When do birth control side effects start?

Some women feel side effects straight away, whereas others take months - depends on the woman and which side effects she's experiencing. For example, nausea would likely appear in the first weeks, whereas weight gain wouldn't be noticed for months.

What are the side effects of Salvia Divinorum?

Salvia Divinorum is non addictive and no serious physical side effects are prevalent with ingestion of Salvia. However, the only risk is mental disorder. Some people get anxiety and panic attacks. Right after inhaling the smoke, you might forget where you are and who you are for a couple minutes.

what are the side effects for Lipitor and Lisinopril ?

There are several and can be easily looked up at the web site for the drug manufacturers. On a practical note.. Lipitor is atorvastatin..all statins can cause liver enzyme elevation and rarely liver injury. Muscle inflammation or myositis is another side effect we watch for very closely As far as todays medicine go...Statins seem to have way more benefits than side effects...the benefits also seem to be beyond merely decreasing cholesterol.. Lisinopril is an ACE inhibitor (Angiotensin Converting Enzyme), obviously it can cause low blood pressure.. One of the most common sideeffects are a presistant dry cough. In susceptable people it can cause a sever form of allergy called angioedema which could be dangerous.. In people with blockages of the renal arteries it can cause severe renal failure... Again current evidence shows that for diabetics, patients with heart attacks, and Heart failure that this class of medicine may decrease death rate. Some side effects of ACE inhibitors can be overcome by changing to another related class of meicines called ARB's like Diovan.

How long for Cerazette side effects to disappear after quitting?

The first thing you need to do is figure out why your sex drive is low and try to help get it back. I was in your situation and it's not fun without being horny and feeling in the mood when needed. I also felt like my orgasms (if I would even get one) were really weak. Probably because of my sex drive. However, I tried exercising and dieting but nothing seemed to be working. I thought I was screwed. I then found something just as amazing as the vibrator. My friend at work told me about this stuff she took to raise her sex drive. It was a natural herbal supplement and was I lucky to of found it. Theres no side effects and the sex drive is just tremendous along with orgasms that are blasting. The stuff is called Hersolution pills. At the time I saved money on them at herenhancement.com What I did was tried out for 3 months and that was really it. I found taking them every other day or so was the best to stretch it out. After the months were up, I was back to normal with a beating sex drive and my orgasm strength in increased so much. Well good luck and I hope this helps.

When do side effects show up during radiation for breast cancer?

I didn't have any side effects except prononged fatigue later on.

What are the side effects of the medication prescribed for panic disorder?

It really depends on the medication, and how your body reacts to it. You didn't list one here. Everyone is different and may have different side effects. They can range from sleeplessness, to dry mouth, to loss of libido. The biggest concern dependence on the medication. If you can work with a health professional to confront your panic attacks in a non chemical way, that would be awesome. This is no small task, I realize. But I've had friends who've used this approach (with a doctor) and it gave them proper perspective. After all, it's a mental condition and it's something you can take charge of with the right help. Best wishes to you!

What side effects of effexor are most common?

I haven't taken effexor but I have friends who have and they did have more than one side effect although everybody will experience it differently depending on dose. weight, age other medications etc. BUt there is a list here of side effects and their frequency. If at any point you have side effects that are intolerable for you then go back to your doctor and discuss it. The medication shouldnt make your daily life worse at the cost of trying to improve your mental health. I hope you get on ok with it. Common side effects NOTE: The percentage of occurrences for each side effect listed comes from clinical trial data provided by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc. The percentages indicate the percentage of people that experienced the side effect in clinical trials.[2] Headache (34%) Nausea (21-35%) Insomnia (15-23%) Sexual dysfunction (14-34%) Dry mouth (12-16%) Dizziness (11-20%) Sweating (10-14%) Decreased Appetite (8-20%) Abnormal ejaculation (8-16%) Hypertension (4-5%) Vivid/Abnormal dreams (3-7%) Akathisia (Agitation) (3-4%) Decreased libido (3-9%) Increased yawning (3-5%) Apathy Constipation Ongoing Irritable Bowel Syndrome Fatigue Vertigo Orthostatic hypotension (postural drop in blood pressure) Impulsive Actions Electric shock-like sensations also called "Brain zaps" Increased anxiety at the start of treatment Memory Loss Restless Legs Syndrome [edit] Less common to rare side-effects Note 'Rare' adverse effects occur in fewer than 1 in 1000 patients. Cardiac arrhythmia Increased serum cholesterol Gas or stomach pain Abnormal vision Nervousness, agitation or increased anxiety Panic Attacks Depressed feelings Suicidal thoughts Confusion Neuroleptic malignant syndrome Loss of appetite Tremor Drowsiness Allergic skin reactions External bleeding Serious bone marrow damage (thrombocytopenia, agranulocytosis) Hepatitis Pancreatitis Seizure Tardive dyskinesia Difficulty swallowing Psychosis Hair Loss Hostility Activation of mania/hypomania. Weight Loss (of concern when treating patients suffering from anorexia nervosa) Weight gain (effect not clear, but of concern when treating people who may have Body Dysmorphic Disorder). Homicidal Thoughts Aggression Depersonalization Visual Hallucinations Swollen and/or bleeding gums Frequent urination

