How to make a clutch purse into a shoulder bag?

Can you show a picture of the clutch we have a little idea ?

Where can I buy a SHOULDER BAG?

you can try pacsun, billabong, walmart, target and i think you mean Messenger bag

is it weird if a guy uses not a purse but just a black masculine looking shoulder bag to carry stuff?

nope, not a problem at all nick jonas does it He looks awesome He actually owns a lot I know a lot of people that do it, in real life and celebs not a big deal....guys have stuff to carry too! lol

Where can I find a good shoulder bag?

here is a great collection of bags:

Is it weird if a guy uses not a purse but just a black masculine looking shoulder bag to carry stuff.?

I want to have a 2011 Gucci summer new shoulder bag, give an opinion?

looks like my dog threw up on yo face. WHich then inspired this handbag. Dummy. For real though, it looks okay.

Can someone in UK please tell me where I can buy a very slim,light,shoulder bag for a 17" lap-top ?

Where can I find a cute shoulder bag?

How much can a shoulder bag weigh in an airport?

i dont believe that they check how much your bag weighs just as long as it isint the size as a duffel you know since they will probably count that as your luggage and not your carry-on. You can always put the stuff in your luggage and the more valuable stuff like phone,jewelery, camera,etc on your carry on. Good Luck :)

What is the difference between a shoulder bag, messenger bag and record bag?

A shoulder bag is any bag that can be worn over your shoulder. It could have long or short straps and can be anything from a brief, a tote, a satchel, a man’s purse, or a woman’s handbag. You can find out more on this URL ( ). A messenger bag is also a kind of shoulder bag, which is worn cross body in mailman style. A typical messenger bag looks like this Briggs & Riley bag ( ). Record bags are made with the specific purpose of carrying music records and related items. You might see some professional deejays carrying such type of bags. A record bag could come in messenger style or backpack style. This ( ) is what a typical record bag looks like.

Where could I get a good sword shoulder carrying bag for cheap?

if these are wooden I reccomend either something like this or make it yourself(which in the long run may have more personal meaning to you) and it is hard to get cheaper than homemade or if they are real

Where to find a cute shoulder bag like this one?

I agree with you the strings look goofy, Here is one its not super cute but will work, and there are other colors. Plus it looks like it will hold a binder. looks like it will hold a binder, solid color, not a long strap though sorry.|66371|66376 this one is expensive, but its cute, big enough to hold a binder, no fringes, white, solid color, not large strap though sorry. Just another, binder holdable, solid color, looks like a long strap i guess. This one is simple cute has all your features but its not long strapped So there are a few. hope you like them.

Question for guys, If one of your friends gave you a European Shoulder Bag as a gift would you carry it?

um no! guys should not carry purses even if its for a commercial

What store did you buy your purse/shoulder bag from?

what is the name of the this style of shoulder bag?

Messenger bag

Where or what website could i find a cute across the chest shoulder bag ?

Hmm, have you tried gesshoku?: I always think their messengers are cute.

where can i get the leather over the shoulder yellow bag that Brianna Janae Ortiz has on Meet The Browns?

Unfortunately I have no idea, but I wish I knew coz I love it!! :)

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack or Shoulder Bag?

I have both and I ALWYAS use the shoulder bag and never the back pack. It rarely falls off the shouldner and it came with a strap that you can hook on and make it a backpack if you really want. Plus its so much more roomy and convenient.

should i get a messenger bag or a shoulder bag?

Try a messenger bag.

Can someone tell me where to buy this shoulder bag?

heres a few..[]=tags&includes[]=title also you could check places like chinatown in nyc

Where can I find a brown leather, long, one strap shoulder bag?


Where Can I Get A Cute Shoulder Bag?

Urban outfitters Forever 21 Nordstrom Macys Delila' Any kiosk in the mall A shoe store

Where can i find a nice cheap lap top shoulder bag for college?

i got mine for around thirty dollars at office max. it's not really cute, but just simple; like black and red.

How do I wash my shoulder bag?

wash it by hand just remember cold water always and scrub hard you don't need those old fashioned things they used to clean just rub hard against your hands and let it dry by itself it should clean and if it doesnt clean completely use those stain remover sprays

what are some good shoulder bag brands?

the brands are lv . chanel , gucci , hermes , and so on but i prefer to buy gucci 's men bag they are all good online stores . i hope it will helpful

Know anywhere I can buy a scull and crossbones shoulder bag?

You can buy skull and crossbones bags from

Should I wear a shoulder bag or a black jansport to high school?

