As a Muslim, can I visit a Sikh Gurdwara?

Yes , any Sikh or non-Sikh can visit a Gurudwara and can also take part in volunteering services in kitchen there . Just prior visiting a Gurudwara , one should be in a sober state . Also , avoid consumption of tobacco in any form just prior to visit of Gurudwara . Cover your head with a clean piece of cloth and leave your shoes outside . PS : Sikhism is also a monotheistic religion , like Islam . We accept Allah , Raheem , Kareem and Rehman as names of God .

Why can you not build a synagogue, temple, mosque, gurudwara (sikh termple) in Vatican city?

Well for one, we don't force anyone to become Catholic, nor do we kill anyone if they convert to another religion. That's a big difference right there. Besides, WE OWN Vatican city (the Catholics do). We will respect those of other faiths that come to Vatican City, but I don't think other faiths really want to put in their own churches there.

Conservatives you do realize that a Sikhs temple is not a Mosque right?

I'm afraid to go into a Sikh temple. Am I welcome even though I'm Christian?

Look don;t worry about anything. The people in the Gurudwara are very friendly. You will be welcomed like you are one of our own brethren. Remember Curiosity is not a sin You can ask as many questions as you want and Sikhs will answer them willingly. And don't worry about communications. Many Sikhs can speak English. Don't worry about standing out. You will be fine.

Did you hear about the Sikh temple shootout in Wisconsin?

Have you heard ...ANOTHER Mass Shooting ...A Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin 6 dead + shooter?

Is a Sikh temple spelled "gurdwara" or "gurudwara"?

The spelling is usually gurdwara but in saying it it should be said guru-dwara. the above answers are both right.

Is there a Sikh temple in Denver?

According to Sikhnet there is one. Unfortunately, I can't see how to provide a link to the information but you can search using the Gurdwara Map which I have linked to in the sources. Here's the information provided on the website: Colorado Singh Sabha Addr:17681 W. Alameda Pkwy. City:Golden Stat/Prov:Colorado Postal Code:80401 Country:USA Phone:303-697-6374 Hours:24 hours 7 days a week Other Info:Weekly smagams-Sunday: 10-11am Naam Simran 11:15-12:30pm Kirtan 12:45pm Ardas and Langar Wednesday and Saturday: 7:00-7:30pm Rehras 7:30-8:00pm Kirtan 8:00pm Ardas and Langar Monthly Smagam: Sangraand 5:15-7:00am Asa di Vaar 7:15am Ardas and Langar Hope that helps.

7 people killed in shooting at Sikh temple. Conservatives, what's your problem?

i want to know the zahedan (iran) city location and the list of schools. and where is the sikh temple,?

Location: Zahedan, city in southeastern Iran, located near the borders with Pakistan and Afghanistan, the capital of Sistan va Balochestan province. Lying east of the Dasht-e Lut desert, Zahedan is the main economic center of the region and home to many small- and medium-scale industries. Its main products include cotton textiles, woven and hand-knotted rugs, ceramics, processed foods, livestock feed, processed hides, milled rice, bricks, and reed mats and baskets. Highways link Zahedan to Tehran and Mashhad (Meshed) in the north, the port of Bandar Beheshti on the Gulf of Oman in the south, and the Pakistani city of Quetta in the east. A rail line also runs from Zahedan to Quetta. Schools: I could not see any references to specific schools. I suggest you go to this site: and email the library for information on schools. Sikh Temple The Sikh temple is well known, and it is located near the Consulate of India for which the address appears below. Consulate of India, Zahedan Ayatollah Kafemi Avenue, Near Gurdwara (Sikh Temple), Zahedan Sistan Baluchistan Province Tel : 00-98-541-3222337 Fax : 00-98-541-3221740 Email :

can I spend the night sleeping at a Gurudwara (Sikh Temple)?

