How do you mod Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

You can't add your own characters, although you can make some changes, like make characters switch moves. look up some ssbb switched move set videos on youtube. The only way to mod brawl is to hack your wii with custom firmware and install the homebrew channel, where you can enter some stuff to change a game the next time you play it.

Can I use a gamecube fightstick for super smash bros brawl?

Super Smash Bros. Brawl does support the Gamecube Controllers. Just remember to insert the controller to the proper player port (if you're 2nd player, using the 2nd port, ect.)

What is it with the new Nintendo wii game " super smash brothers brawl" it works sometimes and then it want?

Either update your Wii System or if it doesn't work, just go to the store where you bought it from and replace it with another copy. It could be that the game screwed up or if you have your Wii modded, it might have gotten messed up when you updated it.

How do you edit character's attacks in super smash brothers brawl?

Do you have a hacked wii? if not maybe this will help if so the program is called Project Smash Attack by Phantom Wing (PW) this edits character pac. that can be used with (PW)s file replacement code run through Gecko OS an app for homebrew ^_^ don't cheese up a character "I want to make a tutorial soon" email me if you still need help (not about the first link though just getting the setup right ^_^)

How do I get past that glowing door in at the beggining of Skyworld as Pit in super Smash Bros Brawl?

The Up on any controller wiill work. It works on any door. You can even open a door in midair! The reason why it's up is because Wii can do that.

How much will gamestop give me in cash for super smash bros brawl for wii?

I checked on their website, and they'll give you $19.99 for the game and case.

What are those VERY tiny red bugs that when you smash them look like nothing but a blood spot?

spider mites. They aren't harmful.

Why doesn't Smash Brothers remember my saved control configuration in brawls etc?

When you are going to brawl select your name from the list and your settings will be put into use. To get to your name go to the bottom of the screen and click the little pencil icon. Your control configurations are saved to your profile.

Is it okay to smash up vitamins into oatmeal?

It's okay to crush up any vitamin into any food. Just don't do it with prescription drugs unless instructed to do so.

How do u enable smash service for brawl?

go to the options menu within wifi and there is a option to turn smash service on or off

How to not smash teeth when kissing?

Pucker your lips and go for it! The only way you will smash teeth is if you pretty much grind them together and/or press your face against theirs too hard.

how do i make a save file on super smash bros brawl? Do i need to buy something sepate to play?

You Wii may have too much data in it to create a file. SSBB take around150 blocks to save data. You may need to delete old or unwanted save data(a game you no longer have, one you don't play, etc.).

What is the name of the game where you smash head hogs as they come up?

Theres one where you can do that with moles. Its called Whack-A-Mole

What happened to the daily featured stages in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

I've been playing SSBB for some time now and I've never seen anything that. Are you sure you're not talking about something else?

I'm super angry at my friend for always playing Marth and only using smash attacks.How should I enact revenge?

use smash or take the range approach marth ain't the best guy zelda would be a good pick or marths brother roy. if your useing the new one i would chose sonic or snake or pit. instead of pressing the combo for smash attacks move the yellow joystick on the camecube controller.

where can i buy a broken guitar to smash?

Go on ebay. There's a seller on there who sells guitars that need repair for very low prices. Some have cracks or are missing pieces. Search for "project guitar".

What characters would be good for a super smash bros game for the ps 3 and xbox360?

Banjo with Kazooie Jak and Daxter Crash Bandicoot Master Chief

Should I smash all the greenhouses in my neighbourhood?

No... you'll poke your eye out!

how to convert a button into an upward smash on a wii mote and nun chuk?

Go to main menu, select options i think(it could be data) there should be a button that says something like controls or something. select it, and you will be given an option to switch your controls. i think. i'm not sure, i haven't played in a while.

What would be the best web safe color scheme and css for a Super Smash Bros site?

A good color for it is- background:#F7D299 (orange) div background:#EABF5E (darker orange) text: #480D0D (darky-red) nav color #ABC7BC (pale green) I guess if I made one the color scheme would be like this, and its nice that people do more and more site. :)

Who is your favorite fighter In Super Smash Brothers Melee?

kirby FTW, hes small so harder to hit then alot of the other people, can avoid most specials relatively easily, hard to knock out of the screen because of his floating and hes able to combat virturally anything, he has powerful moves and also good moves to combo with.

