How do I get silver cleaned with household products?

Using thing like Tarnex and harsh cleaners takes off layers of the silver and is a lot of work. Save yourself a lot of trouble and work Make a non toxic silver cleaner. 1. Washing soda by Arm and Hammer 2. Aluminum Foil 3. Distilled Water 4. 1" deep glass baking pan or simular 5. Blow dryer 6. Soft Cloth or paper towel Cleaning Procedure: a. line botton of glass pan with aluminum foil, shiny side up. b. fill pan with warm tap water, enough to completely cover items being cleaned. c.depending on the amount of items being cleaned , dissolve 2 to 4 tablespoons of the washing soda in the pan. d. place items to be cleaned in pan on top of the foil. Agitate the solution gently for about a minute. e. first rinse cycle-rinse thoroughly in warm tap water. f. VERY IMPORTANT STEP, second rinse cycle use distilled water only, swirl items through the distilled water for two to three minutes for the best results. Do not recycle the water use only the amount needed to rinse the items being washed. g. VERY IMPORTANT STEP, lay the items out on a paper towel or cloth and blow-dry the items. You must have the blow dryer close enough to the item to get it hot enough to evaporate out all the moisture. Commentary: the steps f and g deal with the removal of the chorine and the moisture latent on the item, Without following these steps the items will oxidize again very quickly. No over the counter cleaning solution can totally restore silver to that "brand new luster" However, this cleaning method will get rid of most of the oxidation.

How many grams of both silver nitrate and sodium nitrate are present after the reaction is complete?

Na2CO3 + 2 AgNO3 = Ag2CO3 + 2 NaNO3 moles Na2CO3 = 3.20 g / 105.988 g/mol= 0.0302 moles AgNO3 = 4.57 g / 169.87 g/mol=0.0269 => Limiting reactant moles Na2CO3 required = 0.0269/2 =0.0135 moles Na2CO3 in excess = 0.0302 - 0.0135 = 0.0167 mass Na2CO3 in excess = 0.0167 x 105.988 = 1.77 g AgNO3 is not present after the reaction is complete

What caused the silver price inflation by 1804?

It wasn't inflation, but instead a shortage in the silver supply. High demand and low supply of silver (or any item) will cause a soar in value.

What mutual funds deal exclusively in silver?

Mutual funds? Hmm.. Not that I know. But there are lots of ETF's starting with SLV the ishares ETF. Investing in ETF's is not that much harder than mutual funds and gives you what you an investment in just silver stuff. Now why you want to invest in silver at the current price is another matter. You are late to the party. You want to invest in the next thing going up not the thing that is already really pricey.

What would happen to silver prices, if a billionaire bought the top silver mining companies and closed them?

Although that scenario is not realistic ("allowed to do that" = probably not), a variation has already be tried. Google "Hunt brothers +silver" The result was several million dollars in fines and a ban for life on trading...if I remember correctly.

How would I clean the silver plating on my new silver plated show bridle?

I would read the directions on the silver cleaner first, but a silver cloth would be safe and they don't cost much.

How to clean silver and gemstone jewelry?

First of all, your silver jewelry is better off saved in a "tupperware" like container, put the jewelry in cloth bags or in aluminum foil in the container... Always keep your silver jewelery when not in use... also try to change the foil bi-weekly! And clear bags may work too! To clean silver, you may wanna try this inexpensive home remedy! Take dampened cloth/sponge and pit some toothpaste, but not the gel type, on it and gently rub gently over the silver! You may notice that the cloth/sponge becomes darker because of the tarnish... add more toothpaste to the other clean part of the cloth/spong... and continue rubbing it in! Then rinse it with hot water (you may add ammonia to the wash water) and dry it of gently using a soft towel. I heard WD-40 also works well! Good Luck ;-)

How pure must a silver bullet be to kill a werewolf?

Republican werewolves are sort of stupid - and you can just shoot them with a regular bullet and tell them it's silver.


What you want is a chemical known as pickle. It is used in the jewelry trade to remove firescale (the stains that heat causes on the metal). You can order some from, without having to be a jewelry professional. However, you will also need some sort of pickle pot (a cheap crock pot works quite well for this). Since you only have the one piece, though, I would talk with a local jeweler (one who does repairs and or custom work, not just sells stuff) and ask if they will clean it for you. It will likely be cheaper, and you won't be stuck with a pot of pickle you don't need. Also, a professional will be able to heat pickle (aka. depletion guild) your piece so the stain doesn't return.


Silver : from Anglo-Saxon seolfor, compare Old High German silabar Chemical symbol is: Ag is from the Latin argentum Silver is a part of the earth crust and can be mined. I seems as long as human beings exist they know the metal, in former times it was a symbolic element for the moon (and gold for the sun). But when you really think about it: after the big bang around 14 bn years ago only H (Hydrogen) and a small amount of He (Helium) has been formed, all other elements of the periodic table has been formed under extreme pressure and temperature in stars, our earth is considered to have formed around 4 bn years ago freom debris of exploding stars. As silver is a basic element it is really old. There are no natural conditions on our earth to form new elements (only in high tech labs), only reactions between elements are possible.