What was the PBS show...?

You must be remembering "(More Books From) Cover to Cover with John Robbins", which was on public TV in various forms from 1965 to 1994. One variant of this series, "Gather 'Round", featured illustrator Rae Owings (who did the bulk of the "Cover to Cover" artwork), doing the illustrations on-camera while host Paul Lally narrated the story.

Human Anatomy costume for kids?

k...ready? get black sweat pants/shirt get those puffy bones that you stick on the wall to decorate, and stick them to the sweatsuit. a skeleton mask, and gloves and shoecovers that have the skeleton theme. get some of that pull n peel licorice, or licorice rope (in red) - that could be the muscles, just paste it onto the sweatsuit with fabric glue vertically, following the pattern of normal muscles. and use fabric paint in blue (for veins) and white (for tendons) to paint over some of the licorice as for organs, search online for plastic or rubber organs - either gags or learning tools. good luck!

Who Watched These Classic PBS Kids Shows From The 70's and 80's?

Ok was John Robbins the guy who would draw pics while reading? if I remember correctly this show made me crazy he never actually finished the books and they were always random books from God knows where never had them at my local library even now no matter how dull a book is I have to finish it probably because of him! Slim Goodbody was creepy sorry the outfit was just wrong. Loved Degrassi tho

Are there any tv channels that play the 80s nickelodeon shows, just totally 80s shows and cartoons?

I have seen double dare and legends of the hidden temple on the "nicktoons" network, and boomerang shows a whole bunch of old cartoons

Does anyone remember Slim Goodbody?

Not I.

should i share my KFC Bowl with Slim Goodbody.... from looking at him, it looks like his stomach is empty?

Sharing is such a precious gift... but don't you have anything else to share> I mean, that is YOUR KFC bowl, and Wed. only comes once a week!

Di you know that Slim Goodbody and "Chimp Goodmonkey" would wear the exact same costume?

Prove it.

did Slim Goodbody frighten you as a kid?

Nope well the suit didn't bug me I thought it would make a cool pajamas. The guy didn't frighten me but I thought he was kinda strange or a weirdo or something.

What ever happened to Slim Goodbody?

Slim (actor John Burstein, who created and has performed as the character since 1976) is still around. The slimgoodbody.com website will catch you up to speed.

slim goodbody shirt?

Slim Goodbody characters?

That version you saw was "Well, Well, Well! with Slim Goodbody" (which was released in 1985). The bum/street person-type character was called Hairy T. Sludge, who would give the audience contrary advice to what the episode's topic was. The segments always ended with Slim vowing to get him someday and set him straight.

Does anyone know where I can find a Slim Goodbody costume for Halloween?

Try Ebay - Ebay has everything! Good luck.

Question about Slim Goodbody?