How to hit far and make a smash shot in badminton?

To hit the shuttlecock harder and further, you need to make sure you hit it with the middle of the badminton racquet. This gives the shuttle more power to fly further. It is better to concentrate on your arm and try not to move or twist your wrist while following through with your shot. Also, practice is key when it comes to hitting the shuttlecock correctly. The more you practice, the better you will be at it :)

Who is your favorite character on Super Smash Brothers Brawl and why?

many: C. Falcon- he is quick and has an attack that can blow u off the stage Samus-Many strong attacks and and great smash move Kirby-i love his down B cuz it does damage and protects u Snake- Really fast, great smash move, and his punched work good Squirtle is good, but i hate that shell thing when he goes flying off Shiek is also really good, but for some reason i havent layed much with her

What's it called when you smash a champagne bottle on a boat?


How do you use Donkey Kong's super power in Super Smash Brothers Brawl game for the Wii?

DK's Final Smash can be really effective for edge-guarding on a small stage, but on a big one, it's not much use. To use it, tap A with the rhythm of the song. Doing so effectively will send the pulses of sound out much further. And also, on a side note, the last pulse is the strongest and most powerful.

How can you get the super smash brothers brawl demo on the Wii?

There are a number of demo videos for Super Smash Brothers on the Gamespot website. Just follow this link to view them:;videos

How do I get Rock Smash in Pokemon Pearl?

If you have visited Oreburgh Gate, you should have it. Check your bag. If not, go to Oreburgh Gate now, a hiker will talk to you and give HM06 Rock Smash once you enter. Everytime I will forget if I got the HM or not.

How much would you sell a wii, two wii controlers, super smash bros brawl, and the nunchuck thing for?

Probably 130-80 it already is 200 dollars so the value drops.

Recipe for a reduced sugar 1 yr old's birthday smash cake?

There are lots of low sugar cake recipes on Some also have other health options, such as no eggs, no wheat, vegan, etc. Another option - at my son's first birthday party we made "regular" (from cake mix) cupcakes instead of a cake. They looked really cute on a cupcake stand, and he got to have one cupcake to himself to smoosh up -- not nearly as much mess or waste, and I didn't have to make something else separate for the guests.

Is it possible to rip the music off a super smash brothers brawl ISO image?

Um... I'm pretty sure that's ilegal. Besides I don't think you can anyways.

Why does my arm hurt after doing an overhead smash in tennis?

Usually young kids like you don't get tennis elbow. I think you swung to hard on the overhead, i used to do that a lot. Especially when you wiff, that can hurt a lot. Just remember you dont have to kill the ball on overheads, just hit them at a solid pace and angle them wisely.

Can i start a new subspace file in Super Smash Brothers brawl without deleting my old one?

you should be able to have 3 files...mine does

How does my friend make his smash # work?

Well, both of you have to add each others friend codes on your wiis. If the code is correct, then it will say awaiting registration. After each of you added the others code, their profile name should appear in your friend roster when both of you are online at the same time. If it still says awaiting registration, well the other person hasn't added you or both have not connected to WFC.

How do you make a Flash game like Super Smash Flash without knowing how to code and stuff?

Well, you don't. You need to be able to program to make any sort of game.

Most effective way to fully execute badminton jump smash?

get behind the bird, jump at the right time and complete a good, near perfect rotation in the air

How do I get videos from Super Smash Bros Brawl onto youtube without acually videotaping it with a camera?

The best way to record console games is to use an Adaptec GameBridge. Another way is to use a Dazzle video capture device. This guy uses it to record his Rock Band action

What characters should be in the new smash bros?

Dude, they may not be nintendo characters but that doesn't mean they cant license them. Metal gear solid and Sonic aren't Nintendo characters also but there in the game. I would love to see Mida from twilight princess. Viewful Joe maybe or maybe a lego character.

where can i find good stuff to smash with my new sludge hammer?

i have some annoying people in my house right now that i would like you to hit with your hammer :)

What is the smash or pass game on facebook?