How safe is the treatment for RH compatibility? What are the side effects seen on babies and mothers?

If you plan on having anothor baby in the future it is the smart thing to do. Woman who don't get the rhogam and are rh negative and have a baby that is rh positive are putting all future pregnancies at risk. There is a chance that the second time around the mother's blood will attack the baby. Your doctor will discuss all the side effects with you. I have found a website that states in the 39 years rhogam has been used there has been no effect on the babies. Please look over this site for a better understanding and talk with your doctor.

How would i know if i was pregnant or just experiencing side effects of the morning after pill?

Is the pills are recommended by your doctor or you take them by your self? If these pills are taken by your own decision, you better consult a doctor and get some further advise. It may be due to side effects of the pill but can be so sure. If you are taking these pills according to the instructions, so you may be fine.

What are the side effects of plant beauty products?

if they are made properly and used as per the direction then there are no side effects.

What are the permanent side effects of smoking weed?

Biggest side-effect ... mooching friends too lazy to get their own.

How common are side effects in birth control pills?

Well I have been on the pill for 2+ years now. I use Alesse. When I first started taking them, my body had to get use to the pill. I started feeling a bit nauseous and I got really bad headaches in the form of migraines. These side effects stopped after a month or so for me, but it depends on how your body reacts to the birth control pill. After that, I have had no side effects whatsoever. You do tend to bloat a LITTLE bit, but not so extreme where you look like you gained 20lbs! =) One side note, and I learned this the hard way. Do not take more than one pill at the same time if you missed a day, because you feel like crap afterwards and you start vomiting and you get really bad stomach pains.

What side effects did you get from the depo injection?

I had severe weight gain on the depo shot. if you have had a child already why not go with the IUD option it can be removed and you can start TTC'ing again within he same month without any weird chemical side effects?

What are side effects of using ginger tea for digestive problems?

hi I drunk tons of ginger tea for nausea and heart burn for years. The only side effect I had is that I had to wake up in the middle of the night to go pee, because herbal teas tend to do that. Other than that, no side effects at all. Except of course the pain was gone and so was the nausea. Good luck

What birth control pill will give me the least depressed side effects?

I'm not sure about a pill, but I had the same kinds of side effects when I took seasonal and yaz. I have heard the side effects go away after about 6 months of regular use, but my mood swings were so bad I couldn't take it! I switched to nuva ring and it's been great! I don't have to remember to take a pill every day AND *I believe* it has the lowest dose of hormone on the market so it doesn't make you crazy. Most importantly, it works! Hope that helps:)

How to become a mermaid without lowering you IQ and having side effects?

You need some unicorn hair and since unicorns are extinct now, you won't be able to become a mermaid. Sorry! Maybe you can find some well-preserved unicorn hair and try to use that? You're supposed to tie it around your finger in a bow, walk around in a circle about one yard in diameter, and imagine a tail where your legs are. It's kind of difficult, but shouldn't have any side effects! Just make sure you don't let the hair untie itself or you'll have to start all over. If it does work, make sure there's some brackish water near by. You don't know if you'll be a saltwater or freshwater mermaid until you're completely changed, and you don't want to take chances! With brackish water, you're safe either way.

What side effects does abortion present?

Guilt OR relief... but since you're asking for physical side effects, this is from what I can remember (I went through 2). You can become infertile. You can get an infection. You can die. Those are very rare and extreme circumstances. You can still be pregnant. You will be tired and groggy after taking the anesthesia. You can have an allergic reaction to the anesthesiaYou may have strange bleeding - anywhere from heavy to light. You can have no period for 2 months. You can have extremely heavy periods. You can't take a bath or have sex for 2 weeks. You may get an infection from that. You can get pregnant again. (True, but said in a joking manner). There's a lot of possible side effects - the same goes with any surgical procedure or with taking medication.

What is the best birth control pill with the least side effects?

