is it normal for my 2mnth old to sleep more than eat?

What can I do to make me sleep more lightly?

I have had this problem for years. I tried everything.. but the only solution is to make time to sleep earlier. There isn't a quick fix.

Why can't I sleep more than 5 hours at a time?

Maybe you are not providing your body and mind with the supplements nessesary to stay active, so your brain asks for rest in order to gain or recover energy. make sure your daily food supplies you with minerals, glucouse, protein, vitamins. you can find these on grains such as bread, lots of vegetables, and meat. please make sure you are drinking enough water, and get yourself busy do activities that uses your entire body to stay active and shift that tireness for the night. if you apply these methods and the problems persists, go to a doctor and explain your situation, hopefuly this is nothing serious and good luck man.

My baby is almost 3 month old. I am so worn out because he doen not sleep more than 3 hours at night.?

I may get a thumbs down for this but try mixed ceral in the formula anough to make it semi thick and put the baby in a safe swing by your bedside. my daughter sometimes sleeps threw the night like that, and when she is ready to come out she will let me know. I get sooo much more sleep and it's really no different putting them in at night then it is during the day. I did this with my others until they slept threw the night on there own. usually around 8 months i didn't have to do it anymore and they are now 11,10,6, AND 6 months and in perfect shape. JUST TRY IT,

How do I make myself sleep more?

At what age do babies tend to sleep more through the night?

The first 6 weeks are the toughest! Because I was breastfeeding it was unfair of me to ask my husband to get up otherwise we would have both been grumpy. We took it in turns, I did night shift and he would take over in the mornings while I tried to 'catch up' on the lost sleep. My daughter also had bad colic which meant she cried a lot in the evenings but by 9 weeks it stopped and she was sleeping from 8pm - 7 am sometimes longer. Hang in there it does get better. I also found that feeding constantly throughout the day meant she slept better because she had a full tummy. I didn't wait for her to cry, I just fed her every 3 hours or sooner if I found she was hungry, I hope I helped

how can i sleep more comfortably in class?

put your bookbag on your desk, and put your head on it...using having a jacket in there helps too. *today in my lecture, i put my jacket over my lap, then i crossed my arms, and bowed my head...easy sleep ;) lol it was comfy. ps. make sure you have a friend near you, to poke you to wake you up when class is done, you snore, or make some sort of noise. :) happy dreams!

What causes you needing to sleep, more, and more?

It could be that your depressed and thats why you want to sleep. But im not a doctor. I suggest you tell your family that it is serious to you and that they take you to a doctor. It could also be a vitamin deficiency such as not having enough iron in your blood.

How do I get more revitalizing sleep?

Perhaps a stupid suggestion, but it does work for me: when you go to sleep, relax, and imagine yourself asleep in the morning. Do this as lively as you can: try to imagine the sun shining on your shut eyelids, try to hear the sound of your alarm clock in your head. Then imagine yourself waking up, with lots of energy, immediately getting up, turning your alarm off and feeling cheerful. Then repeat to yourself, I will go to sleep now, I've got some time to rest and then I will get up feeling rested and energized, with enough energy to feel that way throughout the day. I know it sounds a bit lame, but for me it's perfect. I hope it helps!

how can I sleep more deeply during the night?

Try eating something light prior going to bed. Due to late night fasting and (of course) not eating during sleep; our blood sugar drops drastically. That's why we feel exhausted/tired in the morning.