Its private. You dont want to tell everyone on your friends list if youd have sex with a specific person. So the person that wants to know whether youll do it or not messages you a number (in private) then that person will put the number in front to tell who it is. Only that person who messaged will know.

How do you make fake super smash bros brawl characters?

They are not fake Smash Bros characters. They are simply custom skins over characters. Same move set and everything as one other character you did the skin/costume over.

How do i stop my Wii from lagging when i play Super smash bros brawl online?

try your wifi connection , do u have linksys ? if so see what signal strength u have . and dont run a bunch of computers and gaming systems at once it messes up the wiis connection . ps3s , xbox 360s , phone , any thing wireless can interfere

When should you smash in a game of badminton?

A smash must dip at a good inclination, otherwise it is useless. So, smashing is most effective when you are not too close to the back boundary line. (If you are too close to the back boundary line, you won't get a good inclination).

What pokemon can use rock smash in the beginning of pokemon platinum to get your second gym badge?

001 Bulbasaur #002 Ivysaur #003 Venusaur #004 Charmander #005 Charmeleon #006 Charizard #007 Squirtle #008 Wartortle #009 Blastoise #015 Beedrill #019 Rattata #020 Raticate #025 Pikachu #026 Raichu #027 Sandshrew #028 Sandslash #029 Nidoran (F) #030 Nidorina #031 Nidoqueen #032 Nidoran (M) #033 Nidorino #034 Nidoking #035 Clefairy #036 Clefable #046 Paras #047 Parasect #050 Diglett #051 Dugtrio #054 Psyduck #055 Golduck #056 Mankey #057 Primeape #058 Growlithe #059 Arcanine #061 Poliwhirl #062 Poliwrath #066 Machop #067 Machoke #068 Machamp #074 Geodude #075 Graveler #076 Golem #080 Slowbro #089 Muk #094 Gengar #095 Onix #098 Krabby #099 Kingler #104 Cubone #105 Marowak #106 Hitmonlee #107 Hitmonchan #108 Lickitung #111 Rhyhorn #112 Rhydon #113 Chansey #114 Tangela #115 Kangaskhan #123 Scyther #125 Electabuzz #126 Magmar #127 Pinsir #128 Tauros #130 Gyarados #131 Lapras #134 Vaporeon #135 Jolteon #136 Flareon #138 Omanyte #139 Omastar #140 Kabuto #141 Kabutops #142 Aerodactyl #143 Snorlax #144 Articuno #145 Zapdos #146 Moltres #149 Dragonite #150 Mewtwo #151 Mew #153 Bayleef #154 Meganium #156 Quilava #157 Typhlosion #159 Croconaw #160 Feraligatr #162 Furret #166 Ledian #175 Togepi #176 Togetic #180 Flaaffy #181 Ampharos #183 Marill #184 Azumarill #185 Sudowoodo #186 Politoed #190 Aipom #194 Wooper #195 Quagsire #199 Slowking #203 Girafarig #204 Pineco #205 Forretress #206 Dunsparce #207 Gligar #208 Steelix #209 Snubbull #210 Granbull #212 Scizor #213 Shuckle #214 Heracross #215 Sneasel #216 Teddiursa #217 Ursaring #218 Slugma #219 Magcargo #220 Swinub #221 Piloswine #222 Corsola #227 Skarmory #228 Houndour #229 Houndoom #231 Phanpy #232 Donphan #236 Tyrogue #237 Hitmontop #239 Elekid #240 Magby #241 Miltank #242 Blissey #243 Raikou #244 Entei #245 Suicune #246 Larvitar #247 Pupitar #248 Tyranitar #249 Lugia #250 Ho-oh #252 Treecko #253 Grovyle #254 Sceptile #255 Torchic #256 Combusken #257 Blaziken #258 Mudkip #259 Marshtomp #260 Swampert #261 Poochyena #262 Mightyena #263 Zigzagoon #264 Linoone #271 Lombre #272 Ludicolo #273 Seedot #274 Nuzleaf #275 Shiftry #286 Breloom #287 Slakoth #288 Vigoroth #289 Slaking #294 Loudred #295 Exploud #296 Makuhita #297 Hariyama #299 Nosepass #301 Delcatty #302 Sableye #303 Mawile #304 Aron #305 Lairon #306 Aggron #307 Meditite #308 Medicham #316 Gulpin #317 Swalot #319 Sharpedo #320 Wailmer #321 Wailord #322 Numel #323 Camerupt #324 Torkoal #327 Spinda #328 Trapinch #329 Vibrava #330 Flygon #334 Altaria #335 Zangoose #336 Seviper #340 Whiscash #341 Corphish #342 Crawdaunt #344 Claydol #346 Cradily #347 Anorith #348 Armaldo #352 Kecleon #356 Dusclops #357 Tropius #359 Absol #363 Spheal #364 Sealeo #365 Walrein #369 Relicanth #371 Bagon #372 Shelgon #373 Salamence #375 Metang #376 Metagross #377 Regirock #378 Regice #379 Registeel #382 Kyogre #383 Groudon #384 Rayquaza #386 Deoxys #387 Turtwig #388 Grotle #389 Torterra #390 Chimchar #391 Monferno #392 Infernape #394 Prinplup #395 Empoleon #399 Bidoof #400 Bibarel #402 Kricketune #408 Cranidos #409 Rampardos #410 Shieldon #411 Bastiodon #418 Buizel #419 Floatzel #423 Gastrodon #424 Ambipom #427 Buneary #428 Lopunny #434 Stunky #435 Skuntank #437 Bronzong #443 Gible #444 Gabite #445 Garchomp #446 Munchlax #447 Riolu #448 Lucario #449 Hippopotas #450 Hippowdon #451 Skorupi #452 Drapion #453 Croagunk #454 Toxicroak #460 Abomasnow #461 Weavile #463 Lickilicky #464 Rhyperior #465 Tangrowth #466 Electivire #467 Magmortar #468 Togekiss #470 Leafeon #471 Glaceon #472 Gliscor #473 Mamoswine #475 Gallade #476 Probopass #477 Dusknoir #483 Dialga #484 Palkia #485 Heatran #486 Regigigas #487 Giratina #487 Giratina #491 Darkrai #493 Arceus any of these guys Hope this helped Mip

