In a cross between a red-flowered snapdragon (homozygous) and a white-flowered snapdragon, the expected?

D. 100% pink It is an example of incomplete dominance.

1 Ghz Nvidia Tegra processor vs 1 Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor?

Right now its the dual core Tegra in a few mos Qualcom is firing back with The 8X72 a 1.5ghz dual core so the race is on :).

Snapdragon and dahila plants?

How much fertilizer did you use? To much and you are going to "burn" up the plant. There is no need to add fertilizer when planting, it should be applied after the plant has been established in the soil. Follow the directions for the fertilizer and do not use lawn fertilizer on garden plants it has to much nitrogen. It is better to use less fertilizer per application and put it on more often. Using half the amount recommended and making two applications a few weeks apart will provide the best results. Your new plants need a steady supple of water until the root systems are established, which can take a few weeks.

Where can I find a grimy snapdragon on Runescape??

Snapdragon is a medium-high level herb. It is used to make super restore potions. Since it is only dropped by random event Tree Spirits, Snapdragon can be hard to come by. Many players either use the Agility Arena or grow their own herbs by Farming, although a small amount comes from the Prison Pete random event, Gnome Restaurant minigame or as a possible reward for burning vyre corpses in Paterdomus.

snapdragon CPU inside an ipod touch?

Simply put .... no You would need tens of thousands of dollars worth of PCB/CPU fabrication equipment. Unless you have access to a commercial electronics fabrication facility and a team of devlopers its not a feasible possibiity. Generally Apple Iphone / Ipod touch modifications would be software based, its highly unlikely that you would be able to adapt the hardware.

I need help finding the lyrics to "Farrah Fawcett" by Snapdragon and Tara VanDevender!!?

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What is faster a 1ghz snapdragon processor or a 1.3 ghz celeron?

Faster doing what? Faster also has several defintions... Faster clock speed? Faster doing math? Faster doing other processing? Define the problem properly, to get a proper answer. Remember, GIGO.

Which is faster a snapdragon 1 ghz processor or a telechips TCC8900?

Snapdragon is faster. I am guessing you are looking at either Nexus One or HTC HD2

How do u say Snapdragon in Japanese?

Kingyosou キンギョソウ 金魚草

How much water does Snapdragon require?

Moderate. Soak them in well when you plant. Soak again a couple of days later if there has been no rain in the interim. After that they should be fine with watering only if it has been dry for several days. Their root systems develop quickly so they should be able to take up ample water on their own not long after planting,

how do you extract snapdragon seeds?

Normally ripe seeds of snapdragons are brown and hard, white ones should be unripe. Allow pods to dry on the plants and open them not earlier than looking similar to the photo ( Image ARRTO 26 nearly at bottom of site ): Properly cleaned, seed can be successfully dried and stored Propagation and more:

Snapdragon Germination?

Snapdragon seeds take about three weeks or more to germinate. This is the only difficult thing about Snapdragons, and causes many a gardener to get seedlings at their nearest garden store. But if you are up to the challenge, try germinating them yourself indoors about 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area. Adding bottom heat speeds the process up (a heat mat)

snapdragon fertilizer recommendations?

Yes go ahead & use it. It's formulated to promote more blooms by feeding through both the roots & leaves. Printed on the box :"It is guaranteed not to burn & is safe for all plants, when used as directed." The recommendations for snaps are: " a general purpose fertilizer before planting if the soil is poor." "Fertilize every 2 weeks with an all-purpose fertilizer for best growth. Keep the soil moderately moist." Since you probably don't know how fertile your soil is, why not use it? My neighbor uses it on her flowers & they're beautiful, so... I just bought some for my flowering plants, too. LOL :) P.S. It says 1 Tablsp in a gallon of water, but I'm using 1 Tablsp in my 2 gallon watering can.

How much water does a snapdragon need?

A snapdragon needs as much water as a snapdragon can snap.

how to grow snapdragon from seed?

the difference between starting your snapdragons indoors verses outdoors is the soil temp. A soil temp of 70 degrees is required for germination of seeds. If the outdoor temp is 70 or above then you should not have a problem starting from seed, as long as you didn't bury the seeds too deep. The soil should be a 50/50 mix of soil and potting soil for better results and a more aggressive growth. If you want them to bloom all summer then plant them in an area that receives part shade and part sun throughout the day. Enjoy your snapdragons! which should start to show themselves in about 15 days after planting seeds.

whats the difference between MSM8255 and QSD8255 Qualcomm snapdragon processor?

Where online can I order snapdragon?

try harris seeds snapdragon

I have noticed that ants have been stealing my snapdragon seeds.?

If the ants are taking the seeds then they are indeed eating them . Your best two options are either buy an ant killer , which if you have children or pets , may not be the best option , or start the flowers in containers and tranfer them later . I have had do this as they will sometimes steal all the seeds Ive sown .

What is the name of the "Snapdragon" flower in other languages?

