How do I make a field trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia California for physics?

Energy. Kinetic and Potential... The cars of a roller coaster reach their maximum kinetic energy when at the bottom of their path. When they start rising, the kinetic energy begins to be converted to gravitational potential energy. The sum of kinetic and potential energy in the system remains constant, assuming negligible losses to friction.

How are the lines at Six Flags Great Adventure on a Wednesday/Thursday near the end of June?

i went july 3rd last year, and i bought a flash pass, but the lines were about 2 hours long, or LONGER!. i really suggest the flash pass, it was 100% worth it, i dont know what i would have done if i hadnt of had it, i would of gone crazy, the lines were so long! hope i helped. =]

Why does six flags use an old man to attract kids to their theme parks?

Mr Sixx is a gentleman in his late 20s. He is only made up to look older. The idea is that no one is ever too old for fun. EMT

How much are the birthday party tickets for six flags great adventure NJ?

Birthday tickets come with b-day packages including b-day cake, a gift, reserved seating at restaurants etc. The Sweet Endings package is $45 a person. The Six Flags Ultumate Birthday package is $60 per person & Wiggles World package is $50 per person. If you do not wish to get a package, then if you have more than 15 guests, you can get a discount for your group & not a package. B-Day Package Details Here:

Best day to go to six flags discovery kingdom?

if you go on a weekend it will be packed thats why wednesday is always the best but saturday is always the busiest day

How do i get to six flags from New York queens?

I hope you know how to get to Queens Boulevard, 71st avenue subway station. From there, take the F train in the direction: Coney Island - Stillwell Ave Station. It will take you about half an hour to get to 47th - 50th Streets - Rockefeller Center Station. Get off at that stop and then walk to 1540 Broadway, NY. 10036 (about six minutes)

what do you think about six flags opening a amusement park in Dubai?

I imagine wintertime will probably be the peak season for any parks that are built there.....

What is the best month to go to six flags great adventure NJ?

Sometimes weekends aren't packed, like in the beginning of the season and late September/early it's getting closer to Halloween so it'll be more packed, but September and early October are really good times to go...during the week for May is good...March, April, and May weekends are also okay (just avoid springbreak week). Weekdays in late August and September are also good. So the best months are basically non-summer months (when kids are still in school) - so early season (March-May) and late season (late August-mid October...Halloween gets busy so late October isn't so good).

Why did Six Flags mimic the design of the Top Thrill Dragster?

they wanted to gain publicity for their park and were too lazy to think of a new type of track layout so they went to the guy who made TTD and said "give us that but bigger and a little bit different". and they added a second hill just so it wouldnt be blatant, but it is. either way id rather sacrifice 30 feet and 1 hill and instead go on 16 other coasters and save money on gas since CP is much closer for me.

How do you get a six flags seasons pass?

Buying them online is cheaper than buying them at the gate, but you can get them at the gate. A season pass is good for ALL Six Flags parks and the season passes cost more at some parks than others, so if you can get them at a cheaper park, you will save some money. All depends on whether you can get to those parks, since you have to get the pass at that park before you can use it at the other ones. The prices at Great Escape and New England are a lot cheaper than Great Adventure.

What do I need to be prepared in Six Flags Magic Mountain?

Don't wear sandals, cuz all the rides are very far apart. It's probably best not to bring sunglasses, cuz they may fall off during the ride. Wear sunscreen cuz it's easy to get sunburned while waiting in the lines. The food is super expensive so bring lots of money. §

How does the Buccaneer at Six Flags NJ work?

I can't think of how I would make a motorized pendulum, but the boat rides at amusement parks generally have a tire that changes direction that rolls along the seam on the bottom of the boat, pushing the boat both ways. Maybe it would be easier to design one that only accelerates the boat one direction, but moves up and down, moving out of the way for the boat to swing back the other way.

