Moving to Washington State?

Whidbey Island is long and narrow and connected to the mainland via the Deception Pass Bridge and Fidalgo Island on the north end and a ferry on the south end. Oak harbor is on the north end and is definitely a navy town, but is also home to quite a few retirees. You probably won't find many high end salons in Oak Harbor, but it is not terribly far to Mt Vernon on the mainland where you may find more. I would suggest looking at the help wanted ads on Craig's List to see what might be available: Then check out the salons when you visit in March. Of course the most likely place to find high end salons would be closer to Seattle. The cost of living in Oak Harbor and the surrounding area will be a lot less than it would be closer to Seattle, but may still be higher than what you are accustomed to. I would recommend looking on Craig's List to check out housing prices, too. The area has lots of things to do if you like the outdoors - beaches, hiking, camping, boating - very scenic and beautiful area with lots of state parks and 3 national parks. The most popular state park, Deception Pass, is right near Oak Harbor: The ferry landing at Anacortes on Fidalgo Island is only a few miles away and from there you can take a ferry to the San Juan Islands or Victoria, BC: Another great place to take kids is the Brezeale Interpretive Center: There is also great rafting down the Skagit River, a beautiful tulip festival in Mt Vernon at the end of March and Mt Baker is nearby for winter skiing and snowboarding. It's not that far to Seattle if you want to take day trips to take in some activities of a big city: The health care is high quality, but it is important to make sure you've got insurance. The schools are ok but sometimes they have trouble passing school levies since the kids of most retirees have already finished school and too many retirees don't feel like voting for higher taxes to help educate the next generation now that their children do not directly benefit. I hope that helps. You are welcome to contact me through my Yahoo profile if I can help with more information.

Major highway bridge collapses in Washington State; cars sent into river below. What did Obama know?

I am looking for rivers in Washington state that have Gold in them.?

WASHINGTON GOLD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The information given below is based on that which can be found in our new gold/gem folios. If you would like some of these gold/gem maps for your own, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Washington's gold production has been steadily increasing year by year. It has the third largest lode mine in the US. It is all a state with many placer areas some of which are listed below. The sites are listed by county. These are just a few of the sites which are imprinted on the maps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BENTON COUNTY - Placers at Columbia River bars. CHELAN COUNTY - BLEWETT district - at Peshastin Creek and Culver Gulch in ....south-central area. CHELAN LAKE - at Holden, Lucerne and S to Pyramid Mtn - Rex mine. ....WENATCHEE - 2 miles W of Wenatchee Hts - Gold King mine. Placers at Chiwawa, ....Columbia, Entiat and Wenatchee River bars - at Bridge, Negro and Railroad Creeks. CLALLAM COUNTY - Placers at Cedar Creek, Ozette Beach, Sand Point, Shi Shi Beach ....and Yellow Banks. CLARK COUNTY - Placers at South Fork of Lewis River. FERRY COUNTY - REPUBLIC district - at Republic - Lone Pine and Knob Hill (#3 in ....US mines). Placers at Columbia, Kettle and Sandspoil River bars - at Bridge Creek, Danville. GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY - Placers at Cow, Damons Points - at Point Brown and the ....Moclips River. JEFFERSON COUNTY - Placers at Ruby Beach. KING COUNTY - Placers at Denny and Money Creeks - at Tolt River KITTITAS COUNTY - SWAUK district - at Liberty and 10 miles to the east. Placers at Cle... .Elum, Columbia, Teanaway and Yakima River bars - at Manastash, Naneum and Swauk ....Creeks - at Liberty. OKANOGAN COUNTY - CASCADE district - 12 miles NW from Republic - Bodie and ....Wauconda mines. METHOW - at Methow - Hidden Treasure, Bolinger, Friday and ....Highland Light mines. MYERS CREEK - at Chewsaw. ORVILLE-NIGHTHAWK - between ....Palmer Mtn., Oroville and Cordell. Placers at Columbia River bars - at Methow and ....Similkameen Rivers - at Mary Ann, Myers and Squaw Creeks - at Oroville, Wauconda ....and Twisp. PACIFIC COUNTY - Placers at Fort Canby. PEND OREILLE COUNTY - Placers at Pend Oreille River bars - at Russian and ....Sullivan Creeks. PIERCE COUNTY - Placers at Silver Creek. SKAGIT COUNTY - Placers at Skagit River. SKAMANIA COUNTY - Placers at Camp and McCoy Creeks - at Texas Gulch. SKOHOMISH COUNTY - MONTE CRISTO district - at Monte Cristo. SILVERTON - Silverton. Placers at Sultan River, Granite Falls and Darrington. STEVENS COUNTY - ORIENT district - 2 to 5 miles E from Orient, 8 miles long ....N to S - First Thought and Napoleon mines. Placers at Columbia and Kettle River bars Kettle and Meyers Falls - at Orient, Northport, Marcus. WHATCOM COUNTY - MOUNT BAKER district - N from Mt Baker near Glacier - ....Boundary Red Mountain and Lone Jack mines. SLATE CREEK - between Jack ....Mountain, Devils Dome and Okanogan Cty line - Gold Ridge, Eureka and Mammoth ....mines. Placers at Silesia, Ruby and Slate Creeks - at Mount Baker and Acme. WHITMAN COUNTY - Placers at Snake River bars. YAKIMA COUNTY - Placers at American River - at Surveyors and Morse Creeks. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What are some good western washington rivers to raft/ kayak, and put in and take out points, calss rapids??

