Opinions on the following names?

Boys: Shark 0/10 Jonathan Durex 3/10 Vesponio Tono 0/10 Kriss Joe -1/10 Dequaldre Adam 2/10 Girls: Fenola Catrice 0/10 Daniiica Gigi 0/10 Melitra Ebo 0/10 Obama Celest -10/10 Rosa Parks 6/10 Snooki Saleena 0/10 So'Kay Monet 2/10 Vespreandrea -1/10 Pam Jo 3/10 (Pamela Jo 9/10) Sarafg Jessica -1/10 (1st name is phonetically unpronounceable)

Who are some reality TV stars I can dress as?

dress up as the gay guy from that one show where they redecorate interiors

Is Snooki from Jersey Shore pregnant?

i doubt it. i just heard a rumor today that she and pauly d are together. just because she left a tweet saying that pauly d is her babys daddy.

Is Snooki really pregnant?

Do you think going as Juno for Halloween was an inappropriate costume?

I think it's fine, and an awesome idea..as long as she's a teenager. It's a hell of a lot less revealing than all the sexy maid-type costumes people wear. At least 10 girls at my school went as Playboy bunnies this year -.-

I thought the "M" in MTV, stood for music? What happened?

Yeh I know, it's pretty garbage. Before iPods and free music online, MTV was, like, the only way to watch free music (watch music, lol). But then the iPod came in, and Limewire, then stuff like Myspace, youtube and other websites people can go online and download 1,000 songs for free. We had no need for MTV anymore, so the producers decided to give crappy shows rather than go out of business.

Opinions on the following names?

None of them

Silly Stupid Stars who think it's gonna work out......?

To answer your question, I don't think it will, No one ever said you have to be Smart to be a Star, some people really don't know how Stars and entertainer's got their start in the first place, for most of them got their start Piggy-backing off of other more talented peoples shirt tails, like relatives and friends, StayB you say your confused as to why it matters, it does matter ,actors/actresses and entertainer's put them selfs in the spot-light, we have access to the tabloids more than ever before. There are television sets, magazine covers, Internet blogs, and movies screaming to be read and watched, and they are plastered with images of these tacky celebrities. When a life of parties, short-term relationships, drugs, and alcohol are leading celebrities like Britney, Paris, and Lindsay to spiral out of control, you would think that their lifestyle is not ideal. But, fans of these stars disagree. Now, in an age where we have more contact with celebrity gossip than we have ever had, we are faced with a question: what are the effects that superstars have on our youth? Celebrities influence fans to be destructively thin, put harmful substances in their bodies, and many parents are concerned with the overall content these celebrities are putting on television, in movies, and over the Internet. Pop culture idols need to think twice before making a poor decision or practicing awful morals because of their influence on their young fans and other people who may look up to them.

REQUESTED: another baby name game, your 16 KIDS, wanna play?

1 - Delaney Rayne, Jayde Mackenzie, India Soliel (so-lay), Stella Emmersyn 2 - Roman Destery, Julius Blake, and Marcus Sebastian 3 - Lilly Peyton and Ainsley Jocelynn 4 - Camryn Millie, Harper Evangeline, Violet Claire, Leland Jasper, Tristan Noah, Griffin Jonah, Asher Caylix Teacup Chihuahua - Joey Cat - Caspar Horses - Kingsley, Bentley, Holly, Sailor, and Annabelle So we have Delaney (Lainey), Jayde (Jada), India (Indy), Stella (Ellie), Roman (Romeo), Julius (Jules), Marcus (Marc), Lilly (Lil), Ainsley (Ainz), Camryn (Cammy), Harper (Harp), Violet (Vy), Leland (Lee), Tristan, Griffin (Grimm), and Asher (Ash). I hope you like those! I love your names! My favorites are Asher Caine, Harlow Eva, Violet Capri, Roman Alexander, Stella Emmaline, and Juliet Mae. Best wishes! Always, (-:Tabbykinz:-)

What do you think of this diary im writing about a boy?

I like it. So far, it reminds me of Joyce Carol Oates' writing, kind of like one of her novels called Marya: A Life.

Could you tell me what you think of this chapter please?

I like the style of your writing. One novelist you might like is Philip Roth. He writes sometimes like that... talking about problems in a tragic-comic vein. :)

Since the Palins like those reality series?

I'm pretty sure Bristol's child is supported with the money she earns giving talks on how stupid she was to have sex and conceive him in the first place. That kid is going to have some serious self esteem issues.

TEENS:"SURVEY!" =D????????? ?

1.What's your fav color? Green 2.Snooki or JWow? Snooki 3.Teen mom or 16 and pregnant? 16 and pregnant 4.Have you gone school shoping yet? Nope this weeekend though :). 5.What's your best feature? Uhm idk :S 6.Do you miss the old chris brown? Nah don't realy care about him. 7.Is lady gaga trying too hard to be differnt? Yupp I think so. 8.Are you gonna see MTV music awards? Uhm there's MTV awards? Guess I am 9.Eyes or lips? Eyes :) 10.Ipod or ipad? iPod 11.Boys or girls?boys :) 12. One thing you would change about yourself? Uhmm idk 13.What time is it where you are? 7:30 14.Kiss or hug? Kiss 15.What movie do you really wanna see that's coming soon? Uhm well I wanna see like ten thousand of them :P. Planet of the Apes, Final Destination, One day :)

Should i take my hamster to the vet?

