I need a Super Junior lightstick for SM Town?

Hi, I found one on YesAsia ~^.^ http://www.yesasia.com/global/1010795623-0-0-0-en/info.html There's also another one on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com.my/lov-crown-READY-STOCK-Super-Junior-1st-Light-Stick-/170508339985?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_207&hash=item27b316cb11#ht_913wt_930

What Should I wear for SM Town?

Wear what ever you feel comfy in. But I have a feeling that a majority of the girls will wear the sexiest and sluttiest looking outfit they can get away with.

Sm town paris?Le zenith de paris? two tickets! please help!?

I got 3 Goodies Package + Prestige ticket i am going to sell. I havent desided on price yet, but i guess it will be some more than what i paid for them....

Which is better Jyp or SM town entertainment?

SM makes you more popular faster, and overall, more popular. You get to be in more commercials, shows, magazines, yeah. SM produces Pop music. If you're a girl, you either be girly or not. LOL. Like all of SNSD members dance through ''sexy'' dances. and you can also be ''not girly'' as much. Like Amber. (I really think she's awesome though) JYP can also make you popular but not much as popular as SM's artists. 2pm is still losing to Super Junior and DBSK Miss A is losing to SNSD and is kind of tied with F(x) (I'm talking about popularity) JYP produces r&b and those electro songs. Btw, the founder of SM is meaner and more unfair than the founder of JYP. I'm not 100% sure on the popularity thing but I'm quite positive. Therefore, you choose what's better (:

SM Town audition question about song?

They didn't say so. You can sing either an original song of your own or a cover of an existing song without any accompanying music. By the way, I'm jealous that you live near enough to go to one of the auditions.

Does anyone has the SM town audition form?

Applications can be sent via e-mail to: 2012usa@smtown.com, 2012canada@smtown.com, or YouTube (www.youtube.com/audition)

Anyone bought ticket at livenation for SM town?

I don't know...but I think it's a good website. If you won't be able to buy a ticket, I have on ticket on sale ^^ my email is namie88@tiscali.it

how many people went to sm town 2010?

well.. to my estimate seoul: 35000 los angeles: 15000 shanghair: 25000 & there is the last stop in japan next january so idk yet :) but L.A. & Shanghai there are articles saying the amount of people. for seoul, im not too sure i've heard but yeah.

where can i get tickets for the SM Town world tour? (specifically for the performance in LA's Staple center?)?

Further information on the SM Town Concert in LA, will be available on July 9th. so check out http://www.smtown.com/smtownlive10/ around that day.

When does the sm town 5 hour concert take place?

some time this month

the best Sm. town in southern AZ.?

This question has gone a week without an answer. Green Valley is only some 40 miles south of Tucson, AZ. It is a very nice area and considered quite safe. It is a fairly quiet place since there are a lot of retirees in the area, but that is the case in most southern Arizona small towns. Other towns that are nice include Patagonia, Huachucha City (a lot of military retirees), and Sierra Vista. Since these are desert towns, they are very visible on Google Earth. You can get a very good overhead view of the lay of the land as well as get an idea as to the size of the towns. Good luck with your move.

Which performers are you most excited to see at SM Town Live?

super junior shinee snsd f(x)

sm town audition application form?

Wait longer... If a few more days go by and it gets closer to the actual auditions, see if you can call the theater company or email the director and inquire about auditions.

How much do u think SM Town Live 2010 World Tour tickets will be for L.A.?

Tickets go on sale july 24th at 10am and ticket prices range from $40 to $180. Hope it helps.

What's SM Town Entertainment's email address ?

Hi... You must write your: name age name of school current school year e-mail address home address home and mobile phone number height weight specialty [attach your audition video] send to: smaudition@smtown.com or you can post mail them to Audition Artist Development 521 Apgujung2dong Kangnam Gu Seoul Korea Hope I helped

questions about sm town and jyp audition?

