I REALLY want a doughnut...?

If you eat it, don't eat any junk food for the next 10 days. It's good to cheat in every 2 weeks in one meal because it motivates you and makes your metabolism faster since your metabolism will get confused when you diet but eat something that has high calorie sometimes, and will work more& faster. I wouldnt recommend it since youre only on the 4th day, wait another 10 ;) if you want to stop this craving for something sweet, go to the kitchen right now, mix some yoghurt, a teaspoon of honey, some cinnamon and banana slices. It should help. Good luck with your diet!

**Help*Me** weight issues for guys?

it seems that just like me, you have a very quick metabolism which means it's very hard to put on and retain weight! i recently had to help my friend bulk up for a photoshoot and had a months notice of it. he drastically increased his protein intake, and food combined! (combining different kinds of foods ie. carbs and fats) helps different people to slow their metabolism. drink plenty of water, and do gentle exercise about 3 times a week for half an hour a time. (if u exercise too much, you'll burn off all of the calories u ingested!) to gain weight ull need to be taking in over 4000 calories per day...it's a lot of eating!!! balance it out with weight gain milkshakes etc annddd be careful, i'd consult a doctor or something before you plan to drastically change your diet! good luck!

I like donuts so much I just can't stop?

Rue the day when you have to search for your p***s under roles of lard every time you have to urinate.

How long will it take me to lose 35 pounds?

Realistically if you exercise and eat properly maybe minimum 3-6 months range That's if your dedicated

Should I get Nike 6.0s or Converse?

you should get both because if u want to skinny jeans converses go better with them. If you want to have some shoes to wear for PE then you should get the nike 6.0. So i think you should get both one for PE and one for fashion and not get the one for fashion dirty. Cause if you get the nike 6.0 for fashion and PE they will get dirty and you would not want to wear dirty shoes when you do somewhere nice. i hope i helped!

I think my orange-throwing neighbor is baking cakes and feeding them to my dogs when I'm not looking?

They might not be all that delicious, be wary. Dogs eat anything. Hell, my dog eats cat poop.

negative effects of my diet?

That's a pretty poor diet. 45% to 65% of calories eaten should come from carbohydrates. 20% to 35% of calories eaten should come from fat. 10% to 35% of calories eaten should come from protein. Protein should be a minimum 75 grams daily for males. This will help prevent muscle loss and promote feelings of fullness

Who has the Best Rap Label out?

Def Jam - Big Boi, Ghostface Killah, Kanye, Method Man, Nas, The Roots, Redman & Jeezy.

tell them haters good night, flt in the building....song help!?

I think its shake them haters off kelly rowland or something like that :)

MMG, YMCMB or Brick Squad Manopoly?

YMCMB think money is everything

CTE vs 1017 Brick Squad?

Honestly, Young Jeezy is better than every single Bricksquad AND CTE person. He may not be the best lyrically, but he's the complete package of his genre. So pretty much Young Jeezy >>>>>>>>>> Waka Flocka, Gucci mane, Slim Dunkin, Wooh, Juiceman, Frenchie, Lil Capp, Slick Pulla, Blood Raw, 211, and Boo Rossini

Which One Comes First , Second & Third ?

1. Waka flocka flame 2. Gucci mane 3. The oda guy

Some good play on words with NBA players names?

Flight Howard. Dirk Jewitzki. (not being racist on the Dirk one)

What is the rap song that goes something like "I'm in the hood supplying all the junkies"?

RHH: RIP BrickSquad member Slim Dunkin?

No one likes you air

Who is the girl in the Slim Dunkin Rooster Neck Verse aka I Got (Block Illegal Exclusive) video?


Who was the rapper slim dunkin?