Is there any way to download siri to iphone 3gs?

Siri is an iPhone 4S application. You will not be able to download it from the app store for your 3, 3gs or 4.

Is Siri going to be available as an update for the iPad 2 later on?

It could possibly be made into an app, but I'm not sure. It will probably be on ipad 3 though. I hope!

Is it possible to active siri on a singaporean iPhone 4S?

Yes, you can choose the accent of Siri, e.g. American or English. I like the American Lady's voice because it sounds clearer to me.

can the siri app know to remind you to get milk when in a store?

No, the 'Reminder' app does that.

How do you use Siri on the iPhone 4?

What happens when you ask a Siri unit on an iPhone4s, a paradox?

I think you're confusing Siri with some sort of science fiction robot. And by the way, 1 - Although nothing can travel the speed of light, if a car were traveling the speed of light Einstein's postulate dictates it would still travel the speed of light away from the car. 2 - 0 degrees is still a finite temperature, since the Fahrenheit system is not based on absolute zero.

How do I turn on the Siri on my iPhone 4s?

Long-press the home button.

Siri type artificial intelligence for Android or Mac computers?

yes I have it on my galaxy s2, its exactly like siri, it even talks back. its called "voice talk"

If Siri is not available in a certain country, does that mean Siri is not usable at all?

How do I set up Siri to tell me the weather?

Just saying "What's the weather like in ...." works for me. I'm not sure why yours doesn't work. It used the built in weather app so no need for any new ones. Maybe yours just doesnt like the weather?!