English: snapdragon, lion's mouth, bunny mouth, rabbit's mouth, toad's mouth, dragon's mouth Danish: løvemule, torskefláb, gabeflab Dutch: Leeuwenbekken, hazenmuil, schaapsmuilkens, gapers, gaperkes, gaberkes, kousen-en-shukes, schoentjes, tamme orant, arme-zünderskruud German: Löwenmäulchen, Großes Löwenmaul (see also the special list of German names for snapdragons). Finnish: Leijonankidat French: gueule de lion, gueule de loup, mufle de veau, grand muflier, mufle, pantoufle de Notre-Dame Italian: bocca di leone, erba strega, bocca do lovo, scarpette d'a Madonna Japanese: kingyosou, Lituanian: levãzandis Lettlandian: lauvmutite Polish: Bez polskiej nazwy, lwia paszczeka Rumanian: gura-leului, gura-mielului, ghergelita Serbian: lavovo rila, zevalica Spanish: boca de dragon Swedish: lejonmuler, lejongap Other: Anf Ath Thor, Aslan Aghazi, Grognon D'Via, Halq As Sabe, Lisan As Sabe, Vak Vak Cicegi

What does a Snapdragon flower smell like?

They have a very subtle, almost cinnamonny scent to them. Making then "talk" by squeezing the sides of the flowers kept my kids busy for HOURS! lol!!

where can i find snapdragon seeds on runescape?

best i can figure out..

What is the difference between a 1GHz Snapdragon Processor & a 1GHz Hummingbird Processor?

What do I feed a potted plant (snapdragon)?

Miracle Grow the instructions are on the box

what are traits of snapdragon flowers?

Here's a good site to check out:

what is the difference between Qualcomm Snapdragon & dual core Nvidia Tegra 2?

Here are some links to the wikipedia and the nvidia site. You can read and compare notes to determine the differences yourself I hope this helps good luck

Do I need to dead-head the dried blossoms on snapdragon plans?

Yes, if you want them to keep blooming. Deadheading also keeps them from getting long and scraggly.

Where can I buy a bouquet of snapdragon flowers? i hope these help !!

Did Darwin use Samsung Galaxy S snapdragon processor to do his cross-breeding experiment?

snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus) is a kind of flower

Is there a version of "Stupid Zombies" for a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor?

I have the same phone, and can play Stupid Zombies quite happily...Have you tried going through both the android market on our phone, AND the online market here: Perhaps you have another problem such as not enough memory to install, try moving some apps to SD card/deleting them? Its a great free game, hope you have success in playing it!

Is it morally wrong to tell your kid that snapdragon flowers are called that because they snap your fingers if?

As funny as that might be, I wouldn't do it. I'd look up snapdragon flowers online, go on a nature hunt and then show them what kind of flower it is. But knowing my kids if you tell them that, they'd want to stick their finger in it even more! :)

what is the name of the highest snapdragon=Loa Arie =antirrhinum from Mediterranean region?

Rocket snapdragons....if they don't label the type, check the tags on the plants...they range from dwarf, medium to tall (30-48 inches)

Is there any way I could upgrade my Droid Eris processor to a snapdragon?

Sure, if you want to take the phone apart and install it yourself, or pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it for you.... 2.1 will work display fine on your Eris, it will just run slow

How does Blue Hawaiian Punch affect a Snapdragon Plants' growth?

Stop and think about the main ingredients in the punch. They are mostly sugar and water with a little bit of food coloring and flavoring. Ask your self what effect are these going to have on any plant. Then go ahead to do the experiment to support or disprove your theory.

How is a snapdragon an example of incomplete dominance?

OHH OHH!! im doing the exact same thing now... here is what my notes have to say.. red snapdragons are R1R1 white snapdragons are R2R2 so a cross between red and white snapdragons would be R1R2... making them PINK!! pink as there is insufficient red pigment produced and red is not completely dominant over white. incomplete dominance occurs when- -the dominant allele does not fully mask the other allele -in the heterozygous condition (in this case R1R2=pink) both alleles are partially expressed, producing an intermediate phenotype (in this case pink) yay. hope that helped.

What is the difference between a Snapdragon processor and Droid processor?

What they don't tell you is they are NOT processors. Droid's "Cortex A8" is clocked at 550 MHz. Snapdragon is actually a "platform" (or chipset) that integrates a CPU core very similar to the one in Droid, albeit clocked a bit higher, with GPS and cellular modem, into a single "system on a chip". The CPU core is very similar to the Cortex A8. So the difference is mainly in clock speed. --- Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days Don't take life too seriously; you won't get out alive.

How to properly prune snapdragon flowers?

dead head them that encourages new growth if flowers i never prune only new seeds every year, cutting is no problem with these hardy plants

if a red and pink snapdragon are crossed, what percentage of the offspring will be white?

0% Based on the given info; the only possibilities are either red or pink

Do snapdragon flowers need to be dead-headed like roses & other flowers?