There are tons up there in Wash. Here are some of the more popular Washington runs: Wenatchee, WA Section Leavenworth to Cashmere or Monitor Location Chelan County near Cashmere, eastern Washington Driving Time Seattle—3.0 hours; Spokane—3.0 hours Difficulty Class II-III, IV Trip Length 15-21 miles (24-34 km) Season April-July Methow, WA Section McFarland Creek to Pateros Location Okanogan County northwest of Brewster, eastern Washington Driving Time Seattle—4 hours; Spokane—3 hours Difficulty Class III-IV Trip Length 17 miles (27 km) Season May-June Section Tieton Dam to Windy Point Location Yakima County, west of Naches, south-central Washington Driving Time Portland—3 hours; Seattle—3 hours Difficulty Class II-III+; paddle raft experience recommended Trip Length 13 miles (21 km) Season September Klickitat, WA Section Yakima Indian Reservation boundary to Leidl Bridge Location Yakima and Klickitat counties near Glenwood, south-central Washington Driving Time Seattle—-5 hours; Portland—2 hours Difficulty Class III-IV; rafting experience recommended Trip Length 15 miles (24 km) Season April-June Nooksack (North Fork), WA Section Douglas Fir Camp to Maple Falls Location Whatcom County, east of Bellingham, western Washington Driving Time Seattle—2.5 hours; Vancouver—1.5 hours Difficulty Class II-III Trip Length 8 miles (13 km) Season July-September Suiattle, WA Section Rat Trap Bridge to Sauk River Location Snohomish and Skagit counties near Darrington, western Washington Driving Time Seattle—2 hours Difficulty Class I-III Trip Length 13 miles (21 km) Trip Options Paddle raft, oar raft; one-day Season May-August Section White Chuck Campground to Darrington Location Snohomish County, southeast of Darrington, western Washington Driving Time Seattle—2 hours Difficulty Class II-III, IV Trip Length 10 miles (16 km) Season May-July Section Newhalem to Copper Creek Location Whatcom and Skagit counties near Marblemount, western Washington Driving Time Seattle—2.5 hours Difficulty Class I-II, III Trip Length 9 miles (14 km) (upper) Season July-September Skagit (Eagle Float), WA Section Marblemount to Rockport Location Skagit County near Rockport, western Washington Driving Time Seattle—2 hours Difficulty Class I Trip Length 8 miles (13 km) Season December-February Skykomish, WA Section Index to Big Eddy Location Snohomish County near Gold Bar, western Washington Driving Time Seattle—1.5 hours Difficulty Class III-V; rafting experience highly recommended Trip Length 8 miles (13 km) Season March-July Elwha, WA Section Altaire Campground to Highway 101 and the Elwha Resort Location Clallam County, west of Port Angeles, northwest Washington Driving Time Seattle—3.5 hours Difficulty Class I-II Trip Length 6 miles (9.5 km) Season April-September Hoh, WA Section Oxbow Canyon Location Jefferson County, south of Forks, northwest Washington Driving Time Seattle—4.5 hours Difficulty Class I-II Trip Length 6 miles (9.5 km) Season April-July You can google any of these runs for more information. There is also the White Salmon in Washington (just google it), and if your in Oregon, you'll want to check out the Rogue River (it's a must), and if in California, the North fork of the American river is also a must (Chile Bar and The Gorge). Also, check out the websites of any kayaking clubs in your area to get some real good local gouge on the latest run conditions. Hope that helps. Happy boating

What do you think the outcome will be after the interstate 5 bridge collapsed?

Where is the best outdoor activity out side seattle on November?

Here are some ideas: Olympic national Park - although it will likely be very rainy by November, it is still a beautiful and interesting place. I would allow 2 or 3 days to see it if you can although I have driven around it stopping to see some of the highlights like Hurricane Ridge, Ruby and Rialto Beaches and the Hoh Rain Forest in one really long day with visitors who didn't have more time available: By November, Bald eagles will be starting to gather along the Skagit River - rent a car and drive up to see them from along the highway, or better yet, sign up for a float trip down the river: Take a trip to Whidbey Island - the highway that connects the island to Fidalgo Island and the mainland includes crossing the Deception Pass Bridge as seen in the photo in this link to the Deception Pass state park website: Deception pass state park has several hiking trails,viewpoints and access to the beach. As you travel south on the island there are several small quaint communities like Coupeville and Langley and several more state parks like Fort Casey and Fort Ebey - both of which have some scenic hikes. Another island destination is San Juan Island: Mt St Helens is a bit further away from Seattle, but a most interesting place to learn about the volcano as well as many hiking trails. Some areas may not be open if there is significant snowfall, but there are visitor centers near I-5 that are open year round. If it's raining and they are open, you can get out of the weather in the ape caves lava tubes: Additional info: Others have suggested Mt Rainier, but due to the high elevation, it will probably start snowing there in the next couple of weeks, which may limit the number of visitor centers and roads that are open. Even if snows don't close the roads, if the weather is rainy and cloudy you may not be able to see the mountain when you are standing right next to it. Another suggestion was playing in the snow at the pass - if you are visiting in late November, that might be an option, but if you will be arriving in early November the passes are at a fairly low elevation (unlike mt rainier) so there may not be enough snow.