Has anyone noticed the huge free throw disparity between the Bulls vs Sixers the last 2 games?

These refs are a joke, even with Rose we get no benefit of the whistle. Rose would drive and get hit in the face and the refs would call it only about 50% of the time.

Will the Sixers be able to become the beast of the east?

No, they are good but will not be able to be the best they need another star with Iggy,

Is Aaron Mckie going to stay an assistant coach for the Sixers or play for the Grizzlies?

The grizzlies said that he is getting waived. He was only part of the deal to make salary work for the trade.

What big man could the Sixers get in a trade deal ?

I don't know. Maybe somebody in the BASKETBALL section would know. The Phillies? World Series here we come. The team has only improved from last year's 102 win season. I'm excited watching Spring Training, because there are so many players fighting for roster spots, and especially in left field. I can't wait for Opening Day.

Did the Sixers sign Dionte Christmas as an undrafted free agent?

i think it's not happen..

Will the Sixers go after any of the big time free agents of 2010?

Do they even have a coach. I don't think anyone big wants to play in Philly. Those fans are vicious, look what they did to nice McNabb. I wouldn't go there.

Do you think the sixers are good enough to upset the bulls in a best of seven series?

Let the Clown break it down, Last year playoffs the Atlantic Hawks took the Bulls to a 6th game in the second round and was up two of the games they lost and lost it at the end. I believe these 76ers are good or better than those Hawks team of last year but you also have to look are these Bulls better than they were last year? They are another year mature, another year more experience and they also have a good guard in Rip Hamilton. In the Clowns mind the 76ers are good enough but I think the Bulls from top to bottom are a better team and would beat the 76ers. The Clown just broke it down

Are the philly sixers major eastern conference contenders or do they need another piece of the puzzle?

theyare contenders they need to sign josh childress resign andre iguodala but resign lou williams to save cap salary their line up should be andre miller, andre iguodala, elton brand, josh childress ,and sam dalembert

Are pistons fans still dismissing the sixers as a fluke?

Their not overrated. But however they obviously have dismissed the Sixers as a fluke. This has happened to Pistons every year they just expect teams to fall over and give up because they think their the better team. This team has had the most success as an underdog. I think this falls on the coach. He's given up on the bench, he hasn't made adjustments I say the Pistons should let Igoudala be guarded one on one with Prince/Hayes and then cover the big guys. Both Dalembert and Evans are having their way in the interior and mainly because the Detroit bigs are playing off their big guys and helping on Iguodala. The Pistons should also allow Lindsey Hunter to guard Andre Miller give him a different look try and disrupt the point guard play. Because its obvious that Miller is outplaying Billups. I think that should really help change the Pistons fortune. You gotta play the bench even if they are not helping get the lead. The Starters were tired and they couldn't put together a run check the statistics too many minutes for the starters.

What are the chances of the sixers upseting the Heat?

100% because Holiday and Iguodala = Beast.

How will the Sixers do this season?

The sixers will do better than last year now that they have Brand and have resigned Lou Williams. I think they can be in the top 4 in the east and make it past the first round.

Who else thinks the Sixers are the worst team in the playoffs?

I don't believe that while Atlanta exists.

How can the Sixers fans be stoked for the new season?

Sixer fans look at the team and can not believe what they are seeing. After the fan appreciation day fiasco last year management said it was going to make changes, primarily trading Iverson. He is still in Philadelphia along with everyone else. It is absolutely amazing to me that they made no changes or moves to improve this horrible team. Only the Knicks are more pathetic or at least equally so.

What is the Sixers lineup going to be next season if there is no lockout?

PG: Jrue Holiday SG: Evan Turner- Turner had a rough rookie season, but he should be given the opportunity to start next season. If he works hard over the off-season, he should be ready to contribute big time next season. SF: Andre Iguodala PF: Elton Brand- Brand will start the season at power forward, but don't be surprised if Thaddeus Young gets the starting job during the season or if Brand goes down with an injury. C: Spencer Hawes- Hawes will also be a starter at the beginning of the next season, but don't be surprised if Vucevic eventually becomes the starter.

How will the sixers perform now that they have a new coach?

nope. theyre not gonna make the playoffs

I heard LeBron is going to sign with the Sixers next year?

he should go to join andre

Can the sixers compete with the celtics with havin aquire elton, and if the same core as last year stays?

The Brand trade almost automatically makes the Sixers a top 3 or 4 seed for next season. They were a 7 seed this past year, and with their lineup, they will win 50+ games next year. Green is the only weak spot, and their bench needs tightening up, but that should come as the off season continues. I can't say they are a contender for the title just yet, but year after next, watch out!!!

do the sixers have a shot against the pistons?

yes! the sixers are up 2-1 and killed them last night. The pistons are so overated and old. I think the sixers will win the series 4-2

Is there a possibility the Sixers sign Okafor or Josh Smith?

