How can I do the Snooki bump without hairspray?

Its gonna be hard but you have to tease the heck out of it and clip it in place with snappies or bobby pins. The more you tease it the higher it will be.

What's your opinion Snooki becoming a best selling author?

Must have been a ghost writer. I mean, if they can't even pronounce words properly on the TV show, what makes me think they know how to spell, or to even convey their thoughts properly? Did you read on Yahoo the other day that she said, "If I can't be tan, I'd rather be dead!" or something like that? Give me a break! Girlfriend needs a good dose of reality. They think a broken nail is something to cry over. I'd like to see them live through some real heartache and see how they deal with it.

What is the name of the song that played on Jersey Shore when snooki broke up with her boyfriend?

If you go to they list the songs there. Here is a direct link to the songs from that episode-

Where can buy the diamond glasses that snooki wears on jersey shore ?

you can always buy a pair, and then stud them yourself. so atleast theyre customized but here are some that are similar

Do Snooki and Bristol Palin hold the same political views? Were they separated at birth?

Looks like it, neither of them have actually said anything remotely intelligent, can't dance, have the dress sense of a traffic accident and if they are the best representatives of young Republican thought there is a strong impression that they are going to hit a singularity of the level of pure ignorance very soon and implode. This may explain why there are so many pretenders to lead the Republican party as they go into the four year feeding / mating frenzy. Still have you ever noticed that Bristol and Snooki have never been in the same room together? It might be due to the fact that would hijack the buffet and eat anyone else in the room too.

What things do I need to be Snooki for Halloween ?

ed hardy type of clothing and like the fluffy slippers or boots

How does Snooki from Jersey Shore feel about being made fun of on SNL?

She probably doesn't care because she doesn't let stuff like that phase her. Anyway jokes on SNL because she's famous and is making lots of money for just partying and being herself.

What is the hair clip Snooki uses to make the poof in her hair?

its called a butterfly clip, she calls it her "tramp clamp" I don't know where you can get it, I've looked for it too, I guess check on ebay or something since I had trouble finding it in most grocery stores and walmart in the beauty sections

What was the drink Snooki and Ryder were drinking tonight?

It's called a Mexican Bulldog. It's basically a Corona, upside down in a lime margarita. So delicious!!

How to dress like Snooki for Jersey Shore Day for spirit week?

wear denim shorts or hotpants with flip flops or giant slippers OR long boots (up to the knee or slightly shorter) look a bit scruffy because it always looks like she is messy :p yes take pickles with you! :)