Well you dont have to but I would go ahead and do it. I live in the desert southwest and snap dragons will winter over here, but they also will self seed. I love them ! Enjoy your beautiful flowers.

well Snapdragon plants attract humming birds or butterflys?

They are red, I wouldn't see why not. Definitely humming birds, likely butterflies too.

Can a snapdragon be propagated if there is only the bud and a small bit of stem left?

If you live in an area that doesn't have harsh winters and has warm summers, then Solstice Snapdragons can be treated as perennial.

Why do snapdragon leaves sometimes develop that gorgeous purple outline?

the only purple i know they get on the leaves is rust, which can kill them.

How to plant a snapdragon?

Plant it in a sunny area. I remember a few years back I purchased some snapdragons and planted them where it was shady, they didn't do so well there. Basically they require neutral pH, average moisture, and well drained soil. The only true maintenance needed with snapdragons would be cutting the plants back and watering deeply in the summer heat after flowers fade.

How to care for a young snapdragon plant...?

lot's of sun, are you in a warm area?I am guessing so or you will need to grow it inside. Snapdragons are pretty easy.The tall varieties sometimes need staking.You will see on the plant where the new tiny leaves are coming out on either side.Sounds tricky, but pinch the growth in the middle out.If you are saying What? then just leave it alone.Pinching makes the plant wider , with more blooms.But if you don't understand this process, you will still have flowers.After the snap is done blooming take the flower off and more will come!If it going in the ground, buy a small bag of potting mix with food in it.Take it out of it's pot,and loosen the roots if they appear to be winding around in a circular pattern.Dig a hole twice as big as the container,fill halfway with soil, and gently put the plant in so the base of the plant is ground level.fill the rest with soil,and water in.Happy snapping!This is so much easier to show someone.

Do I really need to sow my Larkspur and Snapdragon seeds?

If I were you and if you have the room, start them indoors and transplant them later, maybe even next spring. You don't have to have a greenhouse and it'll give you better success. If you understand seeds, you know that you might not see anything from them until next spring.

Why Snapdragon flower pigmentation in one particular genetic situation is said to violate Mendel’s principles?

I'm guessing that the situation you are talking about is when red flowered plants are crossed with white ones, giving all pink offspring. Mendel never studied traits that exhibit incomplete dominance. So his principles include the idea of dominance (one allele is dominant and the other is recessive). He didn't study (or chose to ignore) situations like the snapdragon where the heterozygote has a phenotype different than either homozygote.

The offspring from a cross between a red snapdragon and a white snapdragon are pink. How is this possible?

I'm not totally sure on this, just guessing what my mum has told me, and seeing how she gardens a lot, I'll assume it's true: The red and white seeds can grow together, to form a hybrid, adding a percentage of both colors to form pink. Hope it helps!

how do you care for indoor snapdragon flowers?

For one thing snap dragons are more a outside then an inside plant. Growing them from seed is one way but do you plan to put them in a window box outside? First you need a green house setup for the seeds. You can buy one or you can make one using any clear topped carry out tray (like the kind from taco bell 'nacho bell grande'). Put in good potting soil after you put in small drainage slits on the bottom of the tray. Plant the seeds as instructed or 2" apart in the tray. Cover litely with soil and with a spray bottle from the dollar store spray the soil and seed until wet. Cover then let sit in a partly sunny location. Once they've sprouted and start to over grow the cover, start training them with out the cover an hour a day to 6 hours to get use to the new environment . Water frequently. Once they are use to the new environment then get the planter you plan to use and with a large spoon CAREFULLY (from the farthest point of the tray around the edge) gently scoop up the seedling and transplant it into the planter (already having a small hole pre dug to place it in. ) Once that is done make a new green house top using wire and saran wrap. Until they are over the shock of transplanting. Once they are 2-3 inch's high start training them again in a sunny location with frequent watering's with the spray bottle. Feed them a half strength water soluble plant food from the spray bottle about once every 2 weeks. If possible leave outside as a window box.

How do I determine if a color of a pure-breeding snapdragon is dominant or recessive? Determining genotypes?

Blue is dominant. The blue would have to be BB (B=blue,r=red) in order for the offspring to be all blue. The red would be rr. Br, Br, Br, Br... Dominant is always capitalized. What grade are you in?(just wondering)

Why is the snapdragon flower referred to as stock?

Snapdragon and Stock are two different flowers. They have similarities, but they are different. Stock is matthiola Snapdragon is antirrhinum The trouble with common names sometimes is that different flowers (botanically speaking) may share the same common name. Or are called different common names in different areas. Only if you know the botanical name can you be sure of the identity of the flower being discussed.

How many snapdragon seeds do you put in one hole?

One! A seed or a seedling (which is what you have). A plot is outside ground and I just don't get "what efficient way to place the pot in?". Look at the instructions on the bag of potting soil. Use a small pot and place in recommended sunlight. Good luck with the sole survivor.