They is a possibility that the Sixers may sign Okafor but i doubt Josh Smith for the reason that the Hawks are on the rise and Josh Smith is there main defensive player and are building around him. For the draft, they might draft Darrel Arthur a PF and they gave up their 2nd round pick to Utah for the trade with Kyle Korver. I think the Sixers would be sick if they can get Marion and sign Antawn Jamison.

Will Allen Iverson Be Booed or Cheered by Philadelphian Fans when the Sixers play the Nuggets?

He will be cheered, he gave Phillie many years of great B-Ball, and the Sixers are making a play-off push w/out him.Then again they are Phillie fans, they are the ones who booed Santa and threw snowballs at him.

Should the Sixers bring back Iverson for help?

They tried that already didn't work out.

How lucky did the Sixers get with drafting Jrue Holiday?

Well the 2009 Draft was a pretty talented one (Griffin, Harden, Tyreke, Rubio, Curry, DeRozan, Jennings) but I think Holiday at 17 was a great pick for the 76ers. He didn't have an outstanding college career but he has only gotten better in the NBA and, at 20 years old, will probably be one of the top point guards in the league 5 or 6 years. He averaged 14 ppg, 6.5 apg, 4 rpg and 1.5 spg this year playing in all 82 games. These are fantastic numbers for a 20 year old in his second season. It is not unreasonable to predict that he will average 20 Points and 10 assists in 3 or 4 years. He has great size, is improving his jump shot and has a high basketball IQ. This guy has a lot of potential.

Are the Sixers really thinking about trading Andre Iguodala for Tracy McGrady?

no their thinking of trading thaddious young

Will the Sixers be able to dump Iguodala on the Rockets for McGrady?

Unless the sixers had some move planned down the line from a salary dump perspective ( mcgrady) this would make no sense. Even then, it wouldn't seem like a smart move, as iggy is pretty much the face of their franchise now ( even with iversons return), and their only real building block for the future. Brand is questionable from a health standpoint, they have already made it clear that they would trade dalembert, and aside from lou williams who may or may not have a decent career ahead of him, who would they build around if they actually want to win? I think it's common knowledge it certainly isin't going to be iverson. So it seems like a stupid move either way, but stupider things have been done.

Can somebody help me with a question about the sixers basketball team?

Sup evilbarn:P I just did some serious looking and found out that during the 99-00 season #14 was Nazr Mohammed:D Hope I Helped:P!

Do people not realize the sixers are a better team than the knicks?

Doug Collins should win coach of the year. He'll probably get 3rd. But are you kidding me? Talented? No! Maybe extremely raw, but not the most talented at all. Athletic, fair enough, somewhat deep. They are pretty disciplined and they play as a team. The Knicks have a much higher ceiling, and they were better before the slump, but right now the Sixers are much better and they could stun the Heat (if they play them) in the playoffs.

Who wins the tie breaker between the Bulls and Sixers?

conference record. so who has the better W/L in the Eastern conference. like if they tied and are 2-2 and Chicago is 31-15 vs. the east and philly was like 30-14, Chicago gets the TB

as much as i cant stand watching sixers i guarantee a victory over boston?

Shouldn't this "question" be in the jokes section? Guarantee isn't the only word you're having trouble with. LOL

What was that number on the Sixers jerseys?

Maybe. Last year was their 60th anniversary (joined the NBA in 1949), so that would be the only reason.

Are you all willing to admit that the sixers are legit now?

Legit in what? They'll be out in the first round of the playoffs.

What will the Sixers do with the 12th pick?

They'll probably blow it. thats what they'll do. the same as every year....

Allen Iverson wants to get back into the NBA. Should the Sixers think about resigning him?

Hell, yeh they should think about resigning him, but there might be a chance he want to go to south Beach.

How come the Knicks always gets more attention than the Sixers?

NYC is a bigger place than Philly. Plain and simple. Plus the sixers have always been alright, but the knicks have been known to have one of the best franchises in the history of sports. Only the past 5 years was their downhill years.

Could the Sixers or Pacers give the Bulls trouble come playoffs?

I've been saying this all season Sixers Pacer n even Hawks will give the bulls trouble in the playoffs

Does signing Brand make the Sixers a contender in the East?

Signing Brand was huge for the Sixers, it gives them a legit low post presence. They will sign Williams and Iguodala, or sign and trade AI, I think they will keep him. They still need an outside shooter because they were last in 3's last season, so I look for them to look for a sniper off the bench. Im a huge Sixer fan but I dont know if this puts them at the top of the East, Boston will be strong again and Orlando should be uo there as well. Detroit, who knows what direction they will go. I see the Sixers as a 4 or 5 seed and advancing to atleast the second round and if they sign a shooter, perhaps past the second round, but Boston will be tough to beat.

How effective do you think the signing of Doug Collins will be on the Sixers?

They have enough talent to be successfully good !

