Can you please help us to plan 11 day Malaysia-Singapore-Langkawi tour?

I think your itinerary should start either with Singapore first or Langkawi first, because KL is right in the middle of Singapore and Langkawi. there's a lot of transportation from KL to Singapore or vice versa. the one that I often use is the train. They have an overnight (sleeper) train, leave Singapore late night and will be arrive at KL early morning or vice versa. the trip took longer than the bus but it saves a price of one night at hotel. I don't know the easiest way to get to Langkawi from KL. the only one time i've been to Langkawi is from Penang, Malaysia using a ferry boat. took three and a half hour to get there but it's all worth it. when you get to Langkawi, make sure you ride the cable car, i forgot the name of the place, but you ride the cable car from Oriental Village. the view is breathtaking.

One day layover in Singapore; What tourist experiences can I enjoy?


Can I spend a day in Singapore with a budget of US$ 100 ?

Hi 1. at a conservative exchange rate of USD 1 = SGD 1.3, you have S$130 to spend for a day. 2. My suggestion: a. Accommodation: Use a dorm bed (about S$20) or a standard room with shared bathroom (S$70) at the New 7th Storey Hotel - Money left: S$60. b. 1 day tour plan: Morning: Walking tour of either Little India: or Kampong Glam Malay-Arab Quarter: Cost: free. Lunch: food + drink at a hawkers' centre (about $5-6) Pack for dinner: Also hawker centre (also about $5-6) Money left: S$48 Afternoon + Evening: Singapore Zoo & Night Safari (next to each other) Zoo: Night Safari: MRT to Ang Mo Kio + Bus 138 to Zoo / Night Safari + return journey: about $8. Combined ticket to Zoo and Night Safari: $30 Money left after a day: $10 It'll be more comfortable if you stayed in a dorm. Remember to set aside money for airport tax etc.

how do i send a card and beer from india to singapore for this valentines day.?

Who commemorated the first National Day of Singapore?

I don't know what you mean by 'commemorated' but Singapore celebrated her first National Day in 1966, one year after Singapore's independence from Malaysia on 9 August 1965. The first National Day Parade started in the morning at 0900. People came as early as 0700 in order to get good vantage points. Singapore's first President, Mr Yusof bin Ishak and Singapore's first Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, were seated with members of the government at the grandstand on the steps of City Hall.

which city does singapore airlines fly most in one day?

JKT should be the most frequent compared to BKK, KUL.

Is it true that tourist are able to purchase a day-long MRT pass in Singapore for SGD8?

Yes, its for real. I had used it before. Its valid on trains and buses. Click the link below for more details.

Singapore Day Tours to Malaysia & Indonesia?

1) You can try head to Golden Mile Complex located at Beach Rd for tour packages for Batam and Johore. Five Star Tour and Konsortium has tours to Johor. Check whether they have to tours to Batam or not. Head to Harbor Front Center for tours to Batam and Bintan also. 2) Its above of the state of Johor. Its about 2.5-3 hrs by bus from Singapore only. For bus ride about 5 hrs, you can reach Port Klang, which is near Kuala Lumpur already !!! But if there is traffic jam along the way, then 5 hour is possible or even longer, as I had spend before 9 hours to Kuala Lumpur nearby, so this is possible. 3) For flying in and out of Malaysia, yes, its possibly is. Check with other budget airline for comparison.

what should i bring to a 5 day trip to singapore? its a school trip?

you should bring your maid along

Shopping Options in Singapore? Branded or unbranded. I have only 1 day for shopping so plz temme wer i can go?

ORCHARD ROAD!!! For branded stuff, you can go to Takashimaya, Wisma Atria and Paragon. For unbranded stuff, you can go to Fareast where there are great buys. Alternatively, you can go to Vivocity (a pretty new shopping mall) and spend a whole day there. A very big shopping mall with shops, entertainment and food under one roof. The mall is so big it will take one complete day. Many restaurants and food courts available for you to choose a place to have a meal at. Hope this helps. :)

when is the opening day of primary schools in Singapore?