Yes & No. Yes one can spend a night at the Gurdwara. But , NO nusance is allowed . Details follow: If you are asking are there any ristrictions on people on the basis of religon ,race , colour, cate , creed etc. then the answers is there are no restrictions. But there are ristrictionson on the basis that , you cant enter the gurdwara if u are drunk or intoxicated or are carrying intoxicats with you. You will have to keep yor head covered and feet un covered ( as a mark of self respect & humility respectively )within the gurdwara premisis. In fact most Gurdwaras have a hall/room specially allocated for travellers to take shelter at night . But , I might warn you that there might just be some gurdwaras out there being managed by misguided souls & self-indulgent people who might just say no! to you . From your question I get the feeling that you are a westerner (i.e. not an Indian ) , so take this advice if ever go to a gurdwara , tie a cloth on your hed to cover it (dont use a cap) go there and talp ina very polite manner and just see how everyone will rush to help you .Go to the gurdwara in the evening around 7-8pm , may devotees would bethere at that time , and devotees will always be more ready to help ,than the pais employees (with no disrespect to he gurdwara managements. ) Waheguru tera shukar hai ( Thankyou God Almighty )

I am visiting a Sikh temple for my religious class.Any protocol I should know before I go?

The first rule is to remove your shoes before entering any of the main halls (there is usually a designated room to place shoes). Second is to cover your head. As mentioned, head scarves are typically provided by the Gurdwara (the Sikh temple) as the objective is to invite people of all backgrounds - all are welcome in Gurdwaras. Third, when going to sit down in the main hall where the prayers are sung, do not point your feet toward the Guru Granth Sahib - sit cross-legged. Those are the main points of concern. Basically, just be respectful and you'll be fine. Its not expected that you will know the full system, so if you still feel uncomfortable, simply ask someone there about the protocol - I'm sure no one will mind helping you. Also, here's a link that may be helpful for you: Hope that helps, and good luck with the project/assignment for your class. If you need any other help or info regarding Sikhi, feel free to drop me an email =)

Serious question to all: There has just been another shooting of many people in a Sikh Temple in Milwaukee...?

Why is obama going to visit a mosque after shunning a sikh temple? Wasnt he scared to look muslim?

Because Obama is actually a muslim and he thinks people will be to stupid to tell the difference

Are muslims allowed into a Sikh temple also known as a Gurdwara?

The Muslim religion, is for the most part, a very closed minded society. So as to whether or not Muslims are allowed in a Sikh temple is mostly left up to the individual temple itself. You can also find out more information about the questions that you just asked by going to most of the reputable encyclopedias such as world book and Britannica ! ! !

What do you call a sikh or hindu temple?

Buddhist House of Worship = Vihara Hindu House of Worship = Mandir Jain House of Worship = Derasar Sikh House of Worship = Gurdwara For more details please refer link below.

So, So, there was another mass shooting in Wisconcin at a Sikh temple.......................?

Sikh's have been mistaken for Muslims and murdered several times by con idiots.

What do conservatives think of Obama cancelling a vist to a Sikh temple to avoid looking 'muslim' ?

They're Sad. Another "missed opportunity" -to blame Him for something. :)

going tever been to a wedding in a sikh temple ?

You have been invited to a sikh wedding! Yes ,you have to take your shoes and socks off. Cover your head with a scarf and sit on the floor. Dress decently cos you have to sit on the floor cross-legged. 1. Milni is when the two families ie the boys and the girls hug and greet each the grooms father hugs and greet the brides father and so on.... is quite interesting and fun . 2.Anand Karaj is the wedding ceremony that takes place in presence of the Guru Granth Sahib that is the holy book of Sikhs. The priests sing shabads or hymns and the boy and the girl take pheras or rounds of the Guru Granth Sahib.It is a moving experience . I strongly recommend been there. 3. Guru Ka Langar after the Anand Karaj is the holy lunch ceremony after the wedding in the temple .The food is first blessed by Guru and then distributed among the guests.You may have to sit on the floor cross-legged and eat .I bet there is nothing more tastier than the Langar. It consists of Indian bread, dal(pulses), vegetables. If you cannot,you need not be there for the whole time.Its OK if you leave early....BTW ... The actual wedding ritual takes about half an hour so it makes sense to be there for the ceremony and the Langar after wards so that you can meet and chat up with your friends. A Sikh wedding is a pious and sacred ceremony and I hope that you'll surely enjoy been there.Have a good time!!