I have some problems that give me really irregular and highly painful periods (like 5 weeks long, 1 week off, 4 weeks again...). So I've tried 8 different birth controls (as doctors are trying to stop my period). Basically, stuff like Yaz is a really aggressive birth control and it definitely has side effects. Loestrin is similar (which I've been on and it made me crazy, almost broke up with my amazing bf 3 times while on it). I am currently on levora which is pretty nice. I was also on camila for a while, which was great, until it stopped working (which is more likely to happen in person with crazy hormones like me, not an average person). Really it depends on your particular biology, along with the make up of the pill. But I really liked camila, I which my hormones hadn't become to much for it, or I'd still be on it. No side effects.

How long do birth control side effects last?

It depends on the woman. They can last as long as it takes for your body to adjust to the hormone changes. Or they can last as long as you're on them. Headache can actually be a fairly common side effect of birth control. So is weight gain,break through bleeding and breast tenderness. As far as the more dangerous possible side effects like blood clots,stroke,heart attack. Those risks increase if you smoke and/or if you're over 35.

What are the side effects to dogs being washed with Suave body wash?

There won't be any side effects from doing this for one time. Long term use could cause drying of the skin and hair since dogs have a different ph than we do. Thank your little sis for trying to be helpful and let her know from now on to use only a dog shampoo.

How long do the bad side effects from the birth control pill take to wear off for most girls?

It really depends on your body, and what type of pill you take. I know some women who have gained weight, had headaches, or other weird side effects, and some (like me), don't notice anything. You should talk to your doctor about getting a low-hormone pill that has the least side effects. If you notice after a few months that your body doesn't really like that pill, you should try another one until you find one that works for you.

What are the side effects of Accutane going to be like?

i, personally, experienced very little side effects. the only other thing than dry skin was the occasional nose bleed, which was very mild. the dry skin is inevitable but also wasn't anything that a good moisturizer couldn't combat. my lips were probably the most hassle because my lips get dry really easy anyway. i highly recommended aveeno brand chapstick. it works wonders. so long as you don't suffer from any of the severe side effects (i.e. depression, harsh mood swings, etc) you'll be so happy with the outcome. i think you'll be able to keep yourself looking pretty normal. however, side effects are different depending on the person. you'll begin to see results faster than you think. it's an amazing (though potentionally dangerous) product. glad i took a risk.

How long do the side effects of effexor last?

hey i am currently on effexor and yes its really a b itch. its a tradeoff at do you want sex...or no anxietty? i tried many meds and effexor actually has the least amount of sexual interfering side effect, but its still very significant. im not big on sex so its kewl for me...id recommend seeing your doctor

When do you start having side effects from CLOMID?

I ended up with side effects within two days from Clomid. Some women dont get any side effects at all though.

When will I start getting side effects on birth control?

You may not get them. I've been on Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 7 years and have had minimal side effects. I put on a bit of weight and had some stomach trouble in the beginning, but after that I've done just fine with it. The stomach issues were not really the birth control's fault either, I have ulcers so I should have started on a lower dose and then moved up but neither my doctor nor I really thought that through... :)

How soon can you start feeling the side effects from the pill after first taking it?

I think it all depends on what side effects you actually get. I started taking the same pill almost a year ago now and I'm still yet to experience any side effects that I know of. Hope this helped :)

What is the average number of side effects that a prescription medication will have?

I used to work in health care and in "assisted medication." Generally speaking, most meds have 5-7 "common" side effects. Unusual side effects can be much higher, as many as 25 or more.

What is the safest anti androgen out there with less serious side effects than others?

what does your doctor say? mine liked spironolactone. she felt cyproterone acetate had too many nasty side effects. she didn't offer details, and i didn't ask. the only side effect i had with spironolactone was its diuretic properties. it made me pee a lot.

How long will it take until I start getting Accutane side effects?

I didn't actually experience many of the side effects, apart from dry lips and the occasional nose bleed. I think they started about two weeks into the treatment, but some people are lucky and don't get them at all.

What is the difference between high tolerance with alcohol and immune to side effects of alcohol?

No, high tolerance and immunity from side effects are two entirely different things. "High tolerance" means someone can drink a great deal without appearing to be drunk or tipsy. If someone acts sober after consuming a lot of alcohol (he "knows how to hold his liquor") then this is high tolerance. Rarely, there are people who NEVER have hangovers -- such a personj is immune to the sife effects of alcohol. VERY rarely, ther are people who can drink heavily wtihout any liver damage, so they are immune to another side-effect of alcohol. These immunities have nothing to do with whether that person "holds their liquor" and acts sober.

