much shorter distance. Flights from Moscow to Sochi can be bought, but regular train travel in Russia is very cheap and quite enjoyable. The distance from Moscow is 1,300km, which on a standard Russian train (max speed 120km/h) should take you about a day. Probably if you left first thing in the morning you would arrive first thing the next day. I have never travelled to Sochi, but have taken many train rides in other directions from Moscow! Hotels in Sochi will be expensive. Like I mentioned it is not cheap to live like a North American. If you want European toilets, toilet paper, American style hotels with nice carpet and new bedding it will cost you dearly. If you can be satisfied with a Russian style toilet, a situation where you must finagle bumagi (TP) from a woman with metal teeth, and rough wool comforters you may pay much less. The problem is that the Sochi government will know you are coming with money and make it difficult to find such accommodation. It is dangerous in Russia for people to know that you have much money, because many of them do not. It is unlikely you will encounter crime, Russia is very safe, but people will charge you money for everything. I have paid fifty cents for a piece of newspaper to wipe my arse in a jimmy john I'd already paid fifty cents to enter. For hotel prices I would expect the same prices as in Moscow for the duration of the events. Expect to pay roughly 2000-5000rb a night for your room. A homestay would be your best bet as a young person and you may get lucky. I stayed in Petersburg in the Summer for only 1000rb a night and in Moscow for the same, although Peterburg was a homestay and Moscow was a hostel. Again, hotels are expensive in Russia. When you get to the Russia you will find that nobody will be happy to speak English with you among the Russians. This is not Canada or Western Europe. They do not accept dollars, they do not have the same cultural way-points, and they mostly do not know English. If you can't read cyrillics you will have an impossible time in Russia. If you are not quite street smart you can easily get lost and nobody will want to help you. As an example, when I arrived in Moscow last I used a cash machine to exchange some of my Euros into Rubles. The machine took about a thousand Euros, made a noise, and promptly displayed a message reading NE RABOTAET, roughly translated as "he doesn't work". I do not want to suggest that I speak Russian, either. I was lucky enough to argue loudly enough with what Russian I can speak that an Aeroflot steward passing by heard me, stopped, and settled the affair. Result? A prepaid credit card with all my money on it that I could use after... ten days. Bureaucracy is still pretty thick, but you need to be ahead of the curve or at least willing to fight against it effectively. Russia is not an easy country in which to travel. They do not like tourists and do everything they can to keep people out of their country. However, it is a beautiful country filled with amazing places, people, and experiences. You will need a lot of money and "balls of steel", but best of luck. It is truly my favourite place on earth.

Why is the Sochi Olympics being targeted?

Ever since Palestinian terrorists killed 11 Israelis and a German police officer at the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics, the Olympics have been a terrorist target. That's why every Olympics since has had very tight security, both visible (police & soldiers in uniform) and invisible (secret police in the crowds, intelligence officers scanning emails & phone calls, etc.). There's been a lot more stories in the press about security about Sochi than any other Olympics, but security was very present at previous Olympics. It was a major concern at London two years ago when a security contractor came up about 33,000 workers short of what it promised. I think the void was filled with British soldiers. What's different this time is that the Olympics are held near the Caucasus region, where Russia has cracked down very hard on ethnic Muslims. This dispute goes back centuries, with both sides using despicable tactics. Since Putin has both gleefully attacked them and prides himself in hosting the Sochi Olympics, the ethnic Muslims are targeting these Olympics. Everyone can agree the Russians are doing everything they can to make the upcoming Olympics and Paralympics as safe as they can, with their "Ring of Steel" and other efforts. That's why there's the furious hunt for the so-called "black widows", women on suicide missions who have lost husbands to Russian attacks. Some may already be in Sochi. The key question, though, is: Is all this enough? Only time will tell. I just read that so far only 70% of tickets have been sold. For the last Winter Olympics, 97% of tickets were sold. There's still time for more tickets to be sold, but it's looking like tickets to venues can be had if fans are willing to travel. The US State Department has advised Americans not to go to these Olympics, a first. I always yearn to go, but not this time -- another first.

Are there ski resorts at sochi?

While Sochi had been famous as a seaside resort since early 20th century its mountain skiing potential has only been developed in the last 10 years. Today three largest Russian companies are involved in major construction of the ski resort facilities. For your information, Sochi is an agglomeration of four little towns situated on the Black sea at the bottom of the main mountain range of the Caucasus mountains. The unique natural position of the place allows to visit all climatic zones - from subtropics to the arctic - without leaving Sochi. That's what makes it a year-round resort.

What you know about Sochi ?

Sochi was the last capital of Circassia. Sochi was the last city from which Russia forcibly exiled much of the Circassian nation en masse in 1864. Czarist Russia committed Europe's first modern Genocide in the 19th Century killing and ethnicly cleansing millions of Circassians. The legacy of this Genocide is that 90% of Circassians live in exile. Russia refuses to allow Circassian to repatriate to historical Circassia and they continue to deny they committed Genocide against the Circassian people. Now Vladi Putin wants to have a party on the graves of those murdered Circassians by hosting the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. Shame on Russia. Shame on the International Olympic Committee. Circassians worldwide demand justice. Circassians demand their homeland back that was stolen by Russians. They demand Circassia.