Hi, I hope this info** I've found for you is sufficient and relevant! ** NOTE: You must VISIT for more exact details on the opening day of the school. School Terms for 2007 (Semester I) Term I Wednesday 3 January - Friday 9 March 2007 Term II Monday 19 March - Friday 25 May 2007 (Semester II) Term III Monday 25 June - Friday 31 August 2007 Term IV Monday 10 September - Friday 16 November 2007 You can also check out the School Holidays, Scheduled School Holidays, Scheduled Public Holidays for year 2007 in the website for more info. I hope you'll be in Singapore before the school term starts. Do settle everything as soon as possible and your son can start schooling smoothly. For the whole list of school names, kindly visit and enrol your kid to the nearest school located near your house. As for Primary 6 - PSLE results, you can check at for more details.

Where is the best place to stay (5 day visit) in Singapore?

If you are willing to spend a littel bit more, try the Raffels Hotel.

How many Advertisements does an average person in Singapore is exposed to in a day?

I know that Americans get exposed to about 3000 ads a day. I guess thats a start. Try They should have something Good luck!

Singapore. Per day food expenses. B/Fast, lunch, High tea, dinner all veg budget hotel. Minimum expenditure?

Through my experience...(for vegetarian meal) Budget hotel ---------------- Breakfast S$ 5 /pax Lunch S$10 /pax High tea S$ 5 /pax Dinner S$ 10 /pax ---------------------------------- Total per day S$ 30 /pax ---------------------------------- Exclusive Restaurants (like Anandabavan!) ----------------------------------------------------- Breakfast S$ 3 /pax Lunch S$ 4 /pax High tea S$ 3 /pax Dinner S$ 4/pax ---------------------------------- Total per day S$ 14 /pax ----------------------------------

Is there any 1 day cruise to nowhere in Singapore?

Is it a good idea to visit JB from Singapore on Hari Raya Haji day?

Better to go 3-4 days before the actual holiday, as the Haji eve will be jammed like hell at the woodlands to JB

im in singapore, i want to go to malaysia like spend half of my day there, how can i do that?

Yes, you can. You can do that by taking the bus at either Queens St Bus Terminus near Bugis MRT Station and take either 170 or CW1 or SJE (Singapore Johore Express) to get there. Cost you around S$2 for 170 and S$2.40 for SJE or CW1 to Larkin Terminal in Johor Bahru. From there, there are many bus for you to take around Johore and the rest of Peninsular Malaysia. Or you can take the MRT to Kranji Station and take 170 (Blue Plate) from the bus stop just outside the station or cross over the road via overhead bridge and take 170 or CW1 to Larkin or 160 to Kotaraya Ter 2. Cost you around S$1.30 to get into JB. Or you can take to Woodlands or Marsiling Station and take 950, like what the above said and cost you S$1.20, which is the cheapest way to get there.

What would happen if Malaysia joins Singapore one day?

then we will be Truly Asia.Stealing cars and robbing people

I was flying over South China Sea from Philippines to Singapore one day and I spotted this.?

i saw it on google maps but it was unnamed. sorry. btw nice picture. looks kinda like the islands you see in holiday magazines.

I went to singapore last june for a 4-day social travel. Is it ok if I go back again this september?

Should be no problem at all unless there is something you aren't telling? Are you a Philippine passport holder? If so then no visa is required and you should be able to enter and exit pretty much any time. Immigration officers are sometimes suspicious of individuals - particularly young unattached females, as many go there for "working holidays" for a few weeks every year if you catch my drift.

Singapore Day accommodation?

I don't think there are many hotels out there willing to rent single rooms for 4 people, but I know there are lots of hostels you can check out in the Geylang area. Try "G hotel" or "Southeast Asia" hotel, they're pretty cheap ("cheap" in Singapore is not cheap anywhere else;-)

What are the start and end times for a school day in Canada, Singapore and France?

I can't help you with Singapore or France, but I might be able to give you some guidelines for Canada, specifically in Nova Scotia. If class starts at 8:30 am, then for Primary to grade 2 they get out at about 2:30, and grades 3 to 6 get out at about 3pm. This includes a lunch hour of 50 minutes to 1hr 30 min, depending on how large an area the school serves. Some schools start as early as 7:30, but they also get out that much earlier for the day. I assume the times are similar elsewhere in this country.

how much have to pay per day if driving malaysia car at Singapore?