How do I get to Six Flags Magic Mountain?

well you can take the metro 92 to the Burbank metrolink station a bus departs Glendale galleria (brand and Broadway) at 8:10am arrive the Burbank metrolink station at 8:38am dont worry you aren't taking the train) transfer to Santa Clarita express 794 bus departing at 9:25am take this bus to mcbean and magic parkway arrive at 9:51am transfer to SCT 3 departing at 10:23 arr Magic mountain at 10:45am fares are as follows 1.25 +30cents for transfer SCT 794 bus fare is transfer +3.00 (ask for local transfer) SCT 3 use the transfer

Should I go to six flags tomorrow with this weather forecast?

They shut down rides if lightning is seen 5 miles away or less.

Should Six Flags rename themselves Five Flags as one of them is the Confederate flag?

O no, the PC police!

How fart away is Six Flags Great American from Chicago?

Just a winds blow

What is the best roller coaster in six flags?

Raging Bull - A huge and really fast and amazing roller coaster. This is the best in the park. Batman: The Ride- a really fun and quick looping roller coaster Superman Ultimate Flight- a flying roller coaster that gives an awesome feeling Iron Wolf - A standup roller coaster that is fun, but you have to watch your head from hitting the sides American Eagle - A huge wooden roller coaster

How much does the slingshot cost at Six Flags GREAT ADVENTURE?

i didn't actually go on it but it was like 7-10 dollars.

Does Six Flags over Texas in Arlington check for ID when you use a season pass to enter the park?

They will check your I.D. for the very reason that you are asking about. They want each person to have to buy their own pass. They don't want people sharing passes; that is why your name (and usually also your picture) is on it. Occasionally, you may find a negligent park entrance employee who wont check your I.D. (it has happen to me a few times), but I wouldn't count on it happening very often. If they catch you, they will probably void the season pass.

Who are the contractors that hire poeple to work at Six Flags?

Usually the only people that work in the park that aren't hired directly by Six Flags are the Vendors. They hire their own employees, schedule their own employees and pay them their own pay rate. It may or may not be the same as Six Flag's pay rate. A few of the vendors that have locations in Six Flags are Kodak, Smarte Carte (lockers - these guys get paid most plus time and half on holidays for doing little more than standing in shade) and Panda Express.

Does six flags New England give out handicapped passes to people with diabetes?

Mabye, you would have to call the six flags to learn there terms on who qualifies for the passes.

What is the cheapest way to get Six Flags tickets?

go to publix and ask at the customer service county if they have any coupons, they usually do!

How crowded might Six Flags Magic Mountain be in April 19?

Well, Thursdays are usually not busy. Everyone knows to go on a Wed. so before it was the least busy but not anymore. Also, Spring Break will be over so you should be ok. But the newest rides and Tatsu will have the longest lines. So, if you don't like waiting in line, I would suggest the flash pass. But just the regular. No need for the gold on that day. Hope it helped.

How packed does six flags new england get in july and august?

It's packed. I wouldn't suggest going at all (it's hot and crowded), but if you really want, go during the week.

How does the six flags Coke can discount work for 2011 ?

The special will let you purchase an adult ticket (normally $59.99) for the kid's price of $34.99. When I called the park, they told me that if you don't have a 'specially marked can, then you may bring a plain, unmarked can of Coke this year.

How does the six flags regular flash pass work?

The flash pass is very neat and cool. What you do is you have a device called a Q-Bot. And what you do with it is scroll through a list of roller coasters, with the approximate wait times. And you reserve a spot in whatever ride you choose. The Q-Bot will countdown until it is time to get on the ride. While the Q-Bot holds your place in line while you do other things like eat, or go on flat rides or play games. When your Q-Bot beeps, you take it to that ride. There will be a scanner where you scan your Q-Bot, then either proceed to a special Flash Pass line, or the exit depending on which ride it is. I love it because you can do two things at once. It is so worth the money you pay for it although you might not need it on a tuesday. Whatever you choose, it will be a great time

When does the six flags buy one get one free with coke start?

I don't think it starts until least on the east coast where I live since that is when the season starts.

How could a Six Flags trip be managed with Type 1 diabetes and celiac disease?