7 killed at Sikh temple. Why domestic terrorism?

how to behave and act in a sikh temple?

they're called Gurudwara Sahibs. I go all the time, whenever i can. 1. remove your shoes in the designated area (believe me you'll see it) 2. wash you hands 3. get something to cover your head with. it's best if you come with something like a handkerchief tied over you head or a bandanna or whatever those are called. but most of the time they have a basket for people. 4. go inside and put in a dollar into the golak, a place where all the money from people is put(i don't think it's required, but almost everyone does this as respect and to help the gurudwara sahib) and get on your knees and bow to the guru granth sahib which is where there's a person who seems like he/she is "fanning" something. its right behind where you put your money. you definetly wont miss it 5. when you see people sitting on a raised...thing and they're "singing" prayers, usually some men put a dollar or some form of money in front of where they're sitting because thats how they make some of their money. this is optional. 6. sit down somewhere and listen to the prayers. don't get up too constantly, only kids do that because they like to run around. also, keep cell phones on vibrate, silent, or off. 7. when people rise, you rise. when people sit, you sit. its the easiet way to explain. 8. when people inside are passing something out to eat in people hands, when he/she comes to you, put both hands together and hold them up and you will recieve something called prashad. eat it, don't throw it away. its considered wrong and disrespectful to throw it away. *remember, whenever someone is passing some food or anything out, you always use both hand to recieve* 9. when you eat langar or dinner outside, keep your head covered and it depends on the system: either you have to stand in line to get food or you sit and people serve to you. 10. after eating, wash your hands before doing anything else. don't touch anything with hands unless they are washed and clean. other info: -men and women sit on different sides: you'll see the split. but usually its women on left, men on right. -it probably is a good idea to cover your tattoos, but im not sure. -wear what you want, just nothing too risky. preferably wear something that you think is acceptable if you were to go out with, not super casual but not strictly formal. maybe like semi formal? jeans and plain t shits are acceptable but not anything with like inappropiate or wierd stuff, you know? -if your greeting people, you USUALLY put both hands together as if praying and say Sat Sri Akaal, but im not sure if you need to since you're unaccustomed. -RELAX (: people will like you as you are, just don't do anything like fall on someone, you know? its like going to church{: i hope this helps! good luck!

What do you think of Obama canceling his trip to a Sikh temple because he doesn't want to fan Muslim rumors?

Proves Michelle is the only one in that family with balls. He should go back to hanging drapes.

What you can say to the people who attacted in vienna temple. sikh or terrorist?


Sikh temple burnt in Melbourne? Is this racial or not?

the police or the govt is not stern at the culprits. so there have been several attacks on indians. sikh temple burnt seems racial, no doubt.

Is the Sikh Temple shooter a typical ignorant Red Neck? the moron mistake's a Sikh temple for a mosque?

Where is a sikh temple in san antonio Texas?

Gurudwara Sikh Center of San Antonio Sikhism 6011 Hollyhock San Antonio, TX 78240 Phone: 210-696-1009

if im christain could i get introuble for going to a sikh temple?

i think u got alot of timeon ur heands if u seen some go to the temple like u asked in th eother question not thought of asking them?

Is there a Sikh Temple or Gurdwara in Ukraine, Romania or Moldova?

I am not aware of a Sikh temple in Romania or Moldova, but the best way to find out is to call the universities (if you speak Romanian) and ask if there is an Indian students association. There are some students from India studying in Romanian universities (Esp. the medical school at the Univ. of Oradea) and they would be much more acquainted with the local community and if there are any Sikh believers you can network with while you are there.

what do you think of the shooting that happened at the Sikh temple?

And yet no one will say "Christianity is such a violent religion, all Christians are terrorists". However if it was a Muslim that killed people the media would have a field day.

