What is the quote between Snape and Dumbledore regarding Lily Potter?

It was in regards to his love for lily. And because of that love he inadvertently loves Harry because he is a living part of her. Hence, Snapes patronus is identical to Lily's before she died.

Had Lily married a third suitor, what do you think Snape and James would have done?

Snape never stopped loving Lily from the moment they met. When James got her instead, poor Severus was heartbroken. If somebody else got the girl, things would have been the same. Except, that Lily would have probably never died. Because without James, there was no Harry. Without Harry, Voldemort would have thought the prophecy to have been about Neville. Lily would have survived and who knows? Maybe one day Snape would have gotten the girl he always craved. Things would have been so much different for him, as his life would not be spent protecting Lily's son. Would he have stayed on the Dark Lord's side? Possibly. Personally, I think the thought of Lily would have stopped him from being a Death Eater. On the other hand, it could be an incentive to join Voldemort instead. James. James fell in love with her at school, but his love was very different to Severus'. I personally much prefer the Snape/Lily pairing to James/Lily. James was a prankster. Yes, he fell for her. But he had always had girls going after him. If someone other than 'Snivelus' had gotten his girl, I would expect James to live up to his usual Marauder ways and cause trouble among the third suitor. Very interesting idea, actually.

Why does Voldemort not kill Snape after he switched sides?

Snape was able to convince Voldemort that he was still siding with him. He was basically able to trick him. In the beginning of harry potter and the half blood prince, bellatrix asks snape the questions that you have asked in the additional details. Snape is able to answer her questions with a believable cover up story.

What Image could I use for Tobias Snape who is Severus Snape father in Harry Potter?

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how does snape find harry if they cut the dual portraits in the deathly hallows movie?

they must have used some other means in the film.we all must wait until the film is released.

How do you think Snape would react to a woman cheating on him?

First of all, who would be crazy enough to cheat on Snape?? ;) Jk I guess it depends on how much he liked the girl. Like, for example since I have no idea what your story is about, if Lily and him were dating and she cheated on him with James, obviously he'd be pretty mad. He'd feel betrayed and probably think that he was worthless and no one wanted him, since everyone bullies him and he's neglected by his parents. Maybe he'd just like, shut down emotionally. He "bore his heart and soul" to this girl, so now he doesn't want to get hurt ever again. Maybe he'd want to hurt the guy for "taking" his girl from him. I don't know, maybe maybe maybe... :)

How do you think Lily, in death, dealt with being friends with both Snape and the Marauders?

I can't understand your question....do you mean after they all died? That we don't know cause we don't know what happens after people die. And Lily was already friends with both sides even while all of them were alive. But since she didn't approve of Snape's dark ways, she grew more and more distant with him, finally falling in love with James. But the friendship bond with Snape I supposed always remained, however faint.

How did Severus Snape know where to send his Silver Doe Patronus in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

Yeah in the book it's because Hermione has the portrait of Phineas Nigellus in her bag, and when they Apparate to the Forest of Dean she says that aloud, Phineas hears, and tells Snape! But since Phineas wasn't in the movie, I'm not sure how they'll explain that for the movie.

How old is Severus Snape supposed to be in the Harry Potter movies?

NO! ALAN RICKMAN IS AWESOME!! Snape is suppost to be 38 when he died, plus they used age remover in the last Harry Potter movie for Severus Snape with CGI so it doesn't matter how old Alan is. Plus his voice is perfect for Snape


I do think he was unfair to Harry, but he was obsessed with his dislike of Harry's father. That he protected Harry even though he disliked him so much is really to his credit, it's much harder to protect someone you don't like than someone you do. He was a very mixed character, which is what made him interesting. He never got over his love for Lily, and that was after all what made him in the end turn away from evil and work for good, so it had a beneficial effect on him in the end. I think it is sad that he could not have understood Harry better. If he had realized that Harry is really much more like his mother than his father he might have been able to get over his unreasonable dislike of Harry.