What do you think of the new James Bond movie coming out in November?

No plot mentioned yet in the new trailer but the action scenes are totally worth it. Daniel Craig has once again delivered the goods.

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Which movies are on this list would you look forward to seeing this year?

Well, you ask for individual answers on movies you obviously like, so I do like Daniel Craig as James Bond. The Dark Knight Rises ends with this final of a trilogy as Christopher Nolan stated to the media. The Amazing Spider Man is running a new course. (in 3D) I plan on seeing Snow White & The Huntsmen this week (maybe but it's too early for verdict) I am weary of Halloween movies. So the positive answers rule my thoughts and the others are a nay. Your last choice puzzles me so no answer....

POLL: Which James Bond do you think is the best?

There is only one James Bond and he is George Lazenby!

What is your first impression of this interracial couple?

PoLL: What movie are you looking forward to the most?

y e s the dark knight rises...

GIRLS & WOMEN - What actor was/is the best JAMES BOND ? (007) A why?

Sonic the Hedgehog in "The Man from H.E.D.G.E.H.O.G."

which movie are you looking forward to see most this year?

What are your Top 10 Favorite James Bond Films?

I'm also a big Bond fan, my favourites are Goldeneye Live And Let Die Diamonds are Forever A View To A Kill The World Is Not Enough Goldfinger Casino Royale From Russia With Love Die Another Day Moonraker

Which of these upcoming films are you most looking forward to?

The Hobbit for sure. Read the book a long time ago and can't wait to see what the movie will do cinematography-wise.

What are the best James Bond movied?

Thunderball The Living Daylights Tomorrow Never Dies IF you want to know the blueprint for the Super Spy formula, watch Goldfinger the third James Bond movie. Without that formula there would NOT be The Man From Uncle, Red, Mission Impossile TV series and movies, Austan Powers, Our Man Flint, From Paris With Love and so on. Also the James Bond movies would not last this long. The ones with best precredit Octopussy A View To A Kill Goldeneye Tomorrow Never Dies The best actor to play Ernst Stavro Blofeld the head of the evil global criminal organisation SPECTRE(SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) was Donald Pleasence. He was the first to play Blofeld, when Blofeld first showed his face in the Bond movies. The is You Only Live Twice, the fourth one in the series. The first actor to play Felix Leiter twice, Bond's CIA friend is David Hedison. He Hedison played the role in Live And Let Die which is Roger Moore's first James Bond movie, and in Licence To Kill. Parts of the storyline from the novel Live And Let Die was not used in the movie, until later in Licence To Kill. It was Felix lossing his leg from being attack by a shark. It was Sanchez the drug lord that did that. Then return his body to his home. With a message pinned to his chest saying "He disagreed with something that ate him". In the novel of Live And Let Die he was returned to the safe house.

how many james bond movies will be made?

As many as they want, as long as they are profitable.

What did u like better casino royale or quantum of solace?

i liked casino royale better

How does ION get the Aston Martin DB5?

I think they make new ones

What Are Your Most Anticipated Movies For The Remainder Of The Year?

Bourne Legacy Skyfall and Django Unchained

Will senior citizens be going to see the new Bond movie Skyfall?

No. I lost interest after Connery.

What does Skyfall means?

Manga-- An original fantasy webmanga/comic by RekKa and Mirai filled with action, comedy, bishounen, a hint of romance

skyfall?007 blond gay villian?

I'm going to see it in the theater for sure, with in the first four days of it being release. I'm going to get the soundtrack to the movie. I like that part of the score in the U.S. trailer from the start up to when M say "You better know what at Stake here." I hope it a score that in the movie and on the soundtrack. And that it not a score made just for the trailer or it a score from another movie being used for the trailer. I know I will be getting the disc on the first or second day of it release next year. By the way the villain Silva(Javier Bardem) is not gay and does not act like a enunch at all. There is a little of Max Zorin from A View To A Kill in him. Well how he talks, trying to act and sound smart, like when he say "Mommy was very bad." Remember it is the 50th Anniv. of James Bond, so there are stuff in Skyfall that referr to past Bond movies. IF you are a Bond fan you will know them right away.

Will there be a video game based on the movie?

There probably will be eventually because alotof James Bond movies end up being made into video games.So I would say so:)

James Bond Skyfall theme?

I'm afraid you gotta wait until movie's release. It sounds like Bond theme initially, but then you understand it's not. I hope they'll make public Skyfall's song as soon as it's ready, because I like to listen to Bond songs before watching the movie. Most of them are included as instrumental in the soundtrack (for example the car chase in The Man with the Golden Gun or You Know my Name in Casino Royale). I'm really excited about the movie and the game. They'll be shaken, not stirred.

Are you excited to see Skyfall movie?

Yeah he's finally back in Britain for once. And the cinematography looks superb in the trailer!

Should Liam Neeson be the next James Bond whenever Daniel Craig decides to step down?

To the person that said all the Bonds are British, you're wrong. Sean Connery is Scottish, Brosnan is Irish, and Roger Moore was American. I'm unsure Neeson would be a good Bond; he wouldn't be the first Bond with an American accent, because I doubt he would be able use his natural Irish accent due to the whole British Agent part. Personally it would be interesting to see an Indian (english accent of course) Bond for once, but Clive Owen or Ralph Fiennes would be good choices But one thing is forsure, I can't wait for Taken 2!

find skyfall teaser music?