Where are the mosques and sikh temples in Cleveland or the east suburbs?

there is a mosque on west 130th between brookpark road and rt 82 its on the east side of the road - i see it when i go to my moms house .

would you rather law enforcement not release the name of the shooter in the sikh temple shooting?

who is behind that shooting at a sikh temple in america that has killed 6 people and injured dozens more?

What happens when a Muslim enters a Gurudwara(Sikh Temple)?

How sikhs will react to the entry of a muslim in a sikh Gurdwara? Guru Granth Sahib contains versions of Baba Farid and Sai Bheekhan both were devout muslims, foundation stone of Darbar Sahib was laid down by Sai Mian Mir, a muslim. Guru Hargobind build a mosque for muslim followers. Guru Gobind Singh stayed in house of Nabi Khan and Gani Khan. No one asks anyone his/her religion, caste, country upon entry in gurdwaras, may be someone can ask questions out of curiosity but no different treatment until someone wishes to disrespect their articles of faith. Sikhs are pleased when non sikhs visit Gurdwaras.

what's a fancy word for a guy who volunteers to serves food at the sikh temple?

Volunteer waiter? volunteer - food service? dunno.

Hateful rhetoric from Governor Scott Walker caused the Sikh temple shooting?

As much as I dislike Walker, I don't think he had anything to do with it. The shooting did happen, in Milwaukee. I wasn't aware of it until you posted this.

Is a Sikh temple spelled "gurudwara" or "gurdwara"?

The correct spelling should be GURUDWARA ( the gateway to the GURU) however lots of variations are acceptable including Gurdwara (not a bid deal is it since it is a Punjabi word and has no real equivalent if spelled in English) V and B are used interchangeably to spell Hindi words in English (transliteration) as there are no pure V or B sound in the language. The same with W which is substituted interchangeably with V e.g Dipavali / Dipawali (festival of lights) and Wada/Vada (promise) Peace

Why isnt anyone ragging on Obama for not going to a SIKH temple because he is scared to look muslim?

Because liberals think its ok for Obama because they worship him blindly. Everyone already knows he is muslim already. He doesnt need to deny it

Describe the guy who shot up the sikh temple in Wisconosin?

I received prasad from Sikh Golden Temple in Amritsar?

the cloth is could a hazzoria. You see priest usually wear it round there neck when praying. it can also used as a head scarf or turban. You do what you want with it dear keep it as a reminder of the temple. But keep it with respect dont wash it with ur dirty socks. Maybe when you pray u could cover your head with it. Or next time you go to the Gurdwara (temple) you could wear it. Its a pretty rough cloth so you mite wanna wash it a few times to make it soft hope u enjoyed the white sugar prashaad :)

Has anyone revealed the possible motive for the Sikh Temple shooting or who the gunman was?

sikh temple. can i go into a sikh temple if im christain?

Of cource as long as u r not under the infulence of booze drugs or been smoken u dont have to wear a head scalf but u will have to cover ur head a bandana would be ok they should be available at the temple

Will Conservatives only donate money for the legal defense of the Sikh temple shooter if he turns out to be?

lol nice

What is the flag outside a Sikh temple called?

The saffron triangle flag of the Sikh religion is called a 'nishan sahib' and can be seen flying above any gurdwara (Sikh temple) - 'nishan' means 'mark' or 'flag' and 'sahib' is a term of reverence. The mast that bears the flag is covered in saffron or dark blue cloth at all times. Peace, Bill

How do you make prachad, as in the gurdwara sikh temple?

It is called Karah Prashad. Here's the recipe: Ingredients: 100 grams ( Atta) wheat flour 100 grams ghee 100 Grams sugar 200 ml Water Preparation: 1. Take a heavy based pan and add all the wheat flour and roast 2. Once it become light brown add all the Ghee and Sugar. 3. Stir it continuously and add the water. 4. Keep on stirring otherwise it will stick to the bottom. 5. Once the water starts vapourising it will tend to thicken. Serve hot This is the traditional Karah Parshad which is served in Gurudwaras. No garnishing is added in it.

Why Obama refuses to vist Sikh temple in India during his visit, it is not muslim?

You know something, if the guy would just be honest about his religion, nobody would give a damn! It's only a matter of respect! So what's the big deal!