Can Xanax cause permanent sexual side effects or any other irreversible side effects?

It's a very short acting drug so aside from death from an overdose, there aren't any irreversible side effects I can think of.

What do they do if your having severe birth control side effects?

Your doctor will probably try switching you to another brand first, and then if the symptoms persist, possibly trying more brands or going to a different method of birth control. Sometimes changing dosage can help mediate side effects, or some people really do respond differently to brands. In some cases, you can change you take it- you might be able to use birth control pills as a vaginal suppository rather than taking them orally in order to mitigate nausea, for example. They definitely won't tell you to just stop using birth control altogether, and they usually aren't going to try to treat the symptoms; there are enough types of birth control out there that it's worth it to look for one that'll work for you without severe side effects. Hope that helps.

Can Xanax cause permanent sexual side effects or any other irreversible side effects?

If there is any other option then please don't take Xanax. Other than the suicide and self-harming, I'm not sure of any permanent side effects but imo it's not worth the risk good luck

What are the benefits or side effects from upping celexa 20mg to 40mg ?

the sexual side effects could increase if you go up but if your not having any side effects and have been at 20MG for awhile then I doubt you would have any new side effects. It sounds like your body is tolerating the medication. The advantages of going up will be less depression or anxiety.

How long will it take for side effects of Prozac to appear?

I have been on both prozac and it's sister drug lexapro. I started noticing side effects into the first and second week. If prozac does not work for you, I would not recommend lexapro, as I experienced most of the same side effects on both.

How long do the side effects of a tetanus shot last?

swelling,pain,redness,heat are 4 cardinal signs of inflammation.To reduce these symptoms use anti-inflammatory drugs.you can use ibuprofen but it also had side effects.

How long does it take for unwanted side effects of the contraceptive pill to disappear, after stopping use?

it is going to depend on your system and the type of pills you were taking....hormone levels etc. I took the pill for ten years and when I stopped it took me nearly 4 months to get back to normal. I had very bad mood swings and didn't have my period during that time. Not good when you're used to it being regular as clockwork.;) Give it a month or two and if you still have alot of the side effects, talk to your doctor. Right now, nothing to worry about, but, don't let it go for too long just in case there is something else behind your symptoms. Hope that this helps a bit. Good luck!

What are your experiences and side effects from Wellbutrin?

I took Wellbutrin during the first trimester of a pregnancy, so yes I was nauseated, but I can't blame it on the drug. I also have three friends who have taken it. None of them have had long term nausea from it. Basically, the nausea lessened as they took it for longer. Common "bad" side effects of the drug include: dry mouth, constipation, nausea, weight loss, insomnia, dizziness, headache, anxiety, tremor, ear ringing, sweating, and high blood pressure. I did not like the drug, because I was very anxious on it. However, it was considered fairly safe during pregnancy. One of my friends takes it for depression, another took it to help her stop smoking, and the third... I don't know why she takes it. She seems pretty emotionally balanced, so it must be working!

Can Xanax cause permanent sexual side effects or any other irreversible side effects?

thats alot no side effects for me ,but when i try to stop taken them i twitch

What are the side effects of parents using physical action to discipline their children?

Some possible side effects might be that children who get 'spanked' or other physical discipline might think that hitting others is ok.

How Long do side effects last after taking the morning after pill?

the side-effects lasted 4 days with me. Remember you are suscepting yourself to very high doses of hormones. My period cycle just got back to some semblance of normal this cycle and I took the pill only one time 3 months ago.

Lexapro side effects: How do you really know if you have them?

Are you saying that you were suicidal before, and you still are on the medication? If you haven't been taking it long, it may not have started working yet. It takes 6-8 weeks for reuptake to really kick in. If you have been taking it longer than that or it's a new thing, I would definitely talk to your doctor or psychologist. If these thoughts are really serious, make sure you talk to someone about them. My main side effects with Lexapro were lots of headaches, and some serious withdrawals when I accidentally when off of it.

What are the side effects laser treatment for removal of acne scars?

Depends on which laser is being used. Usually the short term side effects are redness and some pain. If you are dark skinned then you might also get post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (some darkening at the treated area) but it'll go away in a month or two. Lasers will probably improve your skin texture and make it smoother. I would suggest trusting your doctor but do put forward your queries and apprehensions to him.

