What two games would have to mate to make Skyrim?

Looool at Hello Kitty+Bulletstorm Fallout+Dragon Age or Random Lotr game

What are you looking forward to in Skyrim?

Mostly everything from graphics to dragons to more factions to children to marriage.

Where should I be looking for the announcement for Skyrim's system requirements?

Wait till it gets a little closer to the release date to research its system requirements. Just search it on google every few days and check the Elder Scrolls website and Bethesda website for it.

How to convince my parents yo preorder skyrim?

You have to make your parents realize that a game like Skyrim is very high-profile and has enough of a market that its price will not drop for months, ESPECIALLY not until after Christmas. It's not some B-Grade Halo knockoff, this is one of the most anticipated RPGs in awhile. For evidence, you can point out how relatively older games (such as Black Ops or Reach) are still selling, new, for $50-$60.

What is the difference between the assassin play style and thief play style in Skyrim?

i guess that if you were playing a thief you would complete the missions stealthily and probably steal the item your looking for out of the targets back pocket whereas if you were more of an assassin then you would still be stealthy but you would probably just sneak up and slit your targets throat and then steal the item you need from their dead corpse :)

What would the best platform to play skyrim elder scrolls v on?

Skyrim is looking to be a rediculously beautiful game. It will take a PC rig of top notch quality to run it on settings that do it justice. If you prefer computer gaming and the rig can handle it, you have your answer right there. However, there are a few key points that a console will bring over a PC with a game like Skyrim. First for me is I'm just plain prejudice towards consoles, controllers are way more comfortable and allow you to sit back in a recliner to play. Second is Skyrims new hand control feature. The left and right bumpers will perform actions for your avatars left and right hands (respectivley), so you can have two spells, two swords, a sword and a spell, a shield and a spell, you get the idea, so it might be a little difficult to pull this of ona keyboard/mouse setup. Thirdly I'm asuming your TV is bigger than you PC screen, think how Skyrim will look a big screen doing it justice than your PC screen. And lastly, PS3 has the PSN network so DLC content is right at your fingertips when it comes out. Hope it helped! Have fun! Daniel

So Elder scrolls skyrim or Lord of the rings the war in the north?

Well it truly depends on if youre into a game that has A LOT of free roam, 600k lines of dialogue, will take about 80 hrs to complete main quest line and like 300 hrs to complete everything there is to do. THEN GET SKYRIM. Oblivion and Skyrim are the same gamestyle as Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Free roam, many quests, extensive map and dialogue. Skyrim will boast factions aswell (like in New Vegas) companions, etc...

How much should it cost to preorder Skyrim?

Okay, the final cost to you will be 60 dollars (the retail price of the game). You can pay as much as you want before the day you pick it up, and usually you can just put 5 dollars down on it, which guarantees you a copy at that particular Gamestop store (do it through them you get bonuses and stuff). The pre-order essentially just makes sure that they get a copy specifically for you, so that it can be available for you. Otherwise they only get like say twenty copies for walk in's the release day. Edit: You could also pay it off in chunks, like put 10 dollars on each time you go in, then pay off the final 30 or whatever it might be the last day. 5 is just the minimum "down payment" so to speak

How does Skyrim game work for foreigners?


Yes, all Bethesda games have a difficulty setting you can adjust in the options menue. Adjust it to Very Hard, then turn your brightness all the way down and be a Wood Elf. Then cook your salmon on a fire.