READ IF U LOVE GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

wrong section fool, thanks for the points

Barca fans do you love your club??? Then put up or shut up!!!?

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Best awarded 10 points!!!! Rap question : )?

sHAwTs A FiNE aZZ gUrL

Hmm, can you please help me crticize the speech of Oprah Winfrey. Please, I really need help.?

Sorry, I just can't stand long speeches like this and it is all fake, I thought she didn't have a father or knew her father, I thought they didn't have money to buy food and have company like that, i though she wore rags..she is nothing but a liar..=)

I need a new style any suggestions?

Nice pics! Step 1 Begin your journey into personal color by divorcing yourself from your favorite colors and whatever colors currently reside in your closet. Step 2 Look at your hair in the mirror. Determine if it's dark brown, medium brown or light brown. Do you have any red or blond highlights? Step 3 Remove all traces of makeup. Step 4 Look at your eyes in the mirror. Are they deep brown, or do they have a golden cast? Step 5 Check your skin's undertones. Do you see golden, peachy, beige or bluish hues? Step 6 Choose soft earth tones if have brown hair with auburn highlights, dark or golden brown eyes, and golden undertones to your skin. Look for browns, yellow-based greens, oranges, peaches and light camels. Grays, navys, taupes and pinks will make you look lifeless. Wear black for pants or skirts only. Step 7 Choose ivory, apricot, tans, beige, medium browns, violet blues and golden yellows if you have golden brown hair, golden brown eyes, and peach or golden undertones to your skin. Marine blue and warm grays will work well for you, but black and wine will render you sallow. Step 8 Choose bright colors if you are a dark brunette with dark brown eyes, have brown or olive skin, or have bluish undertones to your complexion. Look for vivid primary colors including blue reds, royal blues, emerald greens and lemon yellows. You'll look dynamite in black and white. Step 9 Go shopping. You're armed with personally empowering information, so get out there and use it! Step 10 Try on colors that you've determined to be well suited to your coloring. Step out of the dressing room into light that is as close to daylight as possible, and ask a friend or sales associate for a second opinion. Step 11 Look at yourself against a white or off-white background for an undistorted view of the color.

Hair style tips and ideas anyone?

WOW your soo pretty! and i love the scarf your wearing in the picture!! If i had your hair colour i would probably dye it light brown, like really light brown and then maybe like some faint blonde highlights in it, not like the big bold ones that stand out. And then get maybe some layering done? (sorry if you already have layers, i couldn't tell (: ) I really like your current look, it suits you, but if you wanted to go for something different then thats what i would do. Hope i helped (:

A super Female Tennis Player?

Justine Henin....her backhand is amazing :)

Who else is sick of Justin Beiber??? and how he "Died"?


I want to make random videos and post them on youtube but...?

Here's what i think, you should record a video on just about anything you want to. Those other videos up there are a good example. ANYTHING you want to record, record. if you're wanting better videos with 'acting' in it, you either do it by yourself, if there's nobody else to help, or get a friend to help you by being in the video. There are different places you could make your videos too. Your backyard, your room, your neighborhood, your front yard, a park. Just ANYWHERE you can think of. Plan out how you're going to make the video too. And from there, YOU figure it out, because, that's all i got.

If you are in favor of marriage equality then...?

What if the Presenter Gives the Oscar to the Wrong Nominee?

That would be funny! I'd love to see the look on the faces of those people who went up on stage to make a speech. I personally do not think that the "non-winner" will have to give the Oscar back. I mean, their film was good enough to be nominated. What will likely happen is that there will be controversy. The real winner will share the Oscar. The presenter with the snaffu won't suffer any setbacks to their career. But it will be a moment that will be part of history forever.

READ IF U LOVE GOOD MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Barca fans do you love your club??? Then put up or shut up!!!?

yeaah if theres no cash involved i wont vote!! jk jk :P but seriously, twitter earns millions with publicity! dont laugh but i really put "because nina sent me" lmfao it says "ur vote has been placed" but i cant see it! w/e XD @nina: but u said exactly the opposite somewhere else! im confused :SSS

FAMILY FORCE 5 FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I LOVE FF5! :) However I don't use twitter...

Spiritually speaking, do you have Twitter?

You gotta be fucki'n kidding me.

Teen Choice Awards 2009.?

Yeaaah :D

Time for the Scooby Awards.?

Thank you, I've used the car number question for the trivia question at the end of my little radio show I do. I think it's 183 wins for #11 car now but I will double check that one. The reason that number has won so many is because Junior Johnson, Ned Jarrett, Cale Yarborough and Darrell Waltrip have all driven it. Thanks for giving us something different to answer on here instead of "Who do you like?" or "Are Hendrick drivers cheaters?" type questions all the time. It was a great race but my "superstar", Jimmie, got a flat and Zippy used good pit strategy to stay ahead while Smoke closed the deal. Cousin Matt was close again but couldn't get him on the restart. Carl had a car to challenge but ran out of laps on a track that's hard to pass on. I guess Joe Gibbs is better coach (he should get some sort of Scooby Award) than we know after that happy hour sit he had with Tony and Denny. My congratulations to Stewart and Joe Gibbs Racing. Hey SHorty, speaking about drinking beer, what do you think Joe Gibbs will have to say about Smoke saying he had a case of Schlitz and was going to drink "util I see the bottom of the cardborad box,"? Too funny, sounds like the cup boys are going on a bender with a week off now.

Why does an error keep ocurring when i try to tweet?

You can't tweet more than 100 tweets per hour. You go then to twitter jail for 1 hour. Btw hi there, co-myv fellow!