It's up to you, just remember to sing a powerful song that can really show off the potential in your voice and fits your style well! Impressive? Probably not, because even if you did debut under them, you'd just be dancing the whole time and they would probably already have music set up for you. But you can if you want! It can show them that you can play some instruments. It wouldn't necessarily be an advantage to your audition, but you never know. Just make sure that if you do play an instrument, sing LOUD because they'll just ignore your audition if they can't hear you clearly.

What to wear to SM Town Live 2010 in Los Angeles?

i'd suggest something that makes you stand out.especially top wear. but something that is comfortable. bottoms it could either be rock,punk, or pop skinny jeans or casual denim shorts shorts.

Do you think SM town would accept North Koreans? How do you think K-pop fans would react?

do u have to move to korea if sm town choose you?

You'll have to move to Korea for sure. I mean, if you're chosen for a Korean entertainment, it's a given that you'd have to train and debut in Korea.

how does SM advertise SM Town Concert LA every year?

Every year? As far as I know it was only this year...

Can i still audition for Sm town?

It's not SM Town... its SM entertainment... SM Town is when the artist are going out of Korea... Yes weekly auditions are still good.

When you get taken as an SM Town trainee, can't you just live where you live now?

You can't learn the things independently, because you need professional training in order to debut in SM. They want you to be used to the environment in Korea, work along with your possible future group members, checked once a month for your progress, etc. Training in your own country isn't enough. You need to train for around 7 hours a day. You need to be on a diet. They can't keep an eye on you if you're halfway across the globe. And yes, they do expect an 8 year old to leave her/his parents, although they'll probably look for a little older people.

Hi I wanted to ask if i audution for SM Town would I get casted?

There is absolutely no way of knowing until you audition so give it a go and see what happens. You definitely don't have to involve your parents or move to Korea, you can do this on your own. ♬ ♪ ♩ ♫ ♪ Good luck!... ☺

How many people went to SM Town 2011 in Europe?

The total attendance was 14,000 people. I've linked by source, which also linked their Korean language source. I hope this helps!

JYPE-JYP Nation, SME-SM Town, YGE-YG Family.What about A CUBE Entertainment and others entertainments?

Hello^-^ Are you talking about concerts and tours? If you are then CUBE ent and the other Korean music companies aren't big enough to do a world tour. I bet in the future CUBE will do a Asia tour because their groups and singers are really good!

moving to colorado in august.need sm town close to bigger city?

Evergreen is 15 miles from Denver. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evergreen,_Colorado

How much to bring to sm town concert? (short)?

just bring lots of money

how much is a ticket to sm town live new york?


Do you have to be over 18 to get into the SM Town concert by yourself?

Im not sure but my 14 year old friend went alone to SHINee world tour concert. I think you can get in without an adult, i mean there's no reason why you cant.

Would anyone like to come to my Florida sm town flash mob?

I WOULD!! And I have like ten people to back me up and come too! DOOO ITTTTTT!!

Has anyone bought a ticket for SM Town Paris with Livenation?

I haven't bought one yet, i'll buy them on May 16th. But they're real i think goodies are things like shinee posters or something, t-shirts...

Where do you buy SM Town Live 2010 Concert Tickets?

check the website July 9th. They said there will be more info on LA. Money is not a problem for me. It's hoping that I will get tickets and that it won't be sold out.

Is EXO going to perform next month in SM Town Los Angeles?

I highly doubt they'll go.

When and where can I buy tickets to the SM Town World Tour for LA?

Lol I feel the same way for dbsk :) hopefully I'll go too The tickets should go on sale on www.ticketmaster.com around August (check everyday cause they usually get sold out after a few hours to a few days!!!) SMTown Official Site http://www.smtown.com/smtownlive10/ The venue is Staples Center in L.A. It's on September 4, it's on a Saturday (yay!) http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMTown_Live_%2710_World_Tour Go to the link above to c all the info and the set list and everything!

SM Entertainment confirms ‘SM Town Live’ in NYC this October?