Here are some requirements for foreign-registered cars entering Singapore: (a) Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) and Toll Charges Foreign motorists are required to pay tolls and a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) charge at the checkpoints when they drive into Singapore. Payments have to be made using the electronic smartcard, called the Autopass Card. The Autopass Cards are sold at the primary clearance/immigration booths or VEP/Tolls office at Singapore checkpoints. Motorists are required to produce valid road tax discs and insurance certificates for their cars when buying the Autopass Cards. VEP fees are charged at SGD n20 per day on Monday to Friday (from 0200 hrs to 1700 hrs). There is no VEP charge on Saturdays, Sundays and all Singapore Public Holidays as well as from 1700 hrs to 0200 hrs on weekdays. Toll charges are calculated on a per trip basis. Car drivers have to pay toll charges on arrival and departure from Tuas Checkpoint (SGD 3.20 per trip) but only on departure at the Woodlands Checkpoint (SGD 1.20 per trip). Motorcyclists are not charged at the Woodlands Checkpoint, but have to pay SGD 0.50 when departing from and arriving in Singapore at the Tuas Checkpoint. For more information, please refer to FAQs on driving into Singapore or visit the Land Transport Authority website (click on Motoring Matters, Guide to Driving Into and Out of Singapore). (b) Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) All motorists driving into the city or travelling on certain major roads and expressways are required to pay an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) fee during the ERP operating hours. ERP is a scheme to help keep Singapore roads congestion-free. For foreign motorists intending to pass through ERP-priced roads during its operational hours, they can either choose to install or rent an In-Vehicle Unit (IU) to pay ERP fees. For those who do not wish to rent or install an IU, they can choose to pay a fixed ERP fee of SGD 5 per day, regardless of the number of times they pass through an ERP gantry in the day. This will be paid together with their VEP and toll charges via the Autopass card when they depart from Singapore. This fixed fee scheme starts from 1 Sepember 2003 onwards and is only applicable for those who do not have an IU installed in their foreign-registered cars.

when is valentines day in singapore?

its february 14..... i'm dead sure.... because i'm a singaporean....

looking for English speaking guide with car for 1 day in Singapore?

Take a taxi - they are cheap and all drivers speak English with no problems (unlike in New York City:D)

can i extend a singapore social visit pass by going to malaysia for the day and re-entering singapore?

I think so. Since I went to JB for a half day trip and my Visa was extended, but that was back in 2000 though

I am from australia passing through singapore to china. Will i need a visa, can i spend a day sightseeing?


Im a pilipino ill go to malaysia for 7 day its possible to go singapore for one day to see how beautiful sing?

I'm pretty sure Philippine passport holders do not require a visa for a stay of 14 days or so. Check the ministry of foreign affairs or the tourism board for more specific information.

if i shipped next day from singapore when is the earliest could expect delivery?

This is a question you should ask Fedex instead.

why nairobi and singapore have twelve hours day and twelve hours night?

Close proximity to the equator. Over the equator, the day and night should be exactly balanced.

Its Singapore's birthday and the day Singapore gains independence?

Incidently it is the birthday of Nagasaki tto, where USA Govt. under Zionist control killed undreds of thosuands of innocent civilians

How much do i need to enjoy a 3-day trip to singapore for our honeymoon?

going to Sentosa (underwater world, silso beach) alone can cost about USD 70 each person including some expenses. The skydining cost about USD 60 to 100, depending on your budget. As for night safari and zoo if you intend to dine in there should cost around USD 50 per person. So you should save about USD 500, this will be enough to cover all of the expenses above, if you intend to go shopping then you should go save up more, enjoy your honeymoon in singapore, cheers

Are there any hotels in singapore which are less than 30$ SGD a day?