What are the side effects of starting the pill in the middle of your cycle?

if you have had sex in the last week then theres a good chance you may have caught pregnant. starting your pill late or half way through the month has its side effects these could be bleeding and not being covered from pregnancy for that month until you get your next period. there are other side affects and these could be mentioned on your pill packet. Being even 12 hours late taking your birth control pill may increase your chance of getting pregnant. If you miss any of the first 21 pills in your pack you need to use an alternate birth control method such as a condom for the next 7 days. If you are less than 24 hours late taking your birth control pill take your pill immediately and resume your regular pill schedule. However, if you remember your pill the next day and see you forgot the day before take both pills at the same time. Never take more than 2 pills in one day, unless directed to do so by your health care provider. Should you forget to take a birth control pill during the third week of your pack, finish all the oral contraceptives in your pack and skip the last 7 (non-hormonal) pills. Immediately begin a new birth control pill pack, understanding that you may not have another period until you are finished with this new package. Use another method of birth control until you have taken 7 pills from the new oral contraceptive package.

What are the bad side effects from drinking soy milk?

there are no side effects soy milk is amazing :-) Common misconception is that soy milk actually CONTAINS the female hormone estrogen. Soy milk contains Isoflavones, which are plantbased substances found in soy, which can mimic the female hormone estrogen. It is a natural plant substance :) If people knew how much Synthetic hormones were injected into meat, they wouldnt be having a go at people who drink soy milk :-p there is limits..as their is for Every single food :) So in moderation it is good for your heart and health :-3 just don't go drinking 3 cartons a day !

How to minimize side effects of blood donation?

Are there any known side effects of blood donation? No. Till date, there has been no medical proof of the side effects that blood donation might bring. Many have gone through the process without a hinch and from then saved the lives of million others. Blood donation is quick and safe and does not cost you a single cent. I suggest you discuss this problem with your doctor.

What are the side effects of hepatitis vaccinations?

Serious side effects after administration of the hepatitis B vaccine are extremely rare. There have been some anecdotal reports of the association of hepatitis B vaccination with chronic illness such as autoimmune disorders. However, there have been no scientific data supporting these claims. Large-scale immunization exercises have been ongoing in many other countries and in the United States, and thus far there has been no association of hepatitis B vaccination with serious adverse events. No clear association has been demonstrated between hepatitis B vaccination and disorders such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, and seizures. Even then, such alleged associations are still being studied to further ensure the safety of the vaccine. A recent study demonstrated that persons who developed rheumatoid arthritis following hepatitis B vaccination were actually genetically susceptible to rheumatoid arthritis, making it difficult to correlate the occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis with hepatitis B vaccination. Considering the large number of doses of HBV vaccine administered and the very low numbers of serious adverse reactions, it is possible that adverse reactions reported after hepatitis B vaccination may represent coincidence rather than causation.

My dog started taking Phenobarbital when will side effects start to take effect?

The no coordination could happen right away if the dose is high enough. Excessive thirst isn't a side effect I have heard of pheno, but would likely take a little longer. We had a dog on it growing up and he never had any side effects. Lived to be a ripe old age!

What are some common side effects regular people experience from Lamictal?

Lamictal is an anticonvulsant and the side effects you have described such as coughing and dyspnea are some of the reactions that are listed in the PDR manual. And the rash is called toxic epidermal necrolysis. I have not spoken with anyone who is currently taking this medication. I am currently taking Neurontin for pain disorder with no serious side effects other than weight gain. Maybe you can consult with your doctor about the side effects and ask him about Neurontin if you haven't already taken this before. Maybe Cerebyx or Primidone might be a better choice. Please speak with your doctor about your concerns and best of luck to you.

what are the side effects of birth control and when do they start?

I haven't recently had any side effects from my birth control pill. I'm on Yaz. Before, on some of the others, I had weight gain. My friends that have had the shot have gained lots of weight. Some of the side effects are Weight gain Increase or decrease in acne Nausea and vomiting (particularly for the first few cycles) Dizziness Headaches Depression Vaginal infections High blood pressure Loss of libido Less Common Serious Health Complications Blood clots in legs, lungs, heart or brain Stroke Liver tumors (rare) Heart attacks Gallstones (rare) Jaundice (rare) Possibly cervical cancer Common Side Effects for Progestin Only Contraceptives Spotting and irregular vaginal bleeding Longer periods Amenorrhea for extend periods Headaches Anxiety and nervousness Pain in lower abdominals Dizziness Loss of libido Depression Increase or decrease in acne Skin rash or darkened patches of skin Appetite changes Weight gain Tender breasts Increase or decrease in facial and body hair Possibly hair loss Vaginal discharge Bone density loss Enlarged ovarian follicles Pain or itching (usually for a brief period of time) Norplant users: infection at the site of implantation Less Common Serious Health Complications Ectopic pregnancy Certain cancers