The composer for the actual score is the legend that is Thomas Newman, but details of the soundtrack haven't been released yet. Sorry I can't be of more help. More information will be available after the film is released, you should be able to find out then. It does sound Hans Zimmer-ish, so if you like that you should check out his stuff, and here's a song that sounds a bit similar (although you might have already found this... sorry) http://2dmovie.com/Skyfall-The-Storms-Skyfall-Soundtrack-James.html?ytid=2pcwAQoux-g&qs=Skyfall+-+Director+Note&ln=English

Who should play James Bond in the next 007 movie?

How about Daniel Radcliffe? Why not have a James Bond who's 5'5"?

When will SKYFALL be shown?

November 9 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1074638/releaseinfo

Where can I find the Theme Songs to all the James Bond movies on one Soundtrack?

I have that sound track it has all the songs on it I got it at wal mart its called thr best of bond...James bond

What are your thoughts on Ben Wishaw as Q?

i cant wait to see ben as q - i hated john cleese as q - i thought he ruined the films

What are your top most anticipated movies of 2012?

You named them all ! Well Twilight is coming...They postponed Jack the Giant Killer until 2013,it will be a trailer at The Hobbit,was scheduled for 6/20/2012 or so , but nooo edit-- I saw a Star Trek about two years ago,it was very good,a new cast ,sort of a prequel with a cadet named Kirk..There was a mob to see the new Journey to the Center 2 today ...And John Carter looks cool

What movies are you looking forward to in 2012?

The Grey Gone Les Misérables The Cabin in the Woods

db5 back for james bond skyfall?

I just saw some photos and I did identify the DB5. Doesn't mean for sure that it will be in the film, but it is HIGHLY likely. Let's cross our fingers =)

Who is excited for skyfall?

Spiritually pondering what movie are you looking forward to seeing soon?

The Hobbit.

Hey James Bond is back in SKYFALL...who is waiting...:) ?

"It's official. As years of studio red tape, Daniel Craig finally returns as James Bond in "Skyfall," 007's 23rd film. Director Sam Mendes and cast appeared Thursday at a press conference in London. It was a fitting event since Mendes introduced the rest of his cast 50 years to the day that Sean Connery was announced as the first 007 in "Dr No." Craig will appear opposite Javier Bardem, the film's baddie. Also confirmed for "Skyfall" are Ralph Fiennes, Albert Finney and Dame Judi Dench will return as 'M.'" And who is waiting? Well, well, it's the new Bond girls French actress Berenice Marlohe, and British actress Naomie Harris. And who is waiting again? Well, well, the fans are eagerly waiting for the sky to fall... Good luck to you and have a pleasant day.

James Bond fan Poll: Have you seen the brand new trailer for Skyfall?

It looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing it.. None of the other James Bond's are or were as good as the charming Sean Connery..just my opinion ;)

Is 007 Skyfall going to be released in the United States?

Yes, Skyfall is planned for a 11/09/12 release in the US. Bond's loyalty to M is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost. Anxiously waiting here!

when is james bond skyfall coming out?

in the US 9 november 2012 http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1074638/releaseinfo

Will James Bond have gadgets in Skyfall?

The new international trailer is out and it shows a young 'Q' introducing himself to Bond and giving him a Walther PPK that has a palm reader on the grip of the gun. That's a gadget in itself. As for other gadgets I don't know but am as hopeful as you are. If he does break out at least one other high tech tool, I'm sure it'll be believable.

has the trailer for skyfall the new james bond been released yet?


When will the trailer for 007 Skyfall be released?

should be soon

Who is singing the theme song for "Skyfall"?

Adele is rumoured to be working on the Bond song.

Adele confirmed to do James Bond theme song in Skyfall, what do you think?

it's going to be EPIC

what is the age rating for james bond skyfall?

Not Decided Yet. But most likely to be a 12 or 12A If your in america then a PG-13 (Most Likely)

What is your expectations for the new James Bond film Skyfall?

Considering sean connery hasent be in one since the 70s not good

Approximately when does Skyfall take place?

Basically there are two different timelines: The one that started with Dr. No and ended with Die Another Day, and the second that started with Casino Royale. Both timelines are part of the official EON Productions canon. Skyfall is definitely continuing with the second timeline but instead of a direct continuation like the last film, it will be a standalone film with its own story. Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace took place at the same time, the year 2006. The whole point of the first two films with Craig was to show a less experienced Bond who just earned his 00 status thus stumbled along in the missions. Since Skyfall is a standalone film it will likely take place in the present in 2012. There are even photos of Craig's Bond sporting gray hair and beard, definitely suggesting that he will be playing a more experienced 007 like his predecessors but in his own timeline.

Does anyone else think that Ben Whishaw is too young to play Q in Skyfall?

it could be interesting to see a younger Q bossing around 007, let's wait and see.

What vodka brand is sponsoring the 23rd Bond film Skyfall?

Must be sky vodka..... Or maybe absolute. Which makes more sense?

Will Skyfall be the best bond since the days of Sean Connery?

What would you like to see in Skyfall?

I'm hoping for a great villain, and a movie better than Quantum of Solace. Sam Mendes is a pretty good director so I'm looking forward to it

When will a trailer for Skyfall be released?

The film is released in October. The trailer will be released in June.

When will a new trailer be released for skyfall?

I thought I heard the new trailer was going to be part of Amazing Spider-man or The Dark Knight Rises.