Welcome to Singapore... There are plenty... But most are for backpacker... 1) New 7th Storey Hotel... (229, Rochor Rd - Bugis) Website: 2) Boon Wah Hotel...(40-43 Upperweld Road - Little India) 3) Beach Hotel ( 95, Beach Rd - 5mins walk to Suntec City 10mis Walkk to Bugis Junction & Raffles City ) 4) The Royal Peacock Hotel ( 55, Keong Saik Rd -Chinatown) But the rate is about SGD40) 5) Penang Hotel (200, Joo Chiat Road - 10mins walk to Geylang Serai &15mins walk to Katong) U can find the above hotel rate on the web search... They offer too many rate and promotion... Good luck... Enjoys your stay...

planning to tour singapore one whole day?

there r many filipinos in geylang

Which is the cheapest flight from Dubai to Singapore for me to have a quick 2 day visit?


Is it normal to see foreign tourists depart Singapore for a 1-day trip KL and return same day?

a lot of ppl doing this, but rmb to bring along your air ticket to the custom. --------------- Singapore's leading house rental info zone Find your home in Singapore

How much Singapore Currency do i have to change for me and my girlfriend for a 5 day trip to Bangkok?

Im Malaysian and go to Bangkok on 5 day visits very frequently . I normally have the flight and room prepaid and still need about 22000 B for shopping / food moving about for the 5 day 4 night you mentioned . ( for 2 ) This would include dining at good places and a bit of shopping . Since your meals are included then you have more to spend !!! I think you take SID 1000 and you can have a gala time ! :)

How much money do i need to bring for a 3 day tour? singapore and malaysia?

i suggest you bring around US$ 500-1000, take in the sites of singapore and go shopping in malaysia... it's a budget shopper's haven... even the genuine branded things in their malls cost lower than here in the philippines... if you are a techie, i suggest you bring more... all items are tax-free, food and transportation is affordable... and don't be shy to haggle with prices in the nightmarkets!

planning to tour singapore for one whole day?

Citizens of ASEAN countires need no visa to enter Malaysia. I suggest you take the express bus from Singapore to KL, they are much more convenient than train, and cheaper too. The journey takes only about 4 hours. Bus costs about S$30 (about US$22), its more expensive now around the Chinese New Year because of the rush of Malaysians returning home for the festival.

I want to know how many chickens consume a day in Singapore?

- Per day, 2260 live chickens were slaughtered in Singapore and per day, 210,000kg of chicken meat were imported. I guess they do not go by how many - as the chicken can be big or small....

Malaysia to Singapore and Singapore to Malaysia in One Day?

Yes, you can, But there is just one problem cos when you landed on to Singapore soil you might not want to go back to KL.

how much is the minimum show money do i need as a tourist for a 10-day tour/visit to singapore?

Depends on what you want to do there. Are you staying with family/friends or getting a hotel. PER DAY Hotel: SG $30 (hostel) -> $1000+ (5*) Food: SG $10 (hawkers) -> $200+ (champagne brunches, gourmet chocolate buffet, etc) Transport: SG $5-10 (MRT, buses) -> $80+ (taxis) Activities: SG $0 (parks, self-guided walking tours) -> $100+ (Flyer, SnowCity, zoo, night safari, museums, etc) Shopping: SG $0 (no shopping) -> $3000+ (LV, D&G, Tiffany's, etc) Have fun!

What fun stuff I can do (alone) in Singapore in ONE day?

Mmmm...since only one day, you could rush and have time to visit a few choice places only, like Chinatown(2hrs), Little India/Mustafa shopping centre(2hrs), Orchard Rd(2hrs), Sentosa(3hrs).Include 4hrs for travelling, resting/eating/photo-taking. Start after 9am to miss the peak-hour crowds. That should allow you a condensed set of activities until 10pm. However a day in good old SG is never enough. You really need another day to cover a few other interesting places and take time to savour the exotic dishes and tropical fruits. The best experience is to get a local to take you around, so that you get a very good idea of what makes us tick in this vibrant, cosmopolitan state. You may not find another place which has low crime/corruption rate, great racial harmony, political stability, credible judiciary/police, disciplined kids and a clean environment. Best of adventures and make sure you buy those valuable souvenirs to bring home for your neighbours, friends and relatives! So come with a half-filled luggage bag to make your precious and hurried trip really worthwhile. Cheers and come again for a revisit! :-))

What tourist spots would you recommend for one full day in Singapore?

Sentosa! ... where else?