I don't know why you'd want my advice over anyone else's but if it counts, I like backpacks better. They sort of feel more structured / stronger, especially if you don't have a locker you'll probably want the easiest thing to carry your stuff in. I think going with solid black is a really good idea too. They feel more streamline, but if you see another color or print you like, you should get it so you're happy. Or if you like how the shoulder or backpack feels on your back/shoulders for a longer period of time. Oh and a really good thing about Jansport and Trans is that if you look at the tags, there's like a warranty thing and you can keep it and if your bag breaks or something, you can mail it in with the warranty and they'll ship you a new one for nothing. But I don't think that's even something you really need to rely on because their made good, i think. anyway- good luck next year ;)

How about this Jackie Medium Shoulder Bag and what do you think?

How do I make my bag stay on my shoulder?

factors in purse straps: 1] width of strap - too wide will fall off; too narrow will pinch shoulder 2] material bag is made off - a] chains hurt b] synthetics slip c] leather/suede is best for staying put 3] material top is made of [ see #2a and b ] 4] don't try to put bag strap over hoods - won't stay

Anyone know how to remove a scratch off from Coach White Madison Leather Shoulder Bag?

If its the leather that is literally scratched theres nothing you can do, but if its a stain u can go to a coach store and buy a cleaner.

How to make an over the shoulder bag?

I don't know if you have one of these stores by you, but if you go to Joanne's Fabrics, you can probably find a pattern for a bag! I found one at a store near me (it wasn't Joanne's, but a smaller, local store). Joanne's is probably better though, because it has so many different materials to work with, beading, etc., and patterns! Even if you don't have one near you, you should just go to your local fabric store and a saleswoman should be able to help you out.

How do I make a hobo/hippie shoulder bag?

they have a lot of cute ones at target... believe it or not... they come in alot of different patterns... and there really cute =]

Where can I buy shoulder bag with good quality, good price and can choose the shape? ?

My friend, do you mean to buy a cheap and good-looking bag? You can choose it online. Try I hope it can help you.

Does anyone know where I could by an olive drab shoulder bag?

army surplus store

Can you wear an over the shoulder bag on rollercoasters at Six Flags?

Having worked as a ride operator, I have let people get away with wearing over-the-shoulder bags on my ride. However, it is strongly recommended that you leave it in the designated area on the platform, with a non-rider, or in a locker.

Where can I buy the shoulder bag, that Demi Moore wears in the movie Half Light?

Try Coach.

I would like to buy a shoulder bag online before I go back to school?

where can i get a cute over the shoulder bag for school?

Forever21 amazon

How can i clean a coach shoulder bag ?

If it a real Coach you can send it to Coach and they will clean it for you for free.

What kind of fabrics would you use for making an over the shoulder bag?

The kind that make furniture. I got a bag like that. You could find nice fabrics that look nice for it.

What OFFline stores can I find a good textbook sized shoulder bag?

Neiman Marcus

How long would it take Forever 21 to ship my shoulder bag?

Track your order.

What is a good shoulder bag for my pentax k-x twin lens kit?

the cheapest and most versatile solution that i often use; an old, clean t-shirt wrapped around the camera or lens, and you can really throw it around in any bag you want. I do this with my all my camera gear. if i go hiking, it gets thrown on top of all my other gear. if im in the city, it is ontop of all my books. i have many different camera bags and i find i dont use them as often as the shirt method. i still have dedicated camera bags but i only use them when im carrying camera gear and nothing else. lowepro makes excellent bags tenba, (they have some nice bags too)

Is my shoulder bag causing my back to go numb?

It's possible. A lot of the nerves in your body affect other areas of your body, and carrying all that weight on one shoulder throws off your posture which can make it worse. Have you thought about trying an ergonomic backpack? They have wider straps and better padding and help to distribute the weight you are carrying evenly. I actually did have this happen to me and when I switched to the backpack it helped a great deal. I would also see a doctor, just to make sure there isn't something else going on.

Would a 28x32cm shoulder bag be suitable for university to carry this stuff?

Too small for the laptop, most laptops are 13inches plus, most are around 15.

What is the differance between a day pack and a shoulder bag?

day pack is a bag where most of the weight is carried on BOTH shoulders ( on your back over your shoulders) shoulder bag is a bag where all of the weight is carried on ONE shoulder ( over one shoulder ) you and only you know what is better for you and how many things you want to take with you personaly I prefer day hands are free note: documents and money on your belt or neck-pocket

Shoulder Bag?

Well it looks better when it goes down longer like covering ur rear end, but when u walk it might bug u but i don't think it will. Having it short like ending at ur waist might look more like a purse and ur elbow might stick outif u hold the strap. Hope i helped :)

What do you call a shoulder bag that lays across on the shoulder with out a strap?

What shoulder bag would be good to use as a school bag?

shoulder bag ?

maybe you should look at this