How can I prevent Silent Hill 2 from freezing at its save points on ps2?

Well, it's not a Silent Hill problem... it seems more a scratched DVD in my opinion. If regular cleaning don't help, you are going to have to get rough and use extra fine sand paper. Good Luck!

Can Silent Hill Homecoming run on a laptop that meets the minimum system requirements?

if it does meet the minimum system requirments it should work but i reccomend you to get a better pc/laptop because it WILL be laggy and the graphics may not be as good so yea.

Which silent hill games are the scariest and fun for the ps3?

Silent Hill Homecoming thats the best and scariest :) *Vote Best Answer Pleasee :D*

What is the best Silent Hill video game from Konami and why?

they say Silent Hill 2 is the game that made the series popular as it is the favorite of most Silent Hill fans. the atmosphere is creepy, the music and sound effects are amazing, and the creatures really make the game. Pyramid Head is the main reason why people love this game. he is scary. if you want to give Silent Hill another chance, get Silent Hill 2. and just so you know, the reason why most people say 4 sucks probably comes from the fact that it was never meant to be a Silent Hill game to begin with.

What are the weird noises that you here in silent hill whenever you get close to an enemy?

Radio static

Silent Hill-How would you describe the town of Silent Hill in your own words and the strange events?

i totally agree with you and Blach.Its pure hell,its scary ,dark,depressing too.I love silent hill im currently playing homecoming and the first one ive played was sh2.Thats the first videogame that really scared the shit out of me,the only game that gave me nightmares at night!!I love and usually play only scary videogames so i decided to try silent hill and you cannot describe gave me so much anxiety more then fear sooo cool a videogame that can make u feel like that ,thats what i call scary.After that i bought them all lol.I really think that theres not other word better than hell to describe the horror the places the events and mosters in silent hill.the word hell makes me think about everything scary so its just perfect;)

Silent HIll!?!?

Well the movie is mainly like Dante's inferno. They descend through hell and at the end when they witness the punishment of the sinners they acend into purgatory where they will wait for their judgement. But unknown to them is the fact that they have actually died in the car crash and their bodies were sucked into the "other wolrd: that is why no one except the townspeope and demons can see or feel them....

Silent hill?

scary music, blood and just plain weird things that will creep people out all over. also try to make it really dark. P.S. what is the name of the website? add it on the additional details part and i will go to it when its done. it sounds cool.

silent hill?

Here's my interpretation... Contrary to popular belief, no, Rose and "Sharon" are not dead. Rose and her husband weren't able to see each other in the end because they're still in Alessa's alternate dimension (the foggy dimension), while her husband is in the real world. Here's the deal... There are three parts of Alessa: - Alessa (the burned girl in the oxygen tent) - Sharon (Alessa's good side) - Dark Alessa (Alessa's evil side) Sharon and Dark Alessa are basically manifestations of the two sides of Alessa - the good side and the evil side. As for how Alessa created these manifestations and the alternate dimensions, it can only be assumed that she possessed some kind of supernatural power (which in addition to the fact that she had no father, would obviously lead everyone associated with the cult to call her a witch). That being the case, this is what happened: 1) Dark Alessa does not, in fact, take over or possess Sharon at the church. Dark Alessa (the evil side) simply recombines with Sharon (the good side), creating a new and complete "reincarnation" of Alessa. 2) Alessa's pact with her evil counterpart that we saw in the flashback not only ensures that Dark Alessa will help her exact her revenge, but that Alessa, after making herself "whole" again, will also have a second chance at life with a new (and surely in her eyes, better) mother: Rose. 3) And as for the ending: Alessa's plan works - she gets her much deserved revenge on the cultists, Dark Alessa and Sharon recombine and create a newly "reborn" Alessa, and she ends up with Rose (who either isn't aware or just doesn't care that this little girl isn't "her Sharon" anymore) as her new mother. Now with Sharon's memories to work with after reuniting her two halves, Alessa can extend her alternate dimension and create a world just like the one Sharon and Rose lived in, where they can stay forever. In other words, Alessa doesn't want them to leave her alternate dimension and in her eyes, for good reason. The real world is where Alessa was hurt, abused and humiliated. In the real world, she felt unsafe, unloved and that the people are untrustworthy (especially men, considering that the absence of her father - assuming he even existed - was the source of her torment, in addition to her horrific experience with the school janitor). Alessa wants to live out the rest of her new life with her new loving mommy in her alternate dimension, where she's in control and she feels safe. However, this is also how Dahlia's warning to Rose, "Be careful what you choose," comes to pass. Unfortunately for Rose, this end result means that she is essentially trapped in Alessa's alternate dimension indefinitely. Hope this helps. :)

Silent Hill?

It isn't scary really, but it is kinda creepy. It holds to the games quite well, and has some rather gruesome scenes in it, mostly near the end. The story is unique, and the scenes and sets are marvelously done, but overall, it is an okay movie. It just seems to lack something, and doesn't progress evenly. It is a lot of subdued scenes followed by a huge massacre out of nowhere. It is worth seeing though, if you have the extra time and money.