Poll!Who do you think will be so you think that you can dance winner?

who will be australia's so you think you can dance winner??

Not sure who will win, maybe Rhys? I am loving Rhys and Jemma, Henry and Vanessa. I like Jack and Demi, Graeme and Kate. Don't really care much about Anthony and Camilla, JD and Rhiannan.

So you Think you Can Dance...Winner!?

My Favorites are Lauren, Neil and Pasha. I'd like Lauren or Neil to win.

Am I the only person that thinks Brandon should be So You think you can dance winner?

Brandon was absolutely the best dancer this season. Jeanine is okay but she wasn't even the best female dancer! No idea what happened except everyone must have thought it was a runaway and given her pity votes. Natalee should've made the top twenty. She was much more impressive during Vegas week than Jeanine.

So you think you can dance?(winner)?

yeah, i really think like most of these shows(american idol, americas got talent) there is a certian part that is fixed. Bradon was obicously better and desvered to win but since a man has won most times i think(3/5) they needed a girl to win to keep show a little more entraing

Do you agree with the so you think you can dance winner? (3 QUESTIONS)?

1. I totally think Brandon should have won! He was definitely better than Jeanine and I thought Kayla should have been in 2nd. I don't even understand why Evan was in the top 4 to begin with but oh well. 2. Delta Goodrem - It's My Life 3. I loved it, too! One of my favorite dances this season, I actually liked it more than the breast cancer dance

who was the so you think you can dance winner for the year 2009?

Jeanine! the most recent one is Russell

so you think you can dance winner?

Jeanine Mason won.

So you think you can dance winner?

i wanted brandon to win. When jeanine won..i was like "Ok" but i wanted brandon to win, he had TALENT.. he didn't win because of the votes. but if it was the judges, they might have picked brandon as the winner.

Who is So You Think You Can Dance Winner 2011?