I also checked like crazy. The event shows up now, and tickets will be going on sale this coming friday, the 9th at 10 am eastern time. The pricing is not too bad either, the most expensive is around $250. I remember reading that ticketmaster will have them, and another website. But if you go to madison square garden's website all the information should be available now.

Where do i buy tickets for the SM Town 2010 Concert At the staples center?

Try porkystickets.com I bought tixs from them and they don't charge any fee's.

How do you audition for South Korea JYP Agency for SM Town?

Well every company is different. SM looks more for looks than voice. JYP and YG looks more for voice more than looks. So it depends. Wooyoung was probably chosen because they saw potential in him.

Why didn't Taemin go to the SM Town after party?

Lol yeah Taemin's just a little boy. Little boys need to get their sleep. No partying or scary movies for Minnie. I can totally picture him saying goodbye to his oppas and unnies then quietly going back to the hotel. Get in his pj's with a snack and watch a Korean drama before he falls asleep. XD

Is SM Town coming to Las Vegas on June 2, 2012? Please I need to know because I am going crazy !!?

If they are a band or someone who tours, why not find their website and see if they have Las Vegas as a destination.

How do you buy tickets for SM Town 2012 in Seoul this August?

purchase through korean site

What date and time is SM town scheduled to arrive at the airport?

Saturday....9:30am approx

What are the instructions of auditioning for Sm Town Entertainment?

You meant SM Entertainment? They have applications on their site. You have to submit an application. And, i'm guessing you want the Global auditions? Not Sm USA Auditions? well iono Lemme post the instructions on here ^^; They don't exactly have the date for the Global auditions in US yet. But it's usually in the fall and winter. There are requirements and what not. Categories: Singer, Film Actor, TV Actor, Model, Dancer, Songwriter/Lyricists Requirements: Any Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc) may participate regardless of nationality, age or gender. Audition Fee: None How: (E-mail isn't released yet, but the 2008 one) The difference of the e-mail is probably just change the 2008 to 2009; so maybe it'll be 2009SM@smtown.com (but i can't tell you if it will be cause the Global Auditions are not out yet. Audition Inquiry Contact: 2009smhelp@smtown.com (again, can't guarantee that it's correct) If you want more information just go to http://www.smtown.com Theres too much and i don't feel like writing haha. And you'd probably have to wait for auditions unless you want to do SM USA auditions which is once a week.

Will there be a SM Town concert in Hawaii?

Check ticketmaster.com I haven't heard anything about on it tv or radio commercials here. They keep on announcing the Mary J. Blige concert though.

Do I have to pay in order to audition for SM Town US weekly audition?

Nope, you don't have to pay anything. Also, if you make it they'll pay for the plane ticket for you to get to Korea. SM will provide you with everything (dorm, school, etc).

Did anyone buy floor seats to the Sm Town World Tour concert in Anahiem?

Nope. I don't think someone's going to want to deal with you online.

How can i buy tickets for the SM Town in Paris?

do online applications to sm town auditions count?

I'm not completely sure what you mean by online applications. There's likely an online application for the university, and then an audition for the music school. You have to get into the university before the music school can officially accept you, so yes, likely the online application counts. If you were going to send in a video or tape, I would highly suggest you do so through the "snail" mail unless they ask otherwise. Most schools expect hard copies of things not only because they can compile all the tapes in one easy location, but also there is not the added issues of technical problems. Good luck with your applications- I wish you the best of luck!

How many crew members are traveling with a kpop tour like sm town or jyp nation?

there could be a truckload of them. :)

How to buy sm town tickets from soshified?

What are the best seats for SM Town 2012 at the Honda Center?

i'd say 226/204 would be the best; perfect view the whole time~ floor seats are crazy expensive and if the artists go to the end of the stage you'll only see the back of their heads.. it'll be pretty hard to see with the 400 seats i got those (434) only because i have no money TT___TT and i'll probably have to rely on zooming on my iphone or looking at the big screen