What cellphones or smartphones that are able to open full websites like opening website on PC?

give a try to the good old nokia 9300..wider screen, so that the whole website fits into it.. another trick is that,while u browse a site in mobile there is an option called "view in html" at the bottom of the page.. clicking on it will display the page fully..

what are good smartphones available int he US that are cheap in price?

You can test HTC phone WildFire its cheap but smart.take a look on its price before going for buying it.its Android,small,smart.

Which multimedia/smartphones from Verizon do not require you to buy a data plan?

Lisa your best bet is probably going to be the LG ENVY TOUCH is an amazing phone it has a touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, internal screen, auto-focus camera, etc. I own the phone and its great what else could you ask for in a phone w/o having to pay the extra 30$

How much will it cost to add upgrade two lines to smartphones to my family plan for Verizon?

You'll have to pay a data plan at least $30 per month for each smartphone. Also, you can upgrade your phone (contract extension) online at a cheap price on AmazonWireless, a U.S. website by Amazon.com that offers cell phones and wireless plans, easy shopping without rebate hassles, and FREE two-day shipping. You benefit from Amazon's world-class service and security. Phone price start at a penny (with contract), and a cheap replacement phone (phone only, no contract). Check them out. Verizon smartphones >> http://wireless.amazon.com/b/684177011?phones_categoryCarrier=carrierVerizon&tag=ce-phn-20&phones_categoryPhoneType=typeSmartphone <<

Will smartphones become the most important digital advice out there?

no the most important but yeah pretty big

do blackberries and other smartphones cost more a month than regular cell phones on Verizon Wireless?

Yes, any blackberry or a smartphone that has launched since nov 2008 like the samsung omnia requires a data plan of 29.99 or higher. Whether u use the web or not, it is auto added and u will be responsible for paying for it. If you get an older smartphone u wont have to get the data plan.

What smartphones have a similar texting style like the iphone?

The BlackBerry Storm 2 coming to Verizon soon, will have a similar style, in fact ALL BlackBerries with OS 5.0 will have a similar texting style.

How to block smartphones from accessing our public wifi?

You would probably have to have it setup so that people using your connection have to go to a login page first (which can still be free) then use a javascript in that page to detect what type of operating system is accessing your page, then set it to not allow those types to navigate from that page or send it to a dummy page that can't go anywhere. http://www.redshiftaudiovideo.com


the blackjack, it has a qwerty keyboard. the iphone isn't good for txtn


for my fat fingers... seriously... plus I like waching video on 4.3 in screens... not those tinny things.. LOL