That stinks ... I remember a discussion about bringing food inside of parks a while ago, but I can't remember exactly what was said. If I recall correctly, people said they kept coolers in their cars, and would get their hand stamped when they left so they could get back in. But I don't think it's fair that you would have to do that. I wonder if you could get a note from your doctor talking about your Celiac, and then they would let you bring food in. It's not like you want to bring food in to be cheap. Here's a link to the "contact us" page from their website: It lists phone numbers for all the Six Flags. Maybe you could call the guest relations number for your Six Flags?

What rides at six flags discovery kingdom are closed when its raining?

Most of the roller coasters close when it is raining. Not much else, I believe. Add lightning to the mix and you got a whole different story.

What is the difference between the different parks' Six Flags season passes?

The prices differ from park to park due to attractions at the park. Six Flags Great America has Hurricane Harbor included in the price of your season pass. Not saying Kentucky Kingdom isnt a nice park, but there is a 5 coaster difference between parks and a big difference in quality. Also the incident with Superman Tower of Power doesnt help the parks popularity. Yes there is a difference of coupons between parks.(Coupon books are only good at the park of your season pass purchasing)

Can a family have fun at Six Flags Great America on July 4 without buying a flash pass?

Your first question the answer is yes, You can still have fun, but the lines might be extremely long during the day. So i would recommend going before the parks opens. You can get in the park before opening and wait to ride the rides a little bit pass the Whizzer.This way you can ride the raging bull, giant drop, and viper in the first 15 mins. It is possible to have fun without a fast pass, but during the middle of the day 1-4pm you will wish you got one. If you plan ahead though and come early theres no need for a flash pass. The last hour of park operation is as imporant as the first. You should try and knock out Superman and Vertical Velocity at this time. The little kids area will most likely seem too "kiddie" for your 8 year old. The are more geared toward kids 3-5. My son is 3 years old and he loves it, but my 7 year old sister would rather ride the rollercoasters. If your child is above 48" inches they can ride almost every ride in the park except raging bull, vertical velocity, batman, superman, iron wolf, and revolution. Discounts running after the 4th Big Six Pass $54.99 — THE PRICE OF A ONE-DAY ADMISSION Now you can visit Six Flags Great America six times for just $54.99 — the price of a one-day admission! Use your Big Six Pass to return for concerts, special events and Fright Fest! Visit on six regular operating days through November 2. Please note the Big Six Pass doesn't include all of the perks of a Season Pass such as a Value Book, tickets for friends or visits to other Six Flags theme parks. But with six visits for $54.99 — it's a great deal! Buy a day, get SIX visits! That is probably the best deal they will have for the rest of the year. I would also recommend going during the week when the park will be less crowded. Six Flags is also having a "FREE" all you can eat buffet so the park might be REALLY REALLY packed.

Is a day where only schools can go to Six Flags considered a regular operating day?

I know at Six Flags Over Texas, the park would open at 10:00 just for the students and teachers, then open to the public at 2:00. I don't know how any of the other SF parks do it, but I can't imagine that your season pass would be unacceptable if the park does open to the public later in the day. Go to and pick the park you are going to, and look up the park's operating calendar at the day you are going. If the number of the date is grayed out, then the park is not open the public. If it is colored, then it is a regular operating day.

Is there a discount for Six Flags employees at Silver Dollar City?

That seems a little far-fetched to be honest, given that those two parks are owned by competing companies, but who knows.

How can i remove mold from a souvineer six flags cup?

don't use straight bleach ,mix it with some water & let is soak for a half hour or so...

How can I do the six flags coca cola discount?

The current Coke can discount at Six Flags Great Adventure means you can bring a can of Coke to the park (on a weekday only) and buy a general admission at the park for the full price and receive another ticket for free. If you want to save the hassle of bringing a can of Coke to the park, you can purchase your tickets online using this deal with this link: Another deal that I think you may be interested in is a one-day admission ticket for only $29. Go to and enter the promo code SFCHC into the box in the top right corner to get your discount. Have fun at Six Flags!

Transportation from NYC to Six flags adventure park New Jersey?