You don't need to take her to the vet, She will give birth herself and care for the babies. A hamster can have as many as 15-20 babies at once, that won't seem like a lot until they get to be about a month old. They're very cute, but, what do you do with that many of them?! Here are some tips on what to do to make sure she doesn't eat the babies, because that is pretty nasty stuff. (Note, she will eat them if they die for whatever reason, any way, cleaning up the nest and whatnot.. you can remove them yourself, if you like.) - One reason a mother hamster will eat a baby, is because she needs the nourishment, that is, she's very weak after sustaining all of them for the gestation period because you didn't bother to research what she needed. So.. give her a piece of dog food, not canned dog food, but a piece of dry stuff once a day for the first couple weeks, or even just the first week. This will help her get her strength back. Also, don't touch them unless you've picked up the mother and have her scent on you, instead of your own human smell. I've always been able to pick mine up the day after, little pink wiggly things, because I'm close to my hamsters.. a lot of people aren't so be careful. - Do NOT keep a water dish in the cage when you have babies, a water bottle is essential. It is not a pretty sight to see a baby drowned because you weren't thinking about such things.. - Though you can't have a water dish in there, make sure she ALWAYS has water available, because she needs to produce quite a bit of milk and that will drain her fluids. - Fresh veggie treats are good for a pregnant hamster, and also after she has the babies. You should give your hamster treats like that all the time, but it's especially important when babies are involved. - Clean your hamsters cage a couple days before her due date so she has time to make a clean nest. You won't be able to change her cage right away after they're born without agitating her considerably, so use your head and clean it beforehand. When you finally do change it after a week or so, if not a little more, keep some of the old bedding so she feels more at home. - After about a month, they will probably start to squabble a bit, play-fighting. There is a time when you need to separate them, make sure you know when that is, or there may be inbreeding, and serious injuries. Some hamsters can stay together longer, like dwarves, but the male/female problem still exists. Syrian and similar breeds of hamster need to be separated sooner to avoid conflict. If you need anything else follow this link : http://ezinearticles.com/?Your-Best-Tips-For-Pregnant-Hamster-Care&id=2262392 Good luck :)

Who are some reality TV stars I can dress as?

kate gosselin, some midgets from TLC, a kardashian, someone from american idol, real world stars, kendra

I am 25, however my new wife is 64. Shes pregnant what should I do?

Be a saint and stay with her.

My cat is pregnant help me?!?

If you feel that she may be safer at your house then i would bring her to yours, she probably wont go outside alot, she will be most likely searching for a nesting place in the house but if you feel it will be too stressful for her to move then keep her at your dads. If you bring her to your house and she does go out she wont stray far, you could always try putting butter on her paws so she can find her way back :)

Jersey Shore and 16 & Pregnant?

16 and preg started 2 weeks ago tuesdays at10 :)

My pregnant cat is missing..!?

Yes, she's probably found somewhere to nest. Cats do this when they have kittens. When my cat had kittens, we found her in a box tucked up on a shelf among a pile of clothes in the spare room. We only found her after the kittens started mewing. Most likely she's in a place she considers safe and comfortable, and warm. Usually this would be in the house, but if you're in a warm climate it might be in the garage, or a shed, etc. If she's very friendly and social, she might be nearby in the house, and if she's less social, she might have gone further away so she could be alone with her kittens. I wouldn't worry too much. If you're not able to find her, you probably will see her once she feels comfortable leaving her "nest" for some food and water. Within about a week, she's likely to decide to move them someplace where she can keep them contained as they start to move around a bit :P My cat brought her kittens up to my sister's room, which was a loft only accessible by a ladder (it's very funny to watch a cat climb a ladder, by the way, even without a kitten in her mouth). If you do find her, try not to disturb her and the babies too much while they've still got their eyes closed (a week or so). Cats are pretty good at finding out-of-the-way places that aren't likely to be disturbed, but if she is in a place that needs to be moved, try to do so with as little disruption as possible.

How Disturbing Do You Find it That Cast Members of Jersey Shore Are Contributing to the Gene Pool?

Snooki, Y U NO WANNA TALK YOUR BF NAO? U ((UGLY CRY)) OVER HIM LAST EPISODE. And Deena.. Pregnant? Lezbehonest?

Lmao- lesbehonest, she only sleepin wit women, so its impossible to get pregnant, no?

Is Snooki / Nicole Pregnant?

Is snooki really pregnant?

Snooki from jersey shore is pregnant?

Can you believe Snooki is pregnant?

POLL:So What do you think about Snooki Being Pregnant?

Is snooki pregnant or not?!?!?

Yes. She is 3 month's pregnant with Jionni LaValle

Snooki is pregnant?? Shouldn't there be a law for who can and cannot get pregnant ?

Poll: Have you heard that Snooki is pregnant?

It's the beginning of the apocalypse.

Is Snooki from Jersey Shore pregnant?

Snooki to star in "Shore" spinoff, Mentally Challenged and Pregnant?

Is it true that Snooki is pregnant?

What do you think of snooki being pregnant?