What are some problems in modern day Singapore?

hmmmm.. just off the top of my head? issues that probably cropped up or were discussed in the press in the past year - complacency amongst singaporeans (due to the terrorist escape). - brain drain - high real estate prices - high business costs keeping out foreign investments - Hand Food Mouth Disease (amongst kids) - madatory seat belt rule on school buses - corporal dave teo escapes from army camp with M16 rifle and is caught in orchard road - rising costs of gas + rice + oil (the cooking kind) the list goes on google for the subject matter and u'll get lots of hits from the newspapers like The Straits Times and Business Times etc etc.. good luck! 8)

where can i stay in a hotel in singapore just for the day?

Hmmm, I was pretty sure that most hotels in singapore do let you book for a day. But apparently since most guests would sleep in the night and leave in the morning, thus, "2days" 1 night. Otherwise you can go for those hotels who charge per hour like hotel 81. Not all hotel 81 is sleazy. There are proper tourists who stay there too. go for locations like bugis (there's one in bencoolen) or chinatown. Otherwise try fragrance hotel. It's cheap.

How much does it cost for a 2 day stay in Singapore ?

Hi there's a Singapore Tourist Pass you could buy for $8 per day. For that, you get unlimited travel on public transport, i.e. the MRT trains and buses. More info on that and other options here: If you eat at the hawkers' centres, each meal is unlikely to cost you more than S$5-6 per person. For S$10-12 you could eat like a glutton (at hawkers' centres).

Does my Polish friend need a visa for a 3 day stopover in Singapore?

Poland, Greece and Netherlands are under EU Member states, so all Polish, Greek and Dutch residents are given 90 days upon visit Singapore, don't need Visas to enter Singapore. Only Foreigners holding travel documents issued by the following countries will require a visa to enter Singapore: Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders) Commonwealth of Independent States* (Except Diplomatic/Official/Service passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days ) Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Moldova Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan Egypt India (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders) Iran Iraq Jordan (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders) Lebanon Libya Morocco Myanmar (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders) Nigeria (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders) People's Republic of China (Except Diplomatic/Service/Public Affairs passport holders for a stay of up to 30 days) Pakistan Saudi Arabia Somalia Sudan Syria Tunisia (Except Diplomatic/Official passport holders) Yemen

What reasonably priced hotel can you recommend in Singapore for a 4 day stay in June?

For accommodation, It depends alot on your budget. There are a huge range of hotels available from the budget to the luxury. There are also a big number of hotels that are mid-range so the question now is not which hotel to recommend but rather where would you prefer to stay. In town, near the main shopping belt, or out of town somewhere quite or with alot of nite life. Anyway for most hotels do try to book early or check with any hotel you're interested in, regarding their availability for the period you're coming. From what I know, the occupancy rate for hotel rooms here is pretty good recently. Book early so that you don't get disappointed. Depending on your interest, there are many place you can visit in Singapore. There are the official tourist spots which you could get information from the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board website. Or if you could tell me your interest, maybe I could recommend you some others. Eg. If you're interested in keeping aquarium fishes or gardening, I could recommend you a couple of fish farms or orchid to visit. If you like nature, there are some tracks in our central catchment area where you could hike around. Or maybe you could visit Pulau Ubin an island in the northern part of Singapore where you can have a glimpse of what Singapore is like 40~50 years ago. Lastly, I do encourage you to visit at least one of the Housing Estate in Singapore while you're here, have a feel of how Singaporean live. Anyway, happy planning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excluding shopping ;) USD 1000 (SGD1500) should pretty much cover hotel (SGD 150~200 for a double room x 03 nites), transport, food and sight seeing. Try these site for a general idea of the room rates ....

How is the Traveling experience by train from Malaysia to singapore in day time?

Do you need to take a train from Malaysia to Singapore. There are many coach companies that can bring you in from Malaysia. I believe coach travelling are more comfortable than the train ride. As long as your passport is in order and you have filled in the necessary documentations, going through Immigration Check-points are relatively hassle-free. If you are still taking the train, once you have disembarked from the train and checked out of Immigration, just catch a taxi to Orchard Road. It's the easiest and most convenient way. ----------