NJ Transit Bus 308 from Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd St&Times Sq), Gate 324. Runs once a day to Six Flags, at 9:30am, 7 days a week. 3 times a day back. Travel time: 2hrs Cost: $50, Including admission to Six Flags.

How long does it take to experience Six Flags with a flash pass?

not sure which park you're heading to, but I've been to the one in Atlanta several times. The trick (I suspect with all theme parks) is to go when it won't be crowded; ie, really hot days (95-100), rainy days (though some rides may close), weekdays (tuesday-wednesday tend to be less busy than the rest), etc. If there is a big game going on (Baseball, football, etc.) in town, numbers in the park will be fewer. If you want to ride a bunch of rides, don't bank on sitting in the front on every single ride, those lines are almost always 2-3X as long as the rest. Start as early as you can get there. I like to get there before the park opens, or about 5 minutes afterwards so as to avoid the mobs lol. DRINK LOTS OF WATER. The water fountains (at least in the Georgia park) are safe to drink from and they are all over the place. And make sure you eat. I recommend bringing a cooler to leave in the car (yes, you will be able to get back into the park). The food in the park is greasy and WAY overpriced... you want some fruits, veggies, and stuff like granola bars to keep you going... if you don't eat well, at LEAST drink water. don't drink soda. going upside down at 50+ mph which a greasy pizza and coke in your stomach doesn't feel good. If you plan to drink water pretty regularly during the day, you won't have to stop and rest as often... quick drink and then rest while you're in line. Oh, and don't let the people at the front gate convince you that you need your picture taken. They take up time and charge way too much. If you want a picture with your friends, ask a stranger in front of you to take it when your in line... most of them will, and then they can't run away with your camera ;) ... Have fun!!

Will six flags be crowded on veterans day?

veterans day will be the most crowded then saturday next most...historically speaking

Is six flags over texas crowded on a thursday?

Six Flags over Texas will more than likely be crowded tomorrow. This is because it is the summer time, families and friends want to go hang out and have some fun. Hoped I helped...;) <3. and Oh my god I hope you have fun!!!!!

How is six flags compared to a cell?

Ribosomes can represent the workers, and for the owner I don't know who it is, but I think if you just put "owner" that's fine.

How long do six flags season passes last?

Since it's so late in the "season", Six Flags will now be selling 2012 passes, so it will be valid for the rest of this year plus all of next year. So it's a good deal.

How far away are the two Six Flags' Theme Parks in California away from each other? this link should answer ur will be a pretty long trip if its ur first time traveling there. approx 6hrs i think theres two six flags aroung los angeles... well have fun

What is the difference between six flags discovery kingdom and six flags magic mountain?

Discovery Kingdom has a lot of animals and shows w/ animals, Magic Mountain has more coasters. If you want to go to a park with a lot of rides and you're a coaster enthusiast, then go to Magic Mountain; if you love animals and rather be somewhere where there are shows and other things to do besides rides, yet still have a selection of coasters (although not as great as Magic Mountain) then go to Discovery Kingdom.

How can I get six flags tickets at a discount?

We recently bough our tickets from We go to Six Flags every year.

What times do the Six Flags Concerts usually start and end at?

it really just depends on how many artists are going to be there. i recently went to a nickelback concert that also had saving abel, papa roach, and hinder preforming and the concert started at 6pm and ended at about 10:45pm.

SIX FLAGS???????????

Even on here - people are talking about it. Yesterday & today ALL of my friends went!! EVERYBODY!! But not me - I went to the city (Manhattan)...& today - I'm going to the movies..... but everyone loves Kingda Ka &

SiX FLAGS?...?

you defintely would want to bring some cash in for some food. but their prices are getting high so I would think in a range of $15-30 is okay enough to buy a snack or pizza at a stand.

Six flags!?

I say just suck it up and getting isck is all part of the fun

Six Flags?

If kingdom park is an amusement park (rides) and not a water park, you can use it at any of the Six flags parks for free entrance for you. If you recieved a discount booklet for your park (free friends and free parking passes), they are probably only good at your home park. So go and enjoy another park, its one of the great perks of Six Flags! Have fun!

six flags?

Go to Cedar's mucho better