Will the actions of the Tea Party/Aryan Nation shooter at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin finally result in?

What is the largest Hindu temple and Sikh Gurdwara in New York?

Perhaps this one

What's the likelihood the shooter at the Sikh Temple was another dumb Conservative thinking they were Muslim?

Is it haram to go to a Sikh and Buddhist temple?

Hi, I am a Sikh So Here's the answer to the question. In Sikhism, A Sikh Temple Is Called A Gurdwara. The Gurdwara let's anyone in, Weather your any race. All visitors to a Sikh Gurdwara should be aware of the following guidelines when visiting: ● Please dress appropriately so that you can comfortably and with decency sit on the carpeted floor. It is recommended that all visitors to the Gurdwara wear loose fitting clothing which covers most of your legs. Low hanging or tight-fitting pants/trousers may not be suitable. Please try sitting on the carpeted floor at home for a short period to see if the clothing is suitable. ● All visitors entering the Main Prayer Hall, called the Darbar Sahib and the Dining (Langar) Hall will have to remove their shoes and place them in the shoe racks provided. Strictly No Smoking is allowed in the vicinity of the Gurdwara premises. Visitors cannot enter the Gurdwara while under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs. You should not take cigarettes or tobacco with you into the premises or smoke while near the Gurdwara or soon before going into the Gurdwara. ● All visitors MUST cover their heads while in the main Gurdwara areas (Darbar Sahib and Langar Hall) ● Head covering for men/boys will normally be available in the Gurdwara but a large knotted handkerchief is acceptable. (The Gurdwara may provide handkerchief sized cloth to cover the head). Other hats and caps (eg baseball-style caps) may not be appropriate (please check with the Gurdwara officials). Sikh men normally wear a Turban. ● Women/Girls will need to wear a headscarf. The Gurdwara usually has a box of scarves, but you could bring your own headscarf for this purpose. Sikh ladies usually wear a "Chunni", which is normally a long, flowing semi-transparent plain cloth with a decorated, veiled edging. ● Chairs are not provided in the Gurdwara and so, when sitting, this will be on the carpeted floor both in the Main Prayer Hall (Darbar Sahib) and in the Langar Hall. (A few chairs may be available in the Langar Hall for visitors who have difficulty sitting on the floor due to old age or other medical conditions). ● On first entering the large prayer room (called the Darbar Sahib), a small bow to the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book) shows respect to the host community. Backs should not be turned on the Guru Granth Sahib or the soles of the feet pointed towards the Sikh holy book when sitting on the carpet. It is normal to sit cross-legged yoga style. It may be a good idea to practise this at home if possible before your trip to the Gurdwara. ● Visitors will usually be offered Kara Parshad (sweet flour and oil based food offered as a gift) in the worship hall, which is usually given in cupped hands and eaten with the right hand. If you are uncertain about your ability to eat a lot of this food – Say “very small portion” to the Sewadar (volunteer) serving the Kara Parshad. You should take a small plastic bag (or ask for one from the Sewadar (volunteer) serving the Kara Parshad) to save your Kara Parshad if it is not to your taste – Please do not refuse it or throw it away. ● You may be offered Langar (vegetarian food from the communal kitchen). If not too certain about consuming this food you can ask to be excused although most people should take langar as it is regarded as a blessing by the Guru. When in the (Langar Hall), it is better to ask for less rather than take too much and waste the food. Say “very little” to the Sewadar (volunteer) serving the Langar. If you require more later, just wait for the Sewadar to come around. Hope That Helped You. Enjoyed Answering It.

What to expect when going to a Sikh temple?

a sikh gurdwara is welcome to people of all religions to come. When you go wear a handkerchief on your head and take off your shoes and put them on a rack that they will have there and then there is a room with the guru granth sahib and you bow down twards it like the others and then hold out both hands for the man to give parshad to you and you can eat it, its sweet karah and then you can listen to kirtan in the same room but men and women sit on separate sides of the room also there is langar which is food that you can eat there. Just if you are going to ask for something take it with both hands instead of one