How much can I sell two never worn Seventy Sixers jumpsuits for?

Tree fiddy

Does anyone think the Sixers have a chance at the playoffs?

Lets answer this logically based on the process of elimination. You got your for sure playoff teams: Boston Detroit Cleveland Orlando Washington Toronto That leaves 2 more spots left for the 7th and 8th seed...therefore not much margin of error if Sixers wanna make the playoffs. Currently they're tied with the Nets, and Milwaukee. and Indiana is at .500. Dont think Indiana making the playoffs, however Milwaukee might and barring a Jason Kidd trade, so will the Nets after they get their act together and VC starts playing some damn ball. Its way too early to tell, but I would have to say Yes they DO have a shot definately if they keep stealing road games and playing Defense. Andre miller is awesome right now too.

What were the keys points in that Sixers win against the Lakers?

Unpredictability. Lou Williams bringing in the explosives when Philly needed it most. Iggy's good defense. Hope this helps.

Should the Sixers take a look at trying to get Rasheed Wallace?

If he's gone, there're a bunch of teams that wanted him. I think Houston will need him the most. Philly is a good choice though, he forms a pretty good frontcourt with Young and Dalebare??

If the Celtics lose tonight how many games will the Sixers trail them by in the Atlantic?

TIM. It's Tim right? Come sit with me. We need to have a talk..... ... ....... The Sixers aren't going to make the playoffs. AND if they did they would have The Heat or The Bulls. Which mean a early leave. So have fun watching the playoffs without ur team. It will still be fun.

Do you want to see the Nets break the Sixers record for futility?

I don't want to wish the Nets ill, because I'm not a hater. I cheer on the Nets in most games. But the Nets are one of the teams I sympathize with the least. With all the LeBron rumours, the Russian billionnaire buying the team, and their plans to move to Brooklyn, I feel it's kind of karma they're doing so bad. I like NYC but I think New Yorkers are arrogant when they think "NJ is our armpit", so NJ deserves a team. And I'd rather see LeBron with the Cavs. BQ: Devin Harris.

Theres a trade rumor out there that the sixers trade dalembert to bobcats for redmonavich and muhammedand?

Sixers have been actively seeking a partner to pick up the discontent Delambert, and this trade makes sense for both sides, except it is quite challenging for Larry Brown to split minutes for Okafor, Diop and Delambert. For Sixers, they add another proven shooter in Radmanovic and it further proves a run-and-gun game is their direction next season. At 12th pick, they could draft Jrue Holiday if he is still on the board. By landing Kapono and Radmanovic, it sounds like Sixers settle the rotation in SF, and Holiday possesses the upside for Sixers to wait for a year or two and on the other hand, Sixers will bet if Williams can be more a facilitator for the second consecutive season. Other alternatives include Earl Clark (size and versatility), Chase Budinger (shooter and athleticism) and Terrence Williams (he can really handle the ball). For Bobcats, they will draft the best player available and it is fairly difficult to figure out the exact player they will draft.

What is the best case scenario for the Sixers in terms of trading away some of their draft picks?

The Sixers should trade their 21st, 30th, and 38th (second round) and maybe throw in another player to move into lottery land. They can still get someone decent with their current 12th pick like a good forward (Julian Wright, Jeff Green, Al Thornton, Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes). However, if they could move up to around 3rd or 4th and pick either Al Horford or a Brandon Wright, that should give the Sixers a nice duo forward tandem to complement Andre Miller and Iguodala in the backcourt. They're already set at center with Dalembert so adding a good small forward and power forward combo will improve their level of talent drastically.

Why does the Sixers arena floor different from last year?

ummm and update???. Portland also changed there home court. It looks more like Phoenix now but diff colors

What song was playing today at the end of the Sixers' game during the final time out? out?

What are the chances Andre Iguodala will be back with the Sixers next season?

id say there is less than 25% he comes back. after maxing out for brand, i doubt they can sign iggy to anything close to what he wants, which is probably going to be around 10 mill and up. the clippers are the team that can throw the most money at him so we'll see where iggys loyalty lies. money is everything to most NBA players.

Why does the national media always favor the Knicks over the Sixers?

It's partially a content thing, they just generate so much media in New York, on New York based news, it's just more likely to surface Nationally. Even the games, the Knicks might suck, but MSG, is MSG, the venue is more important than the team. The Sixers don't have a 'big-name' stadium like that of course. That combined with the Sixers' lack of a Star(they're very much like a College team, they're a unit, not a group of identifiable players) there's little to talk about, except, great game, another W.

What are some moves the Sixers could make before the deadline?

i think that they should keep they team

sixers ?

i feel ya.....im a sixers fan too and we cant afford to blow those leads in the third quarter....elton has to stay consistent and we need a primary shooter.....we have an easy schedule coming up after the cavliers i think we got the wizards twice than bucks than pacers i think...so hopefully we can get back to .500 pcc go sixers