What is the guitar hero smash hits track list?

The full track listing is available here And not sure about it being harder - the free demo of the game is out on XBOX live at the moment and its not a patch on some of the earlier games

How do you upload super smash brawl pictures to a computer?

Yea, the computer would say it's a .bin file or something like that. Well, you are in the right track. This is what I do. Go to this site and when you click browse, choose that file in that unknown format. Check off 16:9 widescreen if you need to and then click "Decrypt." It works fine for me and it should work with you as well. Hope this helps.

How to fix super smash bros wii without sending it off to nintendo/a game store?

well it mite be cracked take it 2 game stop but look ill give u a burn wii game of that 4 free heres my wii number add me and ill send it know 0671 5279 4819 1390

Saw a place on Smash Cuts that historically used fireworks after their cannons were taken?

It's done on the Greek island Chios. It's not a special festival, it's something they do every Easter.

Is Rock Smash a terrible move other than its out of battle purposes? Who should I give it to?

DO NOT TEACH IT TO YOUR HITMONCHAN!!!!!!!!!!! There are much better moves it could know (Mega Punch, Thunder Punch) The Graveler is a good idea and say good bye to self cannot unteach strength as its a hm move too. hm moves cannot be removed from a pokemons moveset. well rock smash has a chance of lowering the opponents defence, so replacing self destruct would be wise, this also allows to atk and possibly lower stats as well its one of the suckiest moves but teach it to the right pokemon with high atk stat and ur good Source(s): i have played every pokemon gamereplace self destruct, it sucks miserably in battle

What do I need to record videos of Smash from my Wii to my computer?

A capture card. It has red white and yellow plugs and you plug the USB end in your computer and then plug your wii composite plugs into the capture cards composite plugs

Who thinks that super smash bros brawl is one of the best video games ever?

